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  1. Social media was actually pretty quiet on the debate tonight. Thought it was a bit early to have this kind of discussion anyway. I'm personally sick to death of the Question Time type of audience debates and the BBC need to raise their game and come up with a different format. Hyslop is a decent MSP but I have to agree she is poor in these types of debate.
  2. You're not exactly great at predictions though are you? Given you predicted Sturgeon wouldn't call another referendum for years
  3. The SNP will undoubtedly continue in an independent Scotland. They're an established party. People will continue to vote for them if they pursue the right policies and keep up and coming talent within the party.
  4. And the Tory response to this is..... Scottish Conservative MSP John Lamont said the SNP was guilty of finding "any excuse to complain about a perceived slight".
  5. That would be glorious
  6. Seen a poll the other day from March 2015 that had Labour in Scotland on 28%. You have to wonder where they will be in another 2 years time or this time next year. You can't rule out single figures even before the end of this year....
  7. Kez is voting with the Tories on this one....
  8. The currency was such a big issue in indyref1 you just know it's going to be an all out attack no matter what option is put forward. If the Unionists fail to get a proper hit on the currency then a big part of their argument to stay in the UK debunked.
  9. That's some headline in tomorrows National!
  10. MorTEN take the 3 points from 2nd placed Falkirk with us now level on points with 2 games in hand on them. Win our game in hand and we 2nd with 4 points behind league leaders Hibs who could only manage a draw today against Dumbarton. We weren't at our best but we're still grinding out results. Big Kudos scores such an important goal - well done big man. Hibs we're coming for you!
  11. Falkirk have been the better of the two teams in the 1st half albeit both sides have had only one real chance apiece . We definitely need to improve 2nd half to take anything from this game
  12. BREAKING Putin shocks the international community by blocking a planned democratic vote in the breakaway region of... hang on not Putin David Halliday is excellent on Twitter
  13. Thought both the BBC and STV down played May's comments on not agreeing to the indy ref to soften the blow. SNP and the Greens need to ramp up the anger over this disgraceful decision
  14. Decent read from someone who worked with Better Together in indyref1