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  1. That's what I love about parkrun. Great atmosphere at every different one I've been to. Greenock was cancelled yesterday with the powerboat racing thing on the clyde. Luckily our running club had a hill race one. Absolutely brutal, 27 mins up and 17 mins down!!
  2. I seen a link on reddit to it on Spotify but can't get it to work
  3. I've got that then a quick drive up the road for radiohead at Glasgow green. Should be a good few days! It's real close to deansgate and there's plenty of pubs in the vicinity.
  4. Arcade Fire? Going as well. It's a five minute walk to Brewdog I'm pretty sure.
  5. Anyone doing the Brian Goodwin 10k at Pollock Park on Friday?
  6. I've not loved a song as much as Everything Now on first listen since Reflektor. It's spectacular.
  7. Tried 3k on the green today for the first time since August. I know I'm running a lot better than I was then, but only scraped a 5 second pb. A bit disappointed. Just went off far too fast. Chasing a woman I know can run sub 18 5ks for the first mile and I was done.
  8. You'd say that's the 4 best teams in the league in their own conference. Bit odd that theyd stack it like that, but suits the Scottish teams as far as I can tell.
  9. I think I'll fling an entry in for next year. You need a rejection letter to get in our club ballot anyway!
  10. Clan played the first period tonight like they were defending a lead. No risks. Embarrassing. Oh well, another fun trip to Nottingham next week! Support anyone but sheffield.
  11. [emoji22]
  12. Looks like they'll be playing Montreal. Remember to shout "f**k the Habs" loudly throughout. Hope NYR sweep the French bitches 4-0.
  13. Also done Alloa. The long straight into the wind was hell and I didn't know the hill was coming. Thankfully I had enough good splits in the first 8 miles and I managed a 2 min half pb. 93.29.
  14. Yes and yes. Plus corrected email saying there was some sort of mix up!
  15. Rematch next Saturday.