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  1. Hope Doyle and Lindsay are back for this game. They could make all the difference..
  2. You seem rattled minter
  3. I presume the SNP will be the largest party at Holyrood again in the next election. If we have another pro-independence majority we will probably go again in 2022 or thereabouts. We won't stop until we're an independent country!
  4. I don't think Nicola has any other choice but to call it for next year or at the very latest Spring 2019. What Westminster do is up to them. But a refusal would be, as many have said, the very final nail in the coffin for the Union. Lets see what happens when Westminster replies to the Scottish government and Article 50 is triggered next month.
  5. Without a doubt should be a fascinating game. St Mirren need the win as do Ayr, but a draw wouldn't be as catastrophic for them as it would be for St Mirren. Ayr have a lot of experience in their side with Balatoni and Harkins which could prove crucial in the end up. 0-0 draw.
  6. I love this guy
  7. Decent game of football. Referee looked way out his depth with his performance today. Draw in the end up probably a fair result - but thought Morton could have snatched it with all the pressure near the end. Liied the look of Donnelly when he came on and I think he will be a useful addition to the squad. Hope Doyle is back soon as he's one of my favourite players and miles better than McDonagh. Forbes and O'Ware though...
  8. Interview a week after indyref1 and Tommy is spot on (apart from the timing of indyref2 )
  9. Chakrabarti? They really are keeping Kez away from the limelight in case she inflicts any more damage upon them.
  10. The reason the "material change" was in the manifesto was because she didn't believe we could win indyref2 in this parly term, but there was a very good chance we could win with an EU leave vote. That's why the SNP didn't commit to a definite indyref2 and put the material change clause in. She wasn't hoping it was away in the long grass, she was hoping for the right circumstances in which to hold a referendum she could win. Brexit has given her that window of opportunity, and that's why we will have one next year!
  11. Think so, but not sure
  12. Of course, Article 50 not yet triggered with all that that entails, and no indyref2 campaign yet started.