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  1. The Metalhead thread

    I did that for Metallica, you can claim it back within 14 days or something like that
  2. The Metalhead thread

    Jeez - Aberdeen was £2.95 for paperless ticketing - that's not a lot but I'm wondering how you can be charged for what's effectively absolutely hee-haw!!
  3. The Metalhead thread

    How the f'ck do paperless tickets work btw? And what happens if the card I used is set to expire before the gig (It's not but just asking)
  4. The Metalhead thread

    Got Maiden tickets for Abedeen - £122 for two tickets. Possible tip: O2 Priority let me login on my laptop and said tickets were available but only the Maiden Club option came up - I had to switch to my phone to see the O2 option.
  5. The Metalhead thread

    Aberdeen feck! Might try Newcastle but that's choosing a Tuesday over a Saturday. Not seen them since the 80s !!
  6. Ruth Davidson.

    Ruth in a safe seat will generate little amusement up here but she's being touted for greatness and that's when the fun will begin - she won't be able to hide if she's given a job and will face Emma Barnett style probing fairly often ... even the Express can't polish a turd that much.
  7. The Metalhead thread

    The End tour covered the first four albums almost exclusively - "Dirty Women" being the only outlier.
  8. Metallica @ The Hydro

    Had thought Glasgow's set list was good but I notice they did 'Am I Evil' in Birmingham last night.
  9. Ruth Davidson.

    Those 'Vote Tory' trailers they had parked in their fields a few months ago will soon be used as 'For Sale' signs.
  10. Metallica @ The Hydro

    Do they all become available? I looked earlier and only London and tomorrow's Manchester were on there! On a wee side note - we intended getting a poster but decided to wait until the end without realising that they put them aside for you if you bought them beforehand - by then they were sold out. How much were they ? There are some London ones selling online for over £100!
  11. Metallica @ The Hydro

    Fucking yes!!
  12. Metallica @ The Hydro

    He's 15. Standing is for 16s and over though so I'm surprised there was a 10yo in there - Lars asked if it was his first Metallica concert and said welcome to the family - short time later a roady came over and pressed some plectrums into his hand and got the stewards to move over a bit so he could see better ... you can see that in your picture above, there's a gap between the two stewards to the left at the front. He's absolutely buzzing.
  13. Metallica @ The Hydro

  14. Metallica @ The Hydro

    Well that was rather fucking outstanding - got against the barrier front and centre, ended up with a handful of plectrums ... and Lars spoke to Ned Jnr (& got hit on the head by a drone) Sanitarium & Anesthesia into Bells made my night Just a fucking awesome gig tbh!!
  15. Question Time

    So anyhoo, Rees-Mogg & Alex Salmond tonight ... might be worth a wee gander.