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  1. Door needs painted
  2. Do not post on this thread again.
  3. Probably because there are a few "official" sponsors of the champions league who pay a premium to exclude other sponsors.
  4. Absolutely fucking not. What is this kit violation about?
  5. Jonathon Russell is an absolute fanny and this doesn't surprise me. Everybody likes a good laugh at Rangers and their "no one likes us but we really DO care" mantra, but this is just vindictive pettiness from the lanky, bald streak of piss.
  6. You want to shag an amputee midget in a pram and I'm the monster? Ok!
  7. take one of the two Mallos out and Sibbs is in. Hey presto.
  8. Trolleys at the supermarket
  9. Some stoating figures right enough. McEnroe on 100,-150,000 and I'm sure he only works once a year for two weeks at Wimbledon.
  10. Facebook is going to be dynamite when the Beeb publish this report shortly on who earns more than 150k a year. GIVE NURZEZ AND TROOPZ GARY LINAKARS SALARY !!!!111!111
  11. It's Luton that are interested mate, not Chelsea.
  12. You could do the DIY (for mansions) column as well.
  13. Gardening @G_Man1985