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  1. You just get the feeling, even before a ball has been kicked, that the game against the Midden on the 21st April 2018 is going to be HUGE!
  2. We've got a majority now in parliament. There is a real danger this might not happen again in the next Holyrood election or even the one after that. We MUST seize the opportunity whilst we still have the numbers to do so. It could be an utter travesty if we don't in my opinion If we don't it will be like the Jacobites turning back at Derby and probably with the same consequences (in a political sense).
  3. The danger of the backburner is will the SNP/Greens get a majority in the next parly or the one after that? From now till the next indyref2 could be 15 years if we don't get a majority in the next 2 Holyrood parliament elections
  4. The thing is you have to make it relevant to the percentage of the population who take little or no interest in politics. Scaring them seemed to work in 2014. Not saying the SNP or the wider Yes movement should adopt similar tactics, but you have to reach these people either by pointing out the benefits or pitfalls to them in an almost personal way. Not easy when the vast majority of the main stream media is controlled by Unionists. But at least the Yes movement have social media to give us a fighting chance. I also feel the SNP press team don't impress at times. This is one area I feel the SNP need to get a grip. Far too much is said by Unionists almost without reply.
  5. Dundee UtdMorton ICTSt MirrenFalkirkParsQOS LiviDumbarton Brechin
  6. The thing is, both McManus and Shankland have had Scotland U-21 caps and have been decent players in the past. However, both have been shite recently. Can they recapture their past form? Or are they a couple of duds?
  7. Labour has yet again lost an election under Dugdale's leadership. How many MP's MSP's and Councillors have lost their jobs with her as leader. In the last election, she came 3rd yet again behind the Tories. Does she get any criticism at all of her leadership? The answer is no, some are tipping her to be FM! Crazy!
  8. Kenny Farquarson in the Times is tipping Kez to be the next First Minister
  9. First Minister to make a statement on indyref2 before the Summer recess - probably next week
  10. The difference of whether you gain promotion or not could come down to a point...
  11. McHugh will end your dream of promotion
  12. What happened to "They need us more than we need them" ? This is going to be a mess for the UK isn't it? I can see the Tories throwing an election hoping they lose so they can blame Jeremy...