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  1. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Mine too. My starting pitching has gone to shit and my in form hitters have started blanking... I've got Corey Knebel back now and Bumgarner is throwing a full bullpen session this weekend i think so i might have him fairly soon... I'd say our match this week is on track to be the lowest aggregate score ever! Having said that you've got 5 more pitching starts to come and I've got 4 so it'll maybe improve...
  2. Under caution or have they not charged him?
  3. Yeah, apologies, was told that by someone who was following the match, didn’t think to question it.. fingers crossed it’s minor then!
  4. JMDP retires from his match in Rome with a wrist injury. F**K. Every time the big man is getting close..
  5. Ranieri out of work now too. C'mon Warren, think big..
  6. Takes a wee while for the post carriage to roll down the tracks to Dumfries and deliver everyone’s parchments though.
  7. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    What a c**t.
  8. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    The shite luck isn’t mine this time. Hoo-rah.
  9. Yes. I was attempting a humorous reference to that. Failed, obviously. Apologies all round.
  10. Agreed. It may even enhance his credentials. I was only commenting that it would mark a change of direction. I confess I haven't closely followed what he's achieved so far but when was the last time taking the manager from Alloa worked out for anybody?
  11. It would be quite a change of direction from a manager generally considered by all to be a decent guy, to one universally acknowledged as an utter w**k.