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  1. Is that a rhetorical question?
  2. Walked out?? Mair like forced out. He could've taken the club to the cleaners for constructive dismissal. Anyway, we got shot of the man who was intent on bringing the club to its knees. We have now got a forward thinking committee in place and the right man in charge of the playing side again. Another few quality signings and things could be on the up again.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Still ragin'
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ragin'
  5. If there's already a thread about this can a mod delete this. If not, post away troops as they happen.
  6. Not a game involving the Rose but when Kelty played Newtongrange Star and the Kelty right back kept trying to finger the Star left winger's star. Said left winger asked his manager to ask the Kelty manager to ask his right back if he could keep his finger to himself. There was a thread on here a few years back about it. I'm sure it was entitled 'The Kelty Finger.'
  7. At first I thought yesterday's team would be close to the test team but Gatland will go with something else. Aye. I reckon he'll keep that same back three. He'll go with Farrell at 12 if fit with Davies there as his bodyguard. Murray and Sexton at 9 and 10. He wants both Farrell and Sexton in the team. And forward-wise, he'll f**k it up. Itoje and Kruis looked a good pairing and he'll split them up by putting Wynn-Jones in there. And O'Mahony will get dumped for Warburton and O'Brien will get dumped for Tipuric. Falateau picks himself. Owens at hooker and Vunipola and Furlong hauding him up.
  8. And George North has been woeful. Makes it more likely for Seymour. But then again, North is Welsh. I reckon the team for the Maori games yesterday won't be too far off the mark for the first test.
  9. He'll be a cracking signing for us.
  10. Stoap it.
  11. If you remember right? Mair like if you remember what Harkins told you.
  12. Unless you like getting your erse fingered.
  13. Gie him another hour or so until the tea break.
  14. So your man had nothing to do with it? Same as he never had anything to do with Danny Smith's departure?
  15. 16 months unbeaten and a narrow loss in a junior cup final says otherwise. Are you happy with Tubby using your log in Sheep?