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  1. Aye you've been flying but those are both tough losses. Don't think we're playing each other for a few weeks yet though so I probably won't benefit!
  2. Tight as a motherfucker.
  3. It is going to be a bit of a weird one. I've got the added wildcard that Bumgarner is making noises about wanting to pitch at the weekend having completed rehab.. can't quite decide whether to include him or not!
  4. My MetsMetsMets has 3 players in the all star starting line ups. Who all did better than that? Anyone watching the game?
  5. Ah ok. You'd think he'd be quite easy to verify too, if anyone was there. Still not sure why we'd be looking at him when we're so well covered up front.
  6. I know what you're saying, though seeing as my only ace pitcher injured his stupid ass early doors I've been relying on a staff of above average guys who've done ok by and large, but a couple of weeks they've all had a mare and my points have been utter pish. It's also taken me weeks to get good points from bats.. a few other tweaks maybe - or maybe just tweak my strategy..
  7. As much as I love that man, I agree. That's never going to end well.
  8. The thing I've found hardest is adjusting the line up week to week to account for the schedule and likely starters etc. The weeks you get that wrong you can score some seriously shit points. Agree that Fidel's Astros have it pretty well sewn up, but being a Morton (and Mets) fan I'll continue to dream of the impossible..
  9. With the All Star break approaching I just wondered how everyone else had enjoyed the first half of the season? Who's been a stand out in your team? Any big disappointments? Optimistic for making play offs or writing the season off? Personally I've been getting right into it, much more than I expected to. Mookie has overcome a slowish start and is now scoring me big points every week. Had a couple other decent but more unexpected high performers... Ervin Santana (though he's fading now) and Zack Cozart particularly. Bumgarner is still my biggest let down, but that asshole should finally be back pitching in the Majors soon. I'd say I'm an outside bet for a play-off spot, but I reckon my line up is still a bit too thin / inconsistent to challenge this year.
  10. Stability for the team would be the best argument, but that is obviously trumped if there's a superior option available to us.
  11. It's started to tighten up a wee bit now, hopefully that'll keep it interesting! 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in our division this week so it could look a bit more competitive (if results go the right way)!
  12. Welcome, friends.
  13. I'm easy either way. It's a pain, but it's manageable. I can only imagine how helpful this comment has been to you.