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  1. Some decent replies to my earlier post with very valid points being made. Maybe like myself the club should also have a re-think about this...
  2. Surely you would need to find out if Livi were offered tickets to sell and at what price? If they refused, then the club would be well within their rights to use the same criteria for charging entry as they do the home support
  3. An obviously angry Houston. I've no idea if he's right or wrong in what he's saying, but there's a real chance he could lose the dressing room with his attitude. Seen it happen before, castigating players, threats of playing youngsters, double training sessions. Suppose it's how the players react, but they could easily just switch off and let him take the flack
  4. This time it's serious
  5. Need to be more clinical in front of goal. But I said I would be happy with a point before the game so can't be too upset
  6. His protege Aiden Kerr is trying his best to become an even bigger w****r that Daisley
  7. At the end of last season he would have walked into the team. But Gaston has started this season in decent form. At least there is competition for the keepers position and Gats will need to keep up his good form.
  8. If you had to chose between the two, who would you rather have as leader?
  9. Guess we'll need to disagree. All are young inexperienced players and that showed at times. Iredale go caught out a few times but there wasn't much wrong with both McManus and Strapp's performance.
  10. True. Corbyn wants out the EU completely. That means customs union and single market
  11. You can't help feeling Duffy was being a bit experimental in his line up and subsequent substitutions. He seems desperate to get a midfield of Forbes, Tidser and Harkins to work. I sort of get his thinking that all are skillful players who can create chances in games and perhaps on paper it looks good. But the brutal reality is it gives the opposition an absurd amount of space and time to simply run over us. When Murdoch and McManus went off, Livi dominated the midfield and hit us on the break. That midfield needs binned now! Young Jack Iredale showed he has great promise but as many suspected, is still very raw and inexperienced. I would imagine he will go out on loan somewhere. Strapp was one of the successes of the night. He will surely press Russell for the LB role this season. McManus also looked good in midfield. He will probably be used as cover for Murdoch who has started the season brilliantly. I still feel we are short of pace down the left hand side. Nesbitt can fill that role and hope he is signed on loan again very soon. All in all it was just a poor game to watch. No urgency from us at all - although I thought we knocked the ball about well, albeit with no end product.
  12. Played like a pre-season friendly, with no urgency whatsoever . Well done Livi who defended excellently and were well organised. Morton had the bulk of the play and were technically the better side, but we didn't even look interested at times. Two poor goals to lose and all our own doing. When we threw on Jai, Oliver and Thomson we just couldn't break Livi down. But by that time we had lost all our composure. Tidser inevitably missed the penalty and you could sense we just were not going to score. I hate losing games no matter what, but lets face it, this is a dreadful cup competition and I'm not sorry to be out of it altogether.
  13. Would be amazed if we didn't change it as it's these types of games you have to utilise the squad. Our downfall last season is we couldn't really do that and end up burnt out by the time we got to the playoff's. There are also a few players who need game time coming back from injury and suspension.