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  1. Yes, because a three year war is so similar to 300 years of various wars, random beatings, employment & social housing apartheid, etc, etc; with a large part of it being done for the "fun of it".
  2. Think we're all looking for that this morning.
  3. ^^^^ This. Short memories: wasn't that long we humped Rangers & Cathro was being hailed as the new Sergio. The cold hard fact is we've never been the same since Callum Paterson was lost to long term injury, who not only was commanding at the back but a vital component midfield & upfront. Every match he seemed to be just about everywhere at once & his loss has proven a far bigger body blow than was appreciated at the time. That & Flap Jack being a nightmare between the sticks is where much of the problem lies.
  4. Fking man up - it's either them or the bloody Ugly Sisters getting it again, & I know what I'd prefer. (Aberdeen? Come on, let's be serious!)
  5. Well done Hibs, well deserved, now go on & retain it.
  6. You'd be amazed the number of clowns who do that who turn up at the grounds the next day asking for their scarves back!
  7. Hurry up & die please, you sycophant. Just saying.
  8. "My Team : Newtongrange Star"
  9. It is nowhere near comparable with just about anywhere else in the first world - NI is the only place where people vote largely in accordance with a religious affiliation, & one which in the vast majority of cases they don't even nominally follow at that. It's like the place is under the grip of some cultural psychosis.
  10. More than likely trying to ensure Labour keeps the seat, regardless of what the local Tory branch wants, & it's not hard to see why. It's pretty clear that Tony Blair has pretentions on setting up a splinter party with as much of the old Labour Party as he can coax across, but that will only be delivered if Labour loses both seats this week which will make Corbyn's position untenable to the vast majority of the MPs (knowing their seats could all be next come the next GE) and virtually all the party's remaining financial backers who see the Corbynistas as Student Grant writ large. On the face of it such an idea would appear to be long term suicide, were it not for the fact there's a badly wounded Liberal Democrats desperate to get back into the big time who would certainly consider yet another alliance of convenience with a "social democratic" Labourite splinter, same as all those decades ago; & who would happily campaign for "new Alliance" candidates in return for the credibility of being part of a pseudo party with seats in the hundreds instead of less than 10. This of course would be disastrous for Tinfoil Teresa, unless the Argies decide to go for the Falklands again, so by stopping any more Tories loaning their votes to the Kippers, she stops Labour from losing a battle, but ultimately dooming them to losing the electoral wars to come.
  11. Newspaper propagated urban myth: Clockwork Orange was never banned - Kubrick had it withdrawn due to the level of death threats levelled against his family. The cinema chains were furious.
  12. MUCH better, Killiepiyo with the game vid this time out, far less pretentious & kept businesslike with just enough dash of flash to make it better. The scheme goblins in Ibiza style soundtrack won't be to everyone's taste, but you've used it sparingly enough to break up the start and end neatly. Keep this up & that'll be something else to add to the list of things Talbot do better than everyone else in the non-leagues!
  13. There may come a day when a Hartley managed side throw away a lead to the Orcs...