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  1. Another wrong righted - welcome home Coco.
  2. ^^^^^^^ Raging
  3. Your pal and Mcglynn clearly couldn't
  4. This time last year - your pal and McGlynn were telling everyone there were no players available anywhere in the whole wide world. Fast forward 12 months and look at the difference already - tells a story does it not.
  5. At this time last season we were in exactly the same position as you currently find yourself - and look how it worked out for us - just saying likes...!!!! McGonigal must stay
  6. Which backs up my point somewhat - take them out the equation and put all the focus on a single team with everyone pulling in the same direction.
  7. I think the phrase you were looking for was more faces than the town clock
  8. You are probably right. I'm a bit of a dinosaur who likes the junior product as believe it's a more reflective level for teams from the majority of towns. Forfar have 3 team - 2 junior and 1 senior that's not sustainable for growth as fighting each other for fans/money etc We have to many teams at all levels who offer nothing to the game. Kelty may be proved right and good luck to them.
  9. Good luck to the laddie - he never really looked the part at Linlithgow (lightweight). He was cup-tied so game time was limited. Realistically a poor signing at a time when we needed new players to arrive and make an immediate impact.
  10. Edinburgh City - they don't even have their own ground. Crowds are hardly inspiring either - in real terms they have got lucky and are now at the trough taking as much out the Scottish game as they contribute. Do agree the SJFA are no longer fit for purpose in taking the game forwards. But the problem is more to do with the lack of fresh blood to take the game forwards. We have/had that problem at Linlithgow we rested on our laurels and didn't embrace fully the changes required. Scottish football needs change from top to bottom but can't see anybody rushing to overhaul the game at any level. Personally I think Kelty are completely wrong - but also know that they could be visionaries in their moves - only time will tell on which one.
  11. Maybe not - but I can live with that. At the end of the day - do I really care if you approve or not?
  12. Not sure I follow your point - I have followed both teams since childhood. Hardly a unique situation that I have both a junior and senior team that I follow. Indeed if anyone is confused it's yourself - Portgordon been dumped I see
  13. Yes thanks - albeit I don't think I will be using it much now sanity has returned to Prestonfield.
  14. Sorted
  15. Yes definitely - but would point out you are on the wrong thread. Mind you all the trolling you do I suppose it's hard to remember which thread your on at times....!!!!!!!!