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  1. Games on

    Oakley v Rosyth on
  2. Shock Signings?

    Well done to Tranent and Ian black on coming back to the juniors,anything that promotes junior football must be a good thing
  3. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Hope the big man is ok,took a sore one
  4. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Game on gents
  5. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Weather looks promising,park not frozen now so fingers crossed
  6. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Oakley v Linlithgow game off,we try again next week,weather to be a bit kinder all week
  7. Game OFF

    Oakley v Linlithgow game off frozen pitch
  8. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Forecast looks decent for next Saturday though,just have to try and keep the players in on the Friday night[emoji85]
  9. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    nae chance it being on
  10. Games 16-12-17

    Oakley solid and doesn’t look good
  11. Transfer list

    There is one on the east region website under the clubs tab

    Oakley v Linlithgow
  13. Games off Tomorrow

    Oakley v Linlithgow game off,pitch solid
  14. Games Off

    Oakley v Linlithgow off
  15. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Fingers crossed