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  1. Where's that Brechin fan that was wanting Dods punted pretty much all last season? What's his opinion now? Also, well done Brechin. Well deserved.
  2. Yeah going to be there.
  3. Then why was Dycey his second signing for us?...
  4. If Gavin Reilly is anywhere near a Dunfermline shirt next season I will stab someone.
  5. Will give you 0 pence in the £ for Bobby Barr. Sad thing is Drysdale would probably take it.
  6. Is it too early to say League 1 forum for this pish?
  7. If we sign that useless c**t M'Voto I'm demanding Johnston's resignation. Nice to see that we aren't the only team useless at penalties.
  8. I would like to thank Gary Locke and John Hughes who have made Jim Jefferies and John Potter look like managerial geniuses.
  9. Update on what happened with the Lizzie supporters bus. The driver took a heart attack at the wheel and the bus went into a wall, everyone on the bus is ok, we all got put onto other supporters buses to get back to Dunfermline. Driver is in hospital recovering after having a stent fitted.
  10. It really wasn't. It was an affront to football.
  11. Might get a bit rambunctious. I may even throw my hat in the air.
  12. Fair play to St.Mirren. That's some turnaround.
  13. We should report that to the SFA tbh. Flagrant rule breaking. As the moral guardians of the Scottish game it is our duty to do so.
  14. Can anyone tell me what Peter Houston's point is? It's been lost in him greeting like a baby.