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  1. I'm not sure of the veracity of the rumour but he has apparently already been on talks with Utd about signing a pre-contract in January.
  2. Who SCORED?
  3. I'm afraid you are below Forfar and Arbroath in the pecking order and thus this does not constitute a derby.
  4. BBC Alba presenters... I'd prefer the highlights on Alba.
  5. 'Bob, BOB'!
  6. I hate when refs tried to get involved any skirmishes. Just stand back and get the best view of who does what.
  7. Whether it was a dive or not is open to question but it certainly wasn't a penalty.
  8. Sorry but the ball bounced off McDonald. Nothing more.
  9. To be fair QoS could have gained a draw and there wouldn't have been much complaints. All in all its a superb result for us and pretty much seals the title.
  10. Primary school behaviour. Should be fined at least 3 week's wages.
  11. Murdoch and McDonald up front by all accounts. Didn't see that coming.