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  1. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    Well done Alloa. My favourite away day.
  2. From what I've seen of Arbroath this season, they will blaw Dumbarton away.
  3. Doing fine Zen. We'll need to get a few beers together again. I can make most days away now I'm retired. If you get Dumbarton in play-off final, we can get a pint in Glasgow.
  4. No yet Tony. Get to get a game of bools oot the road first. Some day yesterday.
  5. Airdrie vs Ayr Utd

    Tryfield has come out of retirement. Just to say.....GIRFUY ya durty shower o' Airdrie c***s.
  6. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    We enjoyed that tonight, my lad and I. Met a few old mates and the footie was quite good. Kirkcaldy changed tactics after Ayr went two nil up. Started defending higher up the park. Head shake at Raith No19. Not a footballer. Head shake at Moffat's penalty. WTF was that?
  7. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Going to go along to this tonight. The 8 can jaiket has brought out of retirement. (Ye canny watch Ayr sober) ken yon wiy.
  8. *** ****** v **********

  9. *** ****** v **********

    Nae need for that pish. It's a fucking game of fitba. c***s.
  10. *** ****** v **********

    Izat 24 or 25 years? Anyhow. No matter. Best team won.
  11. Intelligent unionist posters

    Going by your account, you joined on Halloween 2016. I've been off here for a long time. You are either a multi-banee or a stalker. Do you slurp puddles?
  12. Intelligent unionist posters

    How do you spell yawn? Futternut.
  13. Intelligent unionist posters

    I've just popped on here after a long long absence. Nice to see I'm still winning two nil at referendums. :)