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  1. How many Junior clubs will start next season?

    There won't be many games in the first round of the Scottish. Are Bonnyrigg one of those clubs leaving? What happens to the East Regions spot in the Senior Scottish Cup if they win the League? Does it go to the runners up? That isn't fair to the clubs finishing runners up in the West and North. Or isn't it used?
  2. Dunipace are leaving the West Region. ? clubs are leaving the East Region. Inverness City are taking a year out. I don't know of any that are joining. So........what's the numbers for next season?
  3. Another fixture moan

    They have extended the season in the past. Into boring old fart territory but I know the 3rd Saturday in June rule applied back in 1991 as I read a report in the paper about (?) applying to have the season extended to get the West of Scotland Cup semi final (17th) and final (22nd) played. I also remember Beith (possibly the season after) playing up to about the 30th June.
  4. If goals difference is the same and goals scored the same (if Meadow win 4-3) then there is a play-off at a neutral ground.
  5. Another fixture moan

    Three days notice of a semi final. Probably the last time the cup will be played as well. Nice way to treat the sponsors - Ayrshire Weekly Press (including companies they too over) have been involved with Ayrshire Junior Football since the eighties
  6. New Fixture Secretary Post

    You should be able to convert it to pdf online. Just Google "docx to pdf online."
  7. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Kennie and Robert battle it out for the General Secretary position and Scott Robertson takes the Fixtures Secretary job unopposed.
  8. New Fixture Secretary Post

    "Applications for this position to be submitted to J Fyfe........" This doesn't read like it is going to be the decision of clubs.
  9. Fixture man strikes again

    There is no point talking about the Evening Times Cup. The ET are quite clear that it must remain as an end of season tournament. Maybe it's time for the clubs to dump it. Talking of cups.....when do we find out what cups there will be next season?
  10. West Region Secretary Position

    Total screw up? The old guard voted in the status quo and as regards fixture list they more or less got the status quo. So they'll vote for the same again.
  11. What’s the scores

    Kello? (Or just a bump of the "Troon?" earlier).
  12. Away (Home) Away (Draw) Home (Away) Away (Home) Home (Away) The first one is what I predict. The one in brackets is what I hope for.
  13. That's incompetence of the referee. The red card was appealed and overturned. Nothing we can do about the result now. These things happen. It isn't part of a grand conspiracy.
  14. I suppose we could start with - who has told them and why have they told them? Should be interesting. On second thoughts - it probably won't be.
  15. I much prefer this version.