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  1. Better angle than Albas! Tv guys used to choose the main stand to film from if memory serves.
  2. RWC 2015

    Think we need to accept Joubert made a mistake and it happens. We had the benefit of the doubt in the lottery that is the scrum and he had a cracking spot to see the knock on for Ashley-Coopers 'try'. It ranks as a 'what if' moment along with 'what if we could just have caught the fucking line out'. More irritating over here (Oz) is the number of times the try count comes up as a way of saying they "deserve" the win. Err... Your kicker couldn't kick for shit, you gave away cheap tries because you couldn't defend sensibly and you gave away penalties in dangerous positions, so as the scoreboard shows, any 'deserving' is marginal.
  3. RWC 2015

    Think Japan coach said Scotland wouldn't win the second half. GIRUY.
  4. RWC 2015

    Yaaaas. Possible BP.
  5. Tony Abbott

    Yep, by Abbott no less. Not to be confused with their ALP rivals, where Kevin Rudd was PM, then Julia Gillard ousted him, then Rudd ousted her, before they both got told to f**k off at the election. It's the only reason I could see Abbott being seen as the least bad option at the ballot box.
  6. Tony Abbott

    Canberra makes Westminster look like a bastion of collective governance. The last speaker threw someone out of the chambers on a daily basis (18 in one session was her record I think) and didn't even pretend to be impartial, there has been five Prime Ministers in as many years, most of whom got their position deposing the incumbent rather than an election and, unlike the UK, the media don't seem to want to dig into an obvious expenses scandal. State government seems even worse from what little I see of it. My last state Premier got the boot for (seemingly) lying under oath to a Royal Commission on about receiving a $4k bottle of wine from the subject of the Royal Commission.
  7. 9th v 10th

    Watching the keepers foot, he looks like he's about to give him a boot on the deck. Nice chap.
  8. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Does he even lift?
  9. The invisible DUP

    So there's something going on at these halls? Have you told anyone yet?
  10. Players posting?

    I'm glad Monster's twitter rant at him after the ICT 7-0 pumping hasn't put Deano off the internet altogether.
  11. Your Top 5 Least Favourite Sports

    Aussie rules - whistle blowing every 10 seconds for a mark and lasts three hours. Zero international presence other than the cross code game with Ireland where Ireland get smashed. Rugby league - 'ill run at you five times then you can have a go'. Basketball - only the last two or three minutes are interesting, before that they are just trading point for point. Maybe they should just make each game three minutes. F1 - same reasons as above though I'm less bothered by the earrings. Darts - just no. Having said all that, it depends what you spend time getting in to. Used to hate union and cricket but quite enjoy them now.
  12. contentclick and P&B mobile site

    I'm getting puddle drinkers trying the same joke every 14 minutes now. Anyone else getting this?
  13. Worst TV pundits

    I remember his insightful comment when Ashley Cole went over the top of the ball in the England Germany Euros match five years ago: "oooft, have some of that". Scumbag.