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  1. You'd say that's the 4 best teams in the league in their own conference. Bit odd that theyd stack it like that, but suits the Scottish teams as far as I can tell.
  2. I think I'll fling an entry in for next year. You need a rejection letter to get in our club ballot anyway!
  3. Clan played the first period tonight like they were defending a lead. No risks. Embarrassing. Oh well, another fun trip to Nottingham next week! Support anyone but sheffield.
  4. [emoji22]
  5. Looks like they'll be playing Montreal. Remember to shout "f**k the Habs" loudly throughout. Hope NYR sweep the French bitches 4-0.
  6. Also done Alloa. The long straight into the wind was hell and I didn't know the hill was coming. Thankfully I had enough good splits in the first 8 miles and I managed a 2 min half pb. 93.29.
  7. Yes and yes. Plus corrected email saying there was some sort of mix up!
  8. Rematch next Saturday.
  9. Sorry about that... Wasn't a great game or performance from the Sens. Could have done without the Habs winning as well.
  10. In fairness. Paul hogan isn't a jobber. A cracking darts player and a gent. Met him once in Fleetwood, genuine guy, fair play to him.
  11. Senators trading a top prospect for 35 year old Alex Burrows... Not cool. Doesn't look like we'll get Duchene now. Would be nice to pick up something decent for Lazar in the next 2 hours. He's a bust.
  12. I'd say there needs to be more of a balance between entertainment and sport. Braehead have slipped in the past year or so. The new DJ doesn't help, he plays far too much pop music and simply doesn't understand what sort of songs should be played when. Biggest issue is the excessive sponsorship. Sponsored icing being the absolute worst. I would actively not bring business to the companies involved.
  13. Surprised nobody has mentioned the people who sign emails off with "Best,". Horrible behaviour.
  14. You cannot exaggerate just how tough that XC was. I wanted to quit after a mile, go home and cry. And that was a 7.15 mile. Took all my mental strength to keep going. Ended up just over 51 mins, 12 mins slower than 10k pb. Just avoided being lapped by callum Hawkins. 47 odd is a great run morrison. Good to see you on the start line, and at a mile or so when you eased past me!! Glad to get back on the roads now. More determined to improve.
  15. Good stuff morrison. I'm looking forward to my first nationals. Not great at XC but we'll see how it goes. There's always going to be someone to chase [emoji16]