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  1. Two films about the 2008 financial crash... Margin Call (6/10) Dry, serious, dialogue-heavy take looking at the internal calm mayhem as the bomb dropped overnight in an I'm assuming fictional firm based on real anecdotes. Kevin Spacey's performance gets it an extra point. The Big Short (7/10) More lively, humourous take on three sets of folk who called the upcoming catastrophe years ahead of time against all other received thinking. Surprisingly good performance from Steve Carroll.
  2. Part of the 3 is that they cover/offer attacking support wide, either as the individual on either side, or drifting to each side as a unit. You're right it's not widely used, but it just seems bizarre to leave so much talent on the bench, and have someone Ray rates highly (Fraser) out of position.
  3. Might not be a bad strategy to see if we can get up this year on what we have, and if not go at it harder next year sans Hibs' spending power and the thinness of the squad. Was thinking about the AM conundrum with VDV, Andreau and Cammy Smith, three I think of our most impressive/potentially dangerous players on their day, all vying for the only position it seems any of them are legit at. I remember Sven Goran Eriksson saying that a mistake he made early in his career was trying to fit players into a formation and strategy rather than find the best formation and strategy with the players available. Would it not have been wise to go with a formation that utilised two AMs at a time? A 4-1-4-1, a 4-3-2-1, ... Seems an absolute waste to have VDV benched and Smith off to strut his thing at St Mirren.
  4. You win all the whooshes of the day, Carl
  5. Sir Larry of Elder joining in the pointing at laughing at endless 'Progressive' hypocrisy.
  6. On the positive side, most on here agreed we needed another striker and a winger. We got both. Though we're also down a winger too.
  7. Agree, and agree that what she's done is dangerous. However, if we want to moan about bureaucrats, politicians and law-types being robotical line-followers with a lack of morals, I find it hard to completely slate her. She stood up knowing she'd be for the chopping block, and for that I've got to give her some credit.
  8. Some pressure on this Barnet character. Quite the gamble from the management. A playoff place seems very likely, but should we get to the final we're likely fucked.
  9. HONDURAS TRIO ARRIVE January 31, 2017 The trio of players who have been fixed up from Honduran champions Motagua, Francisco Ramirez, Reynaldo Clavasquin and Gustavo Fuentes arrived in Scotland late on Saturday night. Argentinian Fuentes has a Spanish passport, so he could be clear to play in a few days, but the two Hondurans will have to wait until work permits have been obtained. On Monday evening, the Under-21s are due at Love Street to face St Mirren, though 49-year old Danny Griffin was still unable to make his return from a knee problem.
  10. Caught the wee man (3) saying "What the f**k you little monster" to his sister (1) a few months back
  11. Theresa May standing firm on the Trump visit. The 'Progressive' crybully generation finally getting a proper teltin from some adults with balls.
  12. Please state your Pie and Bovril username and your Big Team:
  13. Acting AG. Not much else he can do in the circumstances, foot down or he allows himself to be undermined by hysteria. Fair play to her for standing up for her beliefs.