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  1. I'm working but then I'm more of a Livingston fan these days.
  2. Yeah, we'll lose.
  3. My eyes are being raped :(
  4. Ok guys, I'm confused. I thought that with Gavin Reilly getting 70 minutes that he would have scored at least a hat-trick against these "part-time" jobbers ( [email protected] )
  5. I'm amazed Reilly can dress himself tbh.
  6. So did whoever updates Flash Scores.
  7. Yes to both
  8. Think the game that is being mentioned was a pre-season one before our awful First Division season under Stephen Kenny. I remember Jim Hamilton nicking the penalty from Williamson and getting a barrage of abuse for doing so and his absolutely disgraceful attempt at a lob from the halfway line.
  9. Ooft, I wonder how few (if any) would have turned up if they didn't consider us rivals.
  10. Aren't most of those people hospitality staff?
  11. The Dundee police like to accompany us on visits to Tannadice. We should be ok but thanks for your concern.
  12. It's no more outrageous than your lie of seeing Bartosz Tarachulski score. Video evidence of Gavin Reilly scoring two goals for The Pars
  13. I have just realised that I have seen a very rare sight probably never to be repeated. I have witnessed Gavin Reilly score twice... In one game!... For The Pars! Having witnessed his attempts at playing football since, I am now in a state of shock at this realisation.
  14. Gavin Reilly scored twice that day which is as embarrassing as it gets. Having seen Livi a few times now since then I do agree though it would be a far closer game. Oh aye, well done.