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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    If the West had been more minded for change past playing on their own door steps...!!
  2. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    The stupid thing is the objection to travelling only comes when you talk about it. When the sheet goes up for the next game the names go up without question. We probably take 100 to most away games. The problem is we aren't adding new faces as clearly not selling the benefits to supporting your local club. Boness are almost a carbon copy.
  3. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Not sure what's the issue as not involved in the running. I know there was an issue ages ago with lobby dwellers joining to spread gossip. It's not overly used these days as most post on here.
  4. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Spot on - we are exactly the same our key Yay sayers won't be at the meeting either. But the Nay sayers will be.
  5. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    No the mistake is not engaging members from day one. What's become very apparent (both) is trying to sell a product to people who largely engage with the old guard. Guys on here are well informed but aren't at the vote. Speaking to many older members at Linlithgow they know very little on the implications. Playing Elgin away midweek is how far back they are. Engagement has to be constant with members and that looks like something neither has done. Our meeting on the 4th and I just haven't a clue where/what the objections will be. As for the result I can see let's wait like Bo'ness being an influence.
  6. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Good luck if that's the case
  7. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Maybe if more of you guys (and ours) on here had been members then the vote would have been more favourable...!!
  8. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Darren has made a number of high profile blunders - kennoway immediately springs to mind. People remember more when a keeper errs but not so much when he makes vital one on one stops (A great strength) The ability is certainly there his career shows that.
  9. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    26th - Home to Carnoustie 28th - Away to Bonnyrigg (Fife & Lothians) 30th - Away to Newtongrange 2nd - Away to Forfar Busy week ahead. Scandalous scheduling. Given we had no games this mid-week and that the season doesn't end until the 16th of June.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    A TJ innovation from the past - which the West teams didn't want as involved them travelling outside Glasgow/Ayrshire. Sadly such thinking aloud suggestions from TJ only muddy the waters for teams with doubts and then get passed on as FACT. If TJ had anything about him - he would have twigged the SJFA were in the perfect position to swallow up the SoS and EoS back in the day when the LL was first talked about. Now the shoe is firmly on the foot of the EoS and they have not missed the chance.
  11. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    I would add Penicuik who were the better team over our 2 games. Going forwards we have a solid base to build upon and that's not something we have had in recent years.
  12. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Bottle starting to crash? (straw clutching) League tables don't lie - your performance at Prestonfield was the defining moment
  13. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Similar been talked about before the West teams didn't want it citing travel. They have it easy as their current set up most clubs are within 45 minutes. If they set up a WoS league there are no certainties on the top clubs taking part. This isn't happening before 19/20 anyways. So the only certainty on the table is moving now and a guaranteed tier 6. In a perfect world I would remain junior but circumstances change a fact lost on TJ when football started evolving whilst he sat and did hee haw.
  14. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Not sure this would be a major influence for me. Our home crowds have been markedly down in recent seasons. That's the key point here as that's the income generator. Other than Bo'ness and Bonnyrigg I can't recall any decent travelling support. One going one staying. Moving may give a novelty boost.
  15. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    You think so? The Super League isn't that great especially when you factor all the additional travel. On balance I would probably prefer the one with a future.