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  1. They really are a strange bunch. Quite like a cult I suppose. It’s difficult to see how they will continue to attract a large support as the 21st century progresses.
  2. Rainbow Laces Campaign

    Well what is “it”, then? If I don’t actively participate in a gay rights campaign, am I a homophobe? Do you participate in a gay rights campaign? There are nuances and subtleties to every issue, but in modern liberalism, which takes a completely binary approach to every issue, discussion usually isn’t allowed.
  3. Rainbow Laces Campaign

    I must confess to not really understanding what homophobia is. If you do not actively celebrate homosexuality, are you a homophobe? I’m not sure why in 2017 we are expected to celebrate sexual behaviours and choices we have no interest in.
  4. The Gers vs The Accies - Nov 18th

    A cultural problem throughout the club - not just the manager and players, plenty of supporters who see a defeat at Ibrox as only right and proper for PTFC. Well done Accies.
  5. **** v Thistle

    You really don’t come across as very intelligent. Just to let you know.
  6. **** v Thistle

    So not constantly about the ra, but sometimes about the ra, thanks for clearing that up for us. Thanks for keeping the ra #relevant in Scotland in 2017
  7. **** v Thistle

    Agreed - quite possibly, since The Rangers International FC PLC were founded in 2012. Dreadful performance from Glasgow’s oldest professional football team today.
  8. **** v Thistle

    There were a few things which reinforced my stereotype of Sevco fans today. Firstly, a couple of young people being tackled out of the stadium for showing a ‘Yes’ Saltire and Catalonia flag, with the home support bursting forth with ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘God Save the Queen’ - personally of course I think PTFC should ultimately be neutral about this stuff (and statisically, probably the majority of Thistle fans voted ‘No’), but this all seemed unnecessary. Secondly, waiting in the Ibrox subway queue post-match, with 2 respectable-appearing old men behind me discussing the Trainspotting 2 film, and that they had cheered at the ‘No More Catholics’ scene - I got the impression that they didn’t really understand what that had been about. The whole home support seems rooted, at best, in the 1970s. But I guess it’s only a small number of people in Scotland - 50,000, up to 150-200,000 or so worldwide. I’ve been to the vast majority of senior grounds in Scottish football, but I find the supports at Ibrox and Parkhead pretty different . Were your stereotypes of quinoa and The Guardian confirmed?
  9. **** v Thistle

    Off the park?
  10. **** v Thistle

    In terms of a football match, disgraceful performance (as expected) from Alan Archibald’s team. I’m not sure what the point of turning up to play a football match is if you aren’t going to make any attempt to win it.
  11. **** v Thistle

    Commemoration with a card display. Then roll up the card into a ball and throw it at the away support, or towards the pitch. It’s what those who died in The Battle of the Sommr would have wanted.
  12. I remember a couple of years ago visiting (in Dublin) the “Shot at Dawn” exhibition, a collection of photographs taken (at what had been the appointed firing squad time 100 years previously) of sites where UK soldiers had been executed for “cowardice” in WW1. If you were so terrified of being ordered to run head first into a horror that none of us can ever imagine (or you had “shell-shock” - PTSD, not understood at that time, or “combat fatigue” - see the photos of soldiers with the “thousand yard stare”) that you ran in the opposite direction or deserted, then you were executed. I just don’t feel in 2017 that the poppy functions as an anti-war symbol which gives justice to victims like those who were shot at dawn, or would help to prevent future conflicts, so I don’t buy one.
  13. **** v Thistle

    Healthy-eating, left-leaning broadsheet newspaper, sounds quite benign really, nothing to be too ashamed about in life... I’d perhaps be less comfortable with supporting a notorious football club who could convincingly be described as a hate organisation (something a lot of people in Scotland who are not “Rangers” fans can understand) but each to their own I suppose...
  14. The Liz Hurley Appreciation Thread!

    I remember (probably a few years ago now) a P&B poster adamantly claiming on here that he had had sex with Hayden Panettiere in Los Angeles. Very entertaining thread.