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  1. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    What did everyone think about the camera last night? I kinda like it.
  2. NFL General Discussion

    I've not been following it that closely but I'm pretty sure there were multiple incidents and photographic evidence.
  3. NFL General Discussion

    Tmz released footage of Jarvis Landry pushing his pregnant wife. Which, dare I say, isn't actually that bad. Twitter comments are full of raging Cowgirls fans ferociously going to bat for their own woman beater.
  4. Playoff Picture/Race for number 1 pick

    Can't see anything changing in the NFC other than the seedings. Also 7 teams locked into the AFC for me with Bills only possibility to drop out.
  5. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Crazy stat showing Jets inability to close out games. Looks like Bucs are going to score.
  6. NFL General Discussion

    Browns could be winning if they didn't f**k it up just before half time. Check out the other thread with all the week 10 discussion.
  7. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Absolutely turgid from both teams. Bucs slightly less so.
  8. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Jets fumble but it's called down by contact on the field. Could have been a long return and possible TD for the Bucs if the play wasn't whistled dead. Our offense has struggled to block the Bucs front 7 and far too often leaving unblocked defenders who are able rush McCown.
  9. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    What a play be Sendejo to knock that ball out of Crowders hands.
  10. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    Yes. It showed when Chris Ivory came in and had a really good game.
  11. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    This is a classic Steelers game. When everyone thinks you're one of the best teams in the AFC, go out and lose to one of the worst teams.
  12. Vote for Sky Sports Week 10 Games

    That Browns situation. Wow. That's why they have 0 wins.
  13. NFL/NCAA Betting Thread 2017/18

    £20 on Bears, Lions, Rams, Vikings and Titans returns £97.
  14. NFL General Discussion

    Strange that he is still able to make or help make decisions that affect the franchise past this year.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    To be fair, I've not played Breath of the Wild yet.