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  1. Deary deary me - derogatory remarks, clearly you must have issues - you seem to have a record of such posts all over P&B. Does it give you gratification in what is clearly a sad life you lead.
  2. It will remind you a lot of Newton Park - as it has seen better days as well.
  3. The biggest problem is communications - until the proverbial hit the fan you had a regularly poster who kept you informed. They are posting regularly elsewhere - on the topic they should have most knowledge/interest the silence is deafening.
  4. Given you support no one - just troll others - I don't really care what you think.
  5. When things are going well some posted regularly - when you hit a temporary lull silence. Good communication is every bit as vital in the bad times.
  6. As stated before give him support and not isolate him like on Wednesday and he will do great. Batchy gave him great support yesterday and he thrived.
  7. Better than being the Boness version of Joe Thistle
  8. Few favourites at the races today at least some will likely have had a good day.
  9. I thought both Sloane and Rooster ran the show, majestically pulling the strings in midfield - allowing Batchy a free reign in support of Malone who is improving every game. 4 players to comeback - things looking good. Ooooops wrong thread lol
  10. Great all round performance today - playing on grass clearly makes all the difference. Malone and Batchy were our stand out performers.
  11. 5-1 up Malone, Batchy, Thom ronald and og
  12. 5-1 Linlithgow - Ronald
  13. 4-0 Linlithgow og
  14. Meltdown again tonight - need to buy popcorn