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  1. Stevie Agnew at Charlie D's @ East End Park https://t.co/np4eGQHC1Y

  2. 7 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/dyAy4dTCaV

  3. has seen Enrique Casas break team#1 record for the highest average rating with 7. #FM17

  4. D.A.F.C v G.M.F.C 21/11/17

    Getting into the playoffs is as good as we are going to get
  5. The last time I saw the Pars win here Jim McIntyre scored a lovely penalty @ Hampden Park https://t.co/7Zt1pKqdEB

  6. RT @RyanNorth00: FOLLOW & RETWEET TO #WIN THIS New Sony @Playstation 4 Pro, 1TB! Ends: 12/11/17 https://t.co/0C5TQXNFw6

  7. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    As the moral guardians of the SPFL we have a responsibility to draw attention to unacceptable behaviour.
  8. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    I'm [email protected] will appreciate your wit.
  9. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    To be honest I would be having a head's gone if I was a Falkirk fan as well. Probably the most embarrassing result against 9 men since St. Mirren and the dead club.
  10. RT @AgeofDad: FOLLOW & RT for a chance to #WIN a #SNESClassicMini! We've got 1 to #giveaway to a lucky winner before #Christmas #Competitio…

  11. @MarcJWallace One day at a time mate. Certainly better than I was

  12. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Been confirmed that we requested a postponement as that is a game that we do actually give a f**k about
  13. 2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/dyAy4dTCaV

  14. has broken West Ham's record transfer income in a season, raising £129M. #FM17

  15. Queens vs Pars

    Saturday is my birthday and the last time we won on my birthday was when Istvan Kozma scored a hat trick so QoS win. I'm going to say 1-0 QoS with Dobbie scoring. Not that I will see it.