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  1. Boxing Thread

    Brendan Ingle died today.
  2. The TSB scandal

    Your call is important to us. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44243768
  3. ICTFC 17/18

    P&J says that Hutton didn't want to move his family to the North of Scotland. I think we've got a few options in central midfield - Polworth, Trafford, Beith, Chalmers. if we have offered him a contract, be interesting to see if we look somewhere else or if we were just targeting Hutton.
  4. The TSB scandal

    The RBS big issue wasn't caused by fraud or hackers. It would be a better situation if it had been, it's easier to deal with scams than to address systemic issues around the infrastructure that runs the banking system. Many of our large banks are run on unwieldy, outdated infrastructure that is extremely robust when it works but a disaster when it doesn't. TSB have been spun off from Lloyds and until recently was using the same underlying infrastructure. The recent incident was caused by a move away from that infrastructure to a new, separate infrastructure and the switchover is what caused the issue. I don't have details because I don't work for Lloyds but the likelihood is that something within the legacy platform was overlooked or not known and caused this issue. I'd imagine that there will be further outages in the future as TSB moves more customers and systems over to the new bank. In the long run it should work better as they'll be on a platform that'll be smaller and one that should be understood better. The word "should" is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that sentence though. There was a very similar situation last year at RBS - as part of the government bail-out RBS received in 2008, they were mandated to spin off some of their branches and create a new, smaller bank. The idea was to separate all the Nat West branches in Scotland and all the RBS branches in England and Wales and create a new bank. However, the task of segregating the branches was found to be so complicated that the project was called off - buyers realised that it just wasn't feasible to do it, given the huge investment you'd need to manage the transition. If that had gone ahead I think it would've been a shitstorm that would've made the TSB incident look like childs play.
  5. ICTFC 17/18

    CTO seems to be overrun with absolute throbbers at the moment.
  6. Podcasts

    Last Podcast on the Left this week is about Dennis Nilsen, hilarious pronunciations and descriptions of Scottish towns.
  7. Leeds

    I hope he stole the glass
  8. Gaelic Gaelic

    My sister-in-law is a native Gaelic speaker. I used to be very cynical about the promotion of it, the cost etc but there are far bigger wastes of money aren't there? I'd rather the government wasted money on Gaelic than plenty of other stuff. I do think that we should have signs in Old Norse, to reflect my Scandinavian heritage. If this isn't enacted I will jump into a longship and start burning down coastal monastries. Again. Howling at Frank McAvennie having an opinion on this though.
  9. ICTFC 17/18

    https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1479420/caley-thistle-manager-john-robertson-seeking-quality-over-quantity-this-summer/ The headline is a bit of a meaningless statement (no-one ever says "we're looking for quantity over quality") but this close season is a marked contrast to last year, where we had our own banter years, crammed into a few months. Be interesting to see if we bring in any more players, maybe some trialists in for pre-season.
  10. If I were to administer opiates to you over a sustained period, you almost certainly would have symptoms of physical dependency on it. My dad had them after he has a major operation and was given morphine, my wife had them after getting painkillers when she was giving birth. If I were to make you place several bets at regular intervals over a sustained period you almost certainly would not get those symptoms. That’s not to say that problem gambling isn’t extremely serious and devastating to those who are affected of course. It’s different to being physically dependent on drugs though.
  11. Is there any evidence that FOBTs have caused the number of problem gamblers to rise?
  12. Must've just been the hookers he blew his cash on then. He certainly talked about them enough.
  13. I'm sure you get free drink ifyou are gambling in Vegas. What could go wrong? I used to work with a guy who was a gambling addict/problem gambler, he blew every penny he had on a trip to your neck of the woods - had an argument with his partner, then took off on holiday to Thailand and spent three weeks drinking, shagging hookers and gambling until he was cleaned out. He was off work sick for six months and when he came back he worked every overtime shift he could but was back to gambling. I was working with him one day and he had a coupon on with Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen to win, he'd put £1,500 on it. Also, a few years before he'd won a massive bet, I think he won £25,000 but ended up blowing it all in a couple of months. As well as gambling, he loved hookers and would incessantly talk about them, I'm not sure the bets/hooker split on his money losses.
  14. Bookies should offer gamblers heroin if they are losign too much on the FOBTs. #solutions #blueskythinking