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  1. Australian Open 2018

    Tennis continues to be weird. But, despite numerous big name withdrawls, I'm still looking forward to this. Nadal looks to have knocked it off with a cracking draw whilst Djokovic will be having a wee cry. Shame. In the Women's, I would not be surprised if Sharapova completes her comeback from drugs cheat shame to win. Hope not though. Thoughts?
  2. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I'll be back.
  3. Zombies v League Leaders

    Domestic Cups forum for comments including that first loss please.
  4. Zombies v League Leaders

    On this point I think I'm right in saying that if we can muster wins vs Utd and Livi and at least a draw vs ICT then we'd actually complete the first half of the league without a losing record against any team. That'd be some feat considering. I know, I know - not easy, but it's something to aim for.
  5. I've drawn a Dunfermline supporter in my works Secret Santa. Surprisingly, considering he's from Fife, he's actually quite nice guy, so I want to get him something half decent. Is anyone able to make any recommendations / suggestions of something to get a Townie for £10?
  6. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    If that’s true then I’ll join you in your ambivalence.
  7. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    Anyone else hoping we get fucked in the ass tonight?
  8. In a season of tennis mentalness, this, surely, is peak mental.
  9. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41602684 "I know what's going on, all the trends and modern ways," he said. "[Chelsea manager Antonio] Conte's playing three at the back - I was playing that 10, 15 years ago." Alex McLeish, everybody.
  10. And by "We" you presumably mean any organisation looking for someone to oversee some sort of footballing activity...
  11. Can Brendan Rogers do it in his spare time? He'd be working with most of the same players anyway.
  12. f**k. We're stuck with him then.
  13. Is there anything to be said for Jim Duffy?
  14. Oh Gordon! What have we done!
  15. Can we wait for a few months till Palace sack Roy Hodgson?