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  1. Ooft. And here was me thinking that we had it bad on our thread last season. You've no played very many games boys and you've got your team deid and buried already.
  2. He's awaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy.
  3. f**k off ya botten. We'll see who's moaning about refs in a bit when I can be bothered to look at your pointless BU thread.
  4. Title fights went pretty much as expected. Easy money if you were on them.
  5. That's because she spent a fortune on favours from him. He was a proper man hoor in his pomp.
  6. Because he is a pellet.
  7. Where has Ross Philp went to?
  8. I think Ewan Murray seen more action doing player cam in 2009 than he did Lions action. He seemed like a good lad in the documentary and he did get sent home early after getting injured. Read about him being an absolute beast in the scrum too. The article was about youngsters scrummaging and the hazards to them before muscles etc were fully developed. They used him as an example for how much torque was generated by the props and they had him down as the highest generator.
  9. No way in the world that was deliberate. He was coming in from behind somebody and his arm has caught the boy. He hardly touched him though.
  10. Anyhow. How's Ian McGeechan doing?
  11. Is that a rhetorical question?
  12. Walked out?? Mair like forced out. He could've taken the club to the cleaners for constructive dismissal. Anyway, we got shot of the man who was intent on bringing the club to its knees. We have now got a forward thinking committee in place and the right man in charge of the playing side again. Another few quality signings and things could be on the up again.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Still ragin'
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ragin'
  15. If there's already a thread about this can a mod delete this. If not, post away troops as they happen.