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  1. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Good times....
  2. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Thanks for this. FWIF - there were also friendly wins against Austria and South Africa amongst those, so it was 6 in a row altogether.
  3. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Like we did away to Georgia you mean?
  4. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    That would make it 4 wins on the spin for Scotland - anyone know when the last time we did that was? ETA - with apologies for being a completely lazy cnut and not looking this up myself.
  5. Queens v Morton

    Not in the know, just speculating based on concerns about his movement. Seems odd is all.
  6. Queens v Morton

    Maybe you queens fans need to consider why your team is persisting with playing an injured keeper a mere 6 games into the league campaign? How bad is your No. 2?
  7. Queens v Morton

    Thanks, Gary.
  8. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I think it's 20 per team so you get to keep all your superstars. What about the 2 dormant teams though? Those guys have some decent players locked away and it'd be sore as f**k to lose to one of them.
  9. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Aye well done Dee4life, overall that was well deserved.
  10. MLB 2017

    I'm guessing once you've watched a video of a pitcher and catcher you can figure out the signals quite easily - and verify they're still using the same ones in your match with them once you've seen the first dozen pitches.
  11. MLB 2017

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41169907 Sneaky fucks!
  12. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I dunno, I reckon the all Greenock 3rd vs 4th has got everyone talking.
  13. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I thought I had a wee chance with 4 decent pitchers yesterday but a couple of tough match ups meant I wasn't too optimistic! Still, a sore one! Best two line ups in the decider I reckon. All the best to you both!
  14. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Oh ya fucker!
  15. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I need a 100+ point day or I'm dead. Well. It's been fun.