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  1. No, we have East Fife in the cup.
  2. I'm actually pretty sure we had Cole in on trial at the start of last season and decided not to offer him anything.
  3. I know absolutely everyone loves the club's season ticket update and it has just been released that the sales currently sit at 2234.
  4. Ben Richards-Everton seemed to stroll it in League 1 for the most part (sure he was in team of the season) but found to be out of his depth in the Championship so I hope for your sake similar doesn't happen to Halkett and Gallagher. Except against us, they can be as shit as they want then.
  5. In League 1 they were. There is a bit of a gulf in class in the two divisions but like you say time will tell.
  6. David Hutton is available. I heartily recommend that you sign him.
  7. Just imagine if it had said that we play in the SPL or our ultimate aim is to get back into the SPFL....
  8. Was sued by Jim Brown after ending Brown's footballing career. Was the first ever time that had been successfully done (Ian Durrant wasn't the first as the media would have you believe).
  9. Most of the Airdrie team from the early 90s were on my hate list. John Martin, Jimmy Sandison, Alan Lawrence, Kenny Black, Peter Hetherston, Andy Smith etc. Andy Smith signing for us in 1995 was akin to Mo Johnston's signing for Rangers on a much smaller scale with some Pars "fans" demanding that Bert Paton be sacked for such a signing. I have seen Chic Charnley get mentioned a few times and rightly so. Dirty b*****d and the first player I ever witnessed getting booked in a penalty shootout. We were playing St. Mirren at EEP in the Skol Cup and Charnley walks up to take his kick with getting all manner of abuse from the Pars support and getting goaded by Andy Rhodes. Charnley comfortably dispatches his penalty and then blasts the ball off Rhodes on the rebound. That same Skol Cup run was notable for Jimmy Sandison inexplicably handling the ball in his own penalty area at Tynecastle with Airdrie 1-0 and comfortable but referee David Syme had the awareness and wherewithal to correctly award a spot kick converted by Derek McWilliams. I also hated Eamonn Bannon for injuring Mark Smith once.
  10. I'd play Andy Camp.... Na too far.
  11. Calm down will you? Signing no-one is better than signing Gavin Reilly.
  12. You're being generous. It was 1 goal in the Irn Bru cup.
  13. Clearly an accident. Tierney went in with his head down
  14. My team is Ian Westwater Jackie McNamara Derek Fleming Norrie McCathie Andrius Skerla Barry Nicholson Allan Moore Hamish French Ross Jack John Watson Istvan Kozma