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  1. I went into the Scot-Mid on Dalry Road the other week and the self-service machines in there have a little conveyor belt to take your coins. It made me happy, until I remembered I was in Scot-Mid on Dalry Road.
  2. An awful disease and he's young to get it as well.
  3. Some scumbag gangster threw acid in the face of the Scottish Sun's investigations editor a few weeks back, he got 15 years.
  4. He got a move to an English Premiership team so must've had something. However, if you look at his career since then, QPR released him early, Dundee Utd signed him and released him early, he went on trial with a Polish team who decided they didn't fancy him and let him go home from that early. He isn't exactly making glorious progress. He's also coming into a pretty dire team, particularly defensively so doesn't have anyone to guide him along.
  5. Documentary about acid attacks
  6. Someone has painted 'NO SURRENDER, LENNON'S A BENDER' on the fence around the building site next to Napier University at Sighthill.
  7. We are just flailing around signing whoever is available. I bet at least one of our summer signings is released before the end of this window. My money is on either Zschuschen or Elsdon.
  8. Mobile DJ in beast shocker http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/dj-who-sexually-assaulted-3-teens-at-birthday-party-jailed-1-4532943
  9. Confirmed by Highland Hospice that the 19% of shares they were gifted by Sandy Catto have been bought by Alan Savage, Ian Macgilvary and Dougie Macgilvary. A third each.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40877229 Apparently Scottish passengers account for a disproportionate number of arrests.
  11. If Savage does come back then I'm on the fence regarding it. On the plus side he's a new person, he could bring new investment. On the negative side it would mean Robertson is in with the bricks. Also, when Savage was previously involved he put together the Niculae deal which, while it got us a great player, ended up with us potentially getting into financial trouble and having to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to extricate ourselves. I think he's someone who keeps the limelight, to be honest, and that's not a quality I look for in a chairman. We will see though. I think Graeme Rae is a Muirfield Mills guy.
  12. It's good to read the Morton fans mistaking us for the team we once were and predicting cautiously. No doubt after they've witnessed the shambles we've become they'll change their tune. Also, we are apparently signing Charlie Trafford this week, no idea if he's going to be in the squad.
  13. What a tenure he's had. Didn't realise he was based in Edinburgh, we should see if he fancies coming on some away days on the train now he's free from his work.
  14. What an utter embarrassment of a club they are. It's not just some lunatic fringe either.
  15. We are absolutely awful. If Morton lose to us they should immediately sack Jim Duffy and release all their players in disgrace.