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  1. I've got a feeling Raith will win this
  2. Panelbase sub sample has Labour on 10% Possible YouGov poll tonight, unless it's another private poll
  3. Huge, huge game for Raith on Saturday now
  4. It's not our decision. I would rest him for Saturday now. In saying that he doesn't looked as tired in games as some of the other players. Still bags of energy
  5. Nice work from Eric
  6. You don't like to lose any game at ant time, but we must utilise the squad for this one as certain players are running on empty. Either bench or rest players for the next couple of games. It's all about the playoff's now
  7. In 2015 the Tories had their worst election results in Scotland since 1865. Now 2 years later we're talking of over-turning 10,000 majorities.....
  8. Just seen her there for the first time. I can see the attraction as she's alright....
  9. We looked to have turned in the corner from our dip in form of late in the 1st half as we should have been about 2 or 3 up. Instead we lose a goal right on half time and we go back to square one. 2nd half was just as poor as we've been recently. I don't know if it's tiredness or lack of confidence but we ain't firing on all cylinders. The next 2 games are now pretty meaningless as we'll not get 2nd place now. Everything has to be geared up for the playoff's and Duffy has to bring in some of the so called fringe players, especially up front. Lets see what they can do and stake their place in the team for the playoff's. Well done getting to the playoff's but I hope it's not just appearance money when we get there. Get back to our best and anything can happen
  10. Angus has a 9,000 majority. Best of luck with that one... Edit to add - As does Pete Wishart
  11. Very latest UK Westminster poll by YouGov CON: 48% (+4) LAB: 24% (+1)
  12. The people of Scotland don't want another divisive referendum General Election....
  13. This move by May looks like it will finish off Corbyn and Labour. In Scotland the SNP are still polling highly and you cannot see them losing many if any seats. IF, they do they will still have over 50 seats of that I'm sure. Should they now put an Indyref2 policy in their manifesto should they win a majority of seats in Scotland?
  14. Who would they lose 11 seats to?