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  1. Wet Wipe Perverts

    Ridiculous. Although not as ridiculous as the day I told my mum and dad this fact and they both slagged me for wiping my arse standing up. Eh, who taught me how to do that, eh?
  2. Everyday scummy behaviour

    Two more things that smokers do: Take a last drag of their cigarette before entering a building / vehicle or something like that, then exhale the smoke in the inside of the building. Light up their cigarette before they're out of a building.
  3. Wet Wipe Perverts

    I mind the day when I discovered that some reprobates wipe their arse while they’re still sitting on the pan. f**k’s sake.
  4. Hit the woodwork four times now. Get your fucking mortgage on 1-0 Dumbarton.
  5. Still on it?

    "Still on it" before midnight
  6. The Beast from the East

    Hurricane Wetwipe
  7. Genuinely seething at that ICT video. Raging.
  8. Wet Wipe Perverts

    Speak for yourself!
  9. Wet Wipe Perverts

    I assume most folk are talking about the biodegradable moist toilet tissue types rather than the non-biodegradable baby wipes.
  10. Wet Wipe Perverts

    This is the best sentence I have ever read.
  11. Wet Wipe Perverts

    What kind of utter mongrel would have a shower before a shit!?
  12. Wet Wipe Perverts

    My routine: - Paper for the most part to clean away the majority - Single, flushable wet wipe to clean away any remnants - One more bit of paper to dry my (now-spotless) behind.
  13. Wet Wipe Perverts

    The next morning?
  14. Wet Wipe Perverts

    Any kind of liquid-based food goes down the loo. Food is biodegradable. Wipes aren't.