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  1. I think it looks great. Ignore fatty tights.
  2. Be careful you don't drown from @1320Lichtie's tears. Hot as it is, there were so many of them the ground may not have dried out yet.
  3. Quite a difference in location between the two of them! If it had been Dingwall I'd have considered letting you buy me a pint, but nae luck on that front for you.
  4. Where in the Highlands?
  5. Thin, thin ice now. Only his mate Tony appearing at some point today to vouch for him is likely to save him
  6. Marvellous head's gone from lichtie regarding Murray here. Yes it was a foul and yes it was a penalty but to say he didn't deliberately exaggerate it is just tangerine blinkered specs of the highest order. You'd be castigating most players for that but because it's your wee hero your cranium is in orbit.
  7. If Murray hadn't thrown himself in the air like he did he'd probably have got the penalty. Serves the c**t right.
  8. Do you know who you're addressing here?