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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Another great idea that won’t affect those who just want to play video games (me).
  2. Coaching Carousel

    Titans are a much better side underperforming game due to coaching. Colts are shite through and through.
  3. Divisional Round

    So happy for the Vikings. Such a great moment I was getting a bit emotional.
  4. Divisional Round

    Brady meltdown would be very pleasing.
  5. Divisional Round

    Steelers choke in the big games. Should have more to show for the Roethlisberger/Brown/Bell era.
  6. Divisional Round

  7. Divisional Round

    Clearly not concerned by the Jags offense at all.
  8. NFL General Discussion

    I went to what I think was one of the first ones. They showed Barry Sanders A Football Lifw before bringing out Mark Brunell for a Q and A. Enthralling. I’m sure they’ve improved it since.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    A good few games announced for the Switch. Dark Souls Remastered the pick of the bunch being released in May. Payday 2, Mario Tennis and a free Odyssey online update also look interesting to me.
  10. NBA

    No teams are really even close. Plenty teams play in black. Portland’s Trailblazers are black and red.
  11. Irn Bru

    Coca Cola is shite in bottle/can form. Draught is acceptable.
  12. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Baker Mayfield reminds me of Carson Wentz as a prospect. I think Mayfield can have success early on in the right offense. He is a fantastic athlete and can throw on the run very well, but he doesn't have the footwork or poise to hang in the pocket as a passer (yet). He escapes too quickly, puts his linemen in difficult positions and goes off script somewhat. All his receivers are wide open and he hasn't shown the ability to anticipate openings in zone coverage or throw before a receiver is out of his break. Quick throws and play action boot leg would work very well with Mayfield. Plus, as you say, he seems to be a very motivated person and I love the fact that he was a walk on (similar to Carson Wentz who was a small school guy). I like Mayfield, Jackson and Rosen. Still undecided on Darnold.
  13. Wildcard weekend

    Byes for the Steelers and Patriots next week essentially. Patriots with one of the worst teams they've had in years and they're up against a garbage AFC.
  14. Wildcard weekend

    Can both of these teams be eliminated please.
  15. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Still very early but with his talent, he should be a first round pick. I'll be very angry if Josh Allen is picked ahead of him and/or in the first round.