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  1. The Royal Wedding

    What a shower of craven lickspittles those folk camped out in Windsor are.
  2. Dating advice for P&Bers

    Hole in the bottom of the popcorn
  3. General Politics Thread

    I personally teach pupils whose parents will often get their kids a Happy Meal for dinner as it has no preparation time, and therefore they can work an extra half-hour / hour and get more wages. People who bleat about how healthy food is cheaper than processed food never, ever factor in the opportunity cost of production.
  4. Depression

    Feeling it the past couple of days. Five months tomorrow since my dad passed away. I miss him.
  5. Return of the gazebo IMO
  6. The get fit, stay fit thread

    Came back from a short break at the end of March weighing 14st 3.8lb. Been doing a lot of walking, a fair bit of running and cut out a lot of nonsense from my diet. This morning at my weigh-in I was 12st 13.0lb. Nearly 19 pounds lost in 7 weeks. Delighted with that.
  7. It can be a fun read at times I get so wound up by it. I want to tear myself away from it, but I just can't. I've literally pointed out to the boy that we were worse because we went from finishing 7th to finishing 10th, and he just says that he sees it differently. I'm not sure how you can see that differently.
  8. I can't tear myself away from that COYB Facebook page, it's like crack. This evening we have a guy claiming that our most successful periods came at times we had some 'old heads' in, like Stainrod, Latapy (fair enough)... and McNamara and McCann. We were utter horseshit the season when McNamara and McCann came in.
  9. I'm just on here to say that the Caledonia advert is fucking brilliant. Carry on.