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  1. Even though there has been a f**k up that statement shows progression. In years gone by the fans would have been blamed for not showing up at 2pm.
  2. No it wasn't. It was when Jim Leishman was manager in 1989 when we won the league and gave them "Super Tuesday" as crumbs.
  3. M'Voto better than Fordyce [emoji23]. Fucking hell Grant.
  4. Get some measurements while you're in there Shandon I quite like the look of this place.
  5. They folded in the 1890s I'm afraid.
  6. Our board will be delighted with that tbh given that most of them were our biggest creditors.
  7. Happy international cat day.
  8. Are you Scotzine in disguise?
  9. Kick off also delayed because their minibus broke down. They were an absolute shambles.
  10. Neither does conceding two goals in one match to Gavin Reilly but you managed it.
  11. In retrospect I'm pleased with the point tbh. Playing badly with an understrength team and still taking something from the game is the mark of a Championship winning side. Livingston will also be delighted (and rightly so) to have gained a draw against the Champions elect so a good result all round I feel.
  12. Would like to think we have a chance but we always shit it at Ibrox.