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  1. Kezia Dugdale’s latest article- opinions?

    I can see how she could be a bit surprised or even alarmed, but sexual harassment ? I'm not convinced.
  2. Kezia Dugdale’s latest article- opinions?

    Should get it on the BBC website somewhere
  3. Kezia Dugdale’s latest article- opinions?

    The BBC journo who complained about sexual harassment because a colleague made a pass at her on a business dinner isn't doing the real victims of sexual harassment any favours. Yes, the guy was out of order, but as long as men are sexually attracted to women this will be forever the case. What if she was attracted to him would things be different? The guy tried it on and got a knockback. If he persists and makes lewd sexual remarks to her then yes it becomes a different thing altogether. But making a pass at someone and then being told "sorry I'm not interested" is not sexual harassment provided it stops there.
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    There is a independence conference at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on the 4th November which is near sold out. I really hope this is the start of a proper campaign rather than another talking shop. The SNP doesn't need to be directly involved in this at the moment (albeit Alex Salmond is one of the main speakers) and they can avoid the "get on with the day job" criticism that helped the Unionist parties in the recent elections. It's organised by the Scottish Independence Convention and is part of the wider YES movement. I would say this is definitely the way to go to start the indyref2 campaign. We could be ready and have the momentum by the time the SNP government pull the indyref2 trigger
  5. MP or Assistant Referee?

    Get on with the day job?
  6. MP or Assistant Referee?

    Tory MP misses vote be assistant referee at Champions League game Tory MP Douglas Ross is to miss a vote on universal credit to be an assistant referee at a Champions League match. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-41660040
  7. I'm hoping for at least one signing before the weekend!
  8. Youse boys running away with the league - will need to bring you back down to Earth in a couple of weeks
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The problem is those who are doing the negotiating for the UK don't believe a "no deal" is a bad scenario. They live in a fantasy land of the great British Empire and can't wait till they return to those days. Here in the real world the EU and everyone else are gobsmacked at the complete lunacy and thinking of the UK government. Who knows where and how this will end?
  10. Catalonia

    Puigdemont has thrown this back in the lap of Spain. It has to be addressed somewhere along the line by Spain and simply can't be ignored no matter how hard they try. Spain will now have to intervene either by dialog or by force as Catalonia has now democratically gave notice of it's intention to become an independent State.
  11. Gordon Strachan

    You will always need a blend of youth an experience on a squad. The emphasis should be on bringing in younger players, but you just cannot discard all players over 30 years of age.
  12. Catalonia

  13. Catalonia

    UDI will be declared on Monday
  14. Catalonia