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  1. Club Announcement:- The club would like to announce by mutual consent we have parted company with Manager Bobby Wilson. We would like to thank Bobby for the hard work and effort put in during his time as Manager at Hill of Beath, and wish him all the best for the future.
  2. Congratulations to Geoff and all at Dunbar united on winning the league from all at Oakley United
  3. Congratulations to Kennoway on there promotion
  4. Congratulations to Blackburn on there promotion from all at Oakley United
  5. Last game for us next week and to be honest,the last 6 weeks has been torture for us,roll on next season
  6. Edinburgh 4 Oakley 2 Edinburgh went 1 up after 10 mins,then we equalised thru lee Celentano,we then went 2-1 up thru Lyle Kellican but edinburgh equalised thru there best player no 7, was turning into a great game until a minute till half time the ref gave edinburgh a dubious penalty,after the break it was end to end stuff and a bit off a battle and edinburgh went 4-2 up thru a good header from a corner,felt the game turned on the pen but edinburgh are a decent team and probably deserved the win in the end,hope the boy who got injured is ok
  7. Oakley 3 Kirkcaldy 2 Kirkcaldy scored first with a long diagonal ball that caught us out,witch was an own goal but then we equalised thru a penalty from Cele,Kirkcaldy went to 2-1 up from a great strike from there forward,Kirkcaldy then tried to hang onto there lead by timewasting with 30 mins to go.we scored the equaliser with 5 to go after pushing jon Tully upfront and our 16 year old trialist scored our equaliser,Tully then went on to scorer a winner with minutes to go to pull us out the shit[emoji23] penalty was soft but on another day we should have won 8-3,just not taking our chances,got to say Kirkcaldy worked there socks off today
  8. All about opinions neebs,your right though west Calder did have a few chances that our goalie coach did great with but from my point of view we missed at least 4 sitters ,had a stonewall penalty turned down in the second half and our young boy sent off for a great tackle in front of your bench with 15 to go and also your first goal according to all our supporters and players,the ball was out of play but your Lino never put his flag up,I can't say anything about it as I was on the other side of the park and our players should have played to the whistle,your second goal was a good goal though with minutes to go,I thought both teams were evenly matched and felt we deserved a draw but goals change games and we aren't scoring at the your right we got what we deserved in the end
  9. West Calder 2 Oakley 0 Deserved at least a draw out this game today
  10. Am at Oakley now neebs
  11. Only got 4 games left and all the boys I have used are from U17s and U19s so can play them as trialists if needed and my goalie coach isn't signed for anybody so I am fine there,big ross was only on the team line to make the bench look better,he trained on Monday but is still no quite right yet,mibbie this week for the big man
  12. Sorry gents,been to busy trying to get players in, thought Dunbar scored 4 offside goals against us on Saturday to sneak the win[emoji85]even the pen[emoji23] To be honest we defended well for 30 mins but once sam young scored it was easy street for them,conceded another 2 before half time,1 being a softish pen but to be honest we didn't trouble Dunbar at all the first half and they played some good stuff the first half.second half we came into it a bit more but without looking like we would score,Dunbar scored a 30 yarder for the 4th and it was game over,Blackburn the most clinical team we have played but Dunbar definitely will go up this season as they are well organised and full of seasoned junior players where as us at the moment are having to play kids because of horrendous injury list at the moment,hopefully we have 4 back this weekend and see us looking like a team again.sorry pumphyman but Dunbar and Blackburn for promotion for me
  13. Oakley 0 Dunbar 4
  14. Livingston v Oakley match ref puts it off [emoji22]
  15. Livingston v Oakley,ref put the game off