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  1. England v Panama

    Is there an opposite of the Gold Forum ?
  2. Poland v Columbia

    Our bar is full of South Americans who all cheered when Huigita came on ... and yet I had to Google the scorpion kick for them !!!
  3. Poland v Columbia

    Wow, fully deserved- excellent stuff from Colombia.
  4. England v Panama

    Most of my FB friends are English and I've just opened FB for the first time since the final whistle ... Wall-to-wall St George's Crosses
  5. England v Panama

    Jeez, sorry guys, bringing 'Rangers' into the thread was my shout - I apologise profusely. Could anyone wishing to continue with yon pish please vacate to the appropriate part of the board.
  6. Japan v Senegal

    Both these sets of fans cleaned the stadium after their first matches did they not ? Good c'nts.
  7. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Cashed out my Brazil & Werner double - got the full cash bet back, happier to stick it on something else. Kane top scorer would return £200 (£10 free bet @ 20/1 enhanced odds) Still got Brazil & Kane for potential £160. Lots of small family bets falling by the wayside.
  8. England v Panama

    I lived Down South for 12 years and it certainly had the opposite effect on me, I've watched a game with good mates at home and seen them turn into absolute eyes-popping-out-the-head Eng-ger-lunders in the space of one single goal, I've sat in a pub in England and seen the entire place turned over thanks to a late English winner.
  9. England v Panama

    I genuinely have no idea who the f'ck you are or which team you support champ.
  10. England v Panama

    There you go, history making England - the only team to score a two-goal hat-trick in the final.
  11. England v Panama

    I still find it utterly bizarre that some 'Rangers' types support England, unless I'm really badly mistaken this is a reasonably new-ish phenomenon!? Did they look at the Celtic fans supporting a different country and think hey that looks cool
  12. England v Panama

    England making history right enough.
  13. England v Panama

    Comeback on.
  14. England v Panama

    Feck, went to see if 365 would let me cash out on Kane and I can't log in from out with the UK
  15. England v Panama

    We've sat with folk from all over the shop watching this World Cup and the atmosphere has been superb ... the two pubs I just passed on the way to buy some bog roll sounded like an uprising in Wandsworth prison.