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  1. FMQ's

    Ruth Davidson, future Prime Minister of yon United Kingdom, handed her chunky arse, once again , by the FM. Oooft, cringe and fucking lol
  2. Welcome to P&B 4.2!

    Jeez !! The round fucking avatars are back !! There was a way of fixing that after the last update (one particular theme meant you could escape the horror of it all I think) Please fix it Div. Other than that this is probably the best update you've ever done ... which really goes to show how utterly shite the previous ones have been. Er ... keep up the good work etc.
  3. Recommend/Find A Uni Laptop

    Cheers - we went ahead and got the Lenovo one - she seems quite happy with it. Ta.
  4. Chaps, I've been tasked with buying a laptop for my daughter who's heading to university later this month - I know absolutely hee-haw about these things so I'd appreciatte if folk could recommend one for us. Budget is is sub £500 - she wants it to be lightweight, small and have a good battery life - current front runner is this one : http://www3.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/yoga/500-series/Yoga-520-14/p/88YG5000829 Can anyone who knows these things say if it's any good ? Any feedback appreciatted.
  5. Reverse image search says that's Cassidey from Denver Co.
  6. Favourite MILF Thread

  7. Football Manager 2017

    I can't be arsed reading the entire thread but just wanted to add a couple of things: After playing FM for fucking years without any sort of 'real' success it dawned on me that I'd never set out to man-mark anyone, I actually had to look up how to do it, the result has been miraculous and by adding a defensive midfielder purely to mark the main threat a career that had started quietly with Edinburgh City now has me challenging with Hearts in the top flight When I joined Hearts though one player decided to hold me to a promise to improve the depth of the squad that the previous manager had made to him - I was romping up the league and brought in 8 players in my first window but the c'nt still wasn't happy - and most of the squad agreed with him - I had to try every trick in the book just to beat relegation. C'nt. Cheery.
  8. Jez and the next General Election

    I'm fairly sure a homophobe wouldn't suggest someone should embrace homosexuality at all, let alone sooner!? And Dugdale has previous for lowering the offended bar having recently accused a newspaper of sexism because it claimed Theresa May was digging her heels in.
  9. Strumpets of yore

    Grace Slick was an absolute belter back in the 60s: Just the 60s mind ... don't Google her in the 80s.
  10. Euro 2017 Woman's Championships

    I've absolutely no interest in women's football but The Netherlands Vs Sweden sounds fucking awesome, gutted I missed it. It probably didn't pan out quite as I see it in my head anyhoo.
  11. Quiz show auditions

    Anyone looking to earn a bit of quick cash surely has to just get themselves on Tipping Point - the questions are of Primary School standard and have the contestants scratching their heads in bemusement, it's basic as f'ck stuff. Would give the Catchphrase lot a run for their money.
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    That reason being his miss away to Dumbarton probably.
  13. Sturgeon/Barnier Meeting

    Please go to Majorca.
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Towels on sun loungers
  15. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    It's common P&B practice whenever Sh els is mentioned.