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  1. N H L Returns

    Shame? That was the only enjoyable leafs game this season. Them being good now is utterly intolerable.
  2. N H L Returns

    He has now. James Cowan eh? Can't get a game for a Leafs team that was talking. Can't get in this Avs team. He is not good.
  3. N H L Returns

    Fair play. Need Karlsson fit as soon as...
  4. N H L Returns

    Only pretty season, but back to back thumpings handed out to the Leafs by the Sens this week. Happy days. Sens twitter abuzz with more Duchene trade rumours, but the Avs probably want Chabot and they ain't getting no Chabot.
  5. N H L Returns

    Oh boy, you are in for a treat! Still, it's only a PTO, might be enough time for the Avs to realise he's dogshit.
  6. Arcade Fire

    Yeah, I'm not having Chemistry at all. Peter Pan grew on me a lot though.
  7. Arcade Fire

    I like it. I've saved it as a playlist on my ipod and removed the infinite contents though, which helps. The stretch of songs starting from Electron Blue are phenomenal.
  8. Arcade Fire

    Looking forward to getting stuck into this at the weekend when it arrives on my doorstep. Thanks for the [email protected]
  9. TRNSMT Festival

    Wish I'd found a better spot to watch them. I was surrounded by drunks trying to shout over every song and far too many 'when they gonna play creep' folk. Quite enjoyed Belle and Sebastian as well Louis Berry on the wee stage. I found Rag n Bone man really dull though
  10. P&b Running Club

    Started half marathon training programme 2 weeks ago and now nursing a very dodgy achillies!
  11. Arcade Fire

    Totally agree! What a venue. Never been to an outdoor gig where it felt so intimate. Great crowd as well. The crowd can have a huge influence on the enjoyment levels of a gig, as I found out at Radiohead on Friday!
  12. P&b Running Club

    That's what I love about parkrun. Great atmosphere at every different one I've been to. Greenock was cancelled yesterday with the powerboat racing thing on the clyde. Luckily our running club had a hill race one. Absolutely brutal, 27 mins up and 17 mins down!!
  13. Arcade Fire

    I seen a link on reddit to it on Spotify but can't get it to work
  14. Gigs

    I've got that then a quick drive up the road for radiohead at Glasgow green. Should be a good few days! It's real close to deansgate and there's plenty of pubs in the vicinity.
  15. Gigs

    Arcade Fire? Going as well. It's a five minute walk to Brewdog I'm pretty sure.