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  1. That's bizarre as that was going though my head this morning 6 hours ago as well. Was there something about Old Jobson in the news or something? Usually it is anything to do with WW1 that triggers a Skids song. Anyway, it hasn't succeeded in displacing The Primitives "Crash" from my mind most of the last 24 hours.
  2. Completely agree about BSC - a completely plastic club dreamed up so they could say they had a Weegie side in. I don't see this side lasting if they are ever relegated from the LL.
  3. Within two minutes, Taco acting like it owns the place. Cat's gonna cat.
  4. Perhaps ought to point out that Golspie Sutherland's biggest problem is their ground, as the King George V cannot be fitted with floodlights due to "bad neighbour" development rules. They really can't progress unless they find an alternative ground where this will be granted - or they get a railway line built next to their ground, whereupon they could have track maintenance workies shining floodlights into everyone's windows from Dark O'Clock until dawn as much as they liked.
  5. He is a PR agent and sadly knew what he was doing. Got arrested, CPS told Mr Plod he could not be charged, meanwhile he gets all the publicity he wants on how effectively he can grab the headlines with minimum effort. Incidents like this always bring out the vultures looking to make capital, no matter how distastefully.
  6. Seven arrests have been made according to BBC news, three over in Birmingham.
  7. What I'd like to know is has there been confirmation yet that a Glasgow City Council transport employee was not involved in this one? C4's "confirmation" is a minter, but that bugger's lawyer's having a laugh if he thinks he's got a defamation case out of this. Yeah, because your client has such a pristine reputation to uphold. Finally, what was Steve Bell of the Guardian thinking of when he came up with this - even the Sun could do better:
  8. Tom Bombadil was Middle Earth's answer to Big Jock from "Chewing The Fat" if written by Geddy Lee from Rush. After much misgivings from the first Hobbit movie (although the Trolls as a parody of gastronomic snobs was well done), the second one was excellent. The barrel ride fight was so completely OTT to be self-parody of THAT fight scene in Return Of The King - although Bilbo's arselicking of Smaug didn't feel right. All throughout the trio of movies, Bilbo questioned & challenged those he encountered as to their motivations (esp. the dwarves). At the stage he was sent in, the behaviour of Thorin & the others must have given him quiet misgivings whether they intended fulfilling their end of the bargain to him once he was no longer of use (esp. without Gandalf around to enforce it). Once Smaug had detected him & shown an initial interest in talking, it seems to me only logical the dialogue ought to have had Bilbo doing the same line of questioning motives, rather than crawling - namely asking Smaug what's the point of sleeping in piles of gold when more could be made at his beck & call? Why didn't he try making himself the King under the mountain, have others produce the gold for him (such as those in Lake Town) the way the dwarves did before, in return for the eternal security of having a giant dragon that can barbeque entire armies in a world where Might meants Right. As Smaug was already aware of what Sauron was up to, there must have been the fear within him that he & his orcs would come after his gold, & the prospect of allying with old foes over a common one as tempting as giving the Arkenstone to the pompous entitled Thorin to watch it ruin him. Of course, ultimately he would have rejected it, but it would have been a nice revisit of one of the key themes from LoTR that the Hobbit movie revisited, the obligation of unlikely or long fractured allies to unite because the alternative was too terrible to contemplate. The Five Armies was simply hokum, but entertaining - the part when the elves suddenly discovered the dwaves had a highly effective counter to their archers was a brilliant moment of table turning. Billy Connolly as their leader as well - masterstroke. Vintage Connolly whilst still complimentary to the story & world it was set in. They even had time to fit in a car shoot em up chase for the dwarves. Yeah, the Hobbit wasn't as epic as LoTR, but still a damn bloody good waste of several hours.
  9. This section was originally meant to back into this - but bizarrely it was chopped because it was deemed too offensive by the censors. Yep, having a little girl sing "Let the heathen spill theirs on the dusty ground. God shall make them pay for each sperm that can't be found!" was fine, but not this bit:
  10. Aye, so the Manx & Irish sides aren't facing a wasted trip with a rained off pitch. Good, pragmatic idea. Now, how about an indoor club tourney for December or January?
  11. If they continue it, they'll have no one to blame but themselves
  12. Having had personal experience of attempting to buy Pollok merchandise in the past from the rat faced spiv with the suitcase, I'm amazed there's that many. Let's just say on the day the two arsecheeks will be holding their latest mini Battle of the Boyne rematch in the League/Cup/whatever, the Juniors section of P&B will be utterly dead - just as on every other occasion. In other words, those in sugar glass houses shouldn't throw stones. At least HJ's choices don't include Scotland's Shame.
  13. Sperm banks: the only banks left in the world where the customer still comes first.
  14. It appears to be the light shining through (or reflecting off) the wooden bannister slats. As you can see from this picture, the way the light is shining through the slats (& also creating shadows) gives the illusion of staining on a light carpet dependent on the time of day.
  15. But like Harold at Hastings, wee Renton's still coming off worst. Hail, hail, the TELTS are here.