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  1. When will indyref2 happen?

    Ruth Davidson calling for Nicola Sturgeon "to give it a rest!" whilst speaking at an event called "The Union and Unionism"
  2. When will indyref2 happen?

    There is a good possibility about another 6% added to the Yes vote would get us over the line from where we are right now. With Brexit and a good campaign, how can you dismiss the possibility of a Yes vote victory so easily with the margin so narrow? There isn't a huge gulf to overcome from a Yes perspective. We're not 20% or more behind with a huge chasm to fill.In fact right now as we speak I don't think any side can guarantee victory. And by that I mean even the No side aren't certain of how this will pan out when indyref2 is called. Any referendum is a gamble. But with current events, and you would hope, a Yes campaign that's done it's homework from 2014, a good campaign will see us over the finishing line
  3. When will indyref2 happen?

  4. Letting our player of the year and one of the best players in the league leave without at least offering him a contract is utter nonsense. Get Lamie, Murdoch and Harkins signed up now. Harkins is still under contract and hasn't signed anything officially so it's not too late. The new manager would still have a bit of leeway to build his own squad, but not signing our best players right now is madness
  5. Looks like Harkins didn't wait around to find out who the new manager would be. The club were right to offer him a deal given his performances this season - don't see a problem with that. Queens seem to have offered him a better one, or at least possibly a longer contract. Notice it said an initial 1 year deal on the press release.
  6. Not happy to see Harkins go. We're would we have ended up this season without him? Tidser will probably move back in to CM but he's not the same player and mostly gave us under par performances this season Really need to get Murdoch signed up as I'm starting to worry now....
  7. Potentially a great signing. If you get the same performances as we got then you've got a player.
  8. Didn't know this at all. Who's the 2nd largest shareholder?
  9. Possibly as it's quite a jump going from League 1 to the Premiership. But if there was a way for us to get him I'd certainly take the chance on him again.
  10. I would take Shankland back in a heart beat. He's obviously knuckled down and got himself fit again. Showed top form with Ayr bagged more than a few goals. He's got goals in him if he stays fit and shows that same attitude next season.
  11. O'Ware had an injury last season and decided to get an op to fix it when the season ended. There were slight complications and it meant he missed the pre-season training and the start of the new league campaign. I always thought he didn't look as mobile this season and seemed to have lost a bit of pace too. Maybe with a good pre-season he will find that fitness again? He's a good defender and obviously has an eye for goal. Would be an asset to most teams. But top half of the Premiership might be pushing it a bit..