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  1. *** ****** v **********

  2. *** ****** v **********

    Nae need for that pish. It's a fucking game of fitba. c***s.
  3. *** ****** v **********

    Izat 24 or 25 years? Anyhow. No matter. Best team won.
  4. Intelligent unionist posters

    Going by your account, you joined on Halloween 2016. I've been off here for a long time. You are either a multi-banee or a stalker. Do you slurp puddles?
  5. Intelligent unionist posters

    How do you spell yawn? Futternut.
  6. Intelligent unionist posters

    I've just popped on here after a long long absence. Nice to see I'm still winning two nil at referendums. :)
  7. Bit of a towsy match today. But enjoyable. 1 Greg Fleming + 2 saved penalties = Many sad faces. GIRFUY. Super Ayr.
  8. All aboard the 10:50 to Haymarket. C'mon Ayr.
  9. The worst poster on P&B?

    How's it gaun lads? It's been a while since I've been on here. *Super Ayr
  10. Have I got Local News For You

    http://www.ayradvertiser.com/news/ayr/articles/2015/01/01/520033-jail-for-violent-coward/ "he snapped on September 11, when he seized hold of Ms Williamson, pushed her into a chair and laid into her." 50 shades of Ayr it isn't..... ETA: I think this journ is a Ned about 11 teen.
  11. Takeover at Somerset

    Hmm. South Ayrshire Cooncil. Goal posts. Movement. I'm sure the paper article suggested that Somerset would be in it's current vicinity, the houses will be on the land that AUFC hold at Heathfield. Who in their right mind would by a house inside a railway triangle with shit access roads? Doesn't make sense. I'm still trying to find the plans submitted for the railway area on S.A.C website. No joy yet.
  12. Takeover at Somerset

    I agree with safe standing. Let's face it, a new Somerset with 4 x 2,500 seated stands, rarely be any need to open any more than one stand. 2 x stands with seats and 2 x standing areas would be much more sensible. I can't see Gilmour's plans ever happening to be honest. The hooses would go up and then he'd tangled himself up in red tape, never mind the council.
  13. Takeover at Somerset

    Keep in mind that a decent stadium can be used for Under 21's internationals and other non-club related games....it is other income that becomes available. You lot will ken that with having rugby at Rugby Park...even though its plastic.
  14. Takeover at Somerset

    Since we are now over the "credit crunch", this news about Happy Gilmour got me thinking. When the railway company based behind Somerset tried for planning permission, around the same time Barrat had "bought" Somerset for development, you just knew that that corner of Ayr was going to be a new scheme. However, the council knocked back the railway side (on 10 different reasons) A-J. These reasons seem to have been deleted from council website though. The main reason for refusal was "long term transport policy." That is when the sheds looked like this. However, things have moved on.....the sheds now look like this....all rails removed. Also telling is the fact that those 10 reasons on refusal to build at Tryfield Place have been removed from the council website. I'd be grateful if anyone can find them. 10 point refusals shouldn't just disappear like that. So, Happy Gilmour has seen an opportunity....best of luck to him. At least he has splashed out ££££'s to show us plans. The biggest draw back for this project is the amount of brownfield sites in this area. It's feckin' massive when you see the space the old stampworks and bakery has left behind.