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  1. Stags

  2. Stags

    I think there were about 10 people at mine.
  3. Stags

    This. I just went out and got leathered. Was a great night. Stag nights are like a "who can be the biggest c**t" competition these days.
  4. Team Themes 2017

    He's trying to increase traffic to the site, not close it down.
  5. One would suspect he may know a lot about cocaine...
  6. Team Themes 2017

    More mutiny! Sack him @Div !!
  7. Grammar, mate. Grammar. Not punctuation.
  8. Emergency loans

    Health visitor should also be watching for signs of this, they're not just there to check on the baby -certainly in the early stages also. Might be worth a word there.
  9. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    I don't think I could change a tyre, but I could manage to change a wheel no problem.
  10. Quick Question Thread

    If by decent you mean do they do mushroom suppers then no. f**k off you weirdo.
  11. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    Don't you have a man servant for that, and I presume the Clio is your third or fourth car obviously?
  12. Dundee v Celtic

    Filthy ****** c***s
  13. I don't know why because it's clear for all to see, what with it being right on your napper.