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  1. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    They do not.... there’ll be no quad bike riding for any of my lads this year.
  2. Well done the big man. Love watching him when he’s crushing it like that.
  3. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Talk about timing.
  4. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    You could probably skip it and repeat with your keepers.
  5. This is quite amusing. Was it meant to be?
  6. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    OK - gonna sound like a bit of a cock here but bear me out... The worst 2 teams last season were worst because their owners didn't put any effort in (they didn't even fill their rosters) not cos their core rosters were that bad. Both have got plenty of decent players in the 10 keepers (Mike Trout, Justin Upton, Edwin Encarnacion, Chris Archer, Kris Bryant, JD Martinez, Anthony Rizzo), I'd guess they have as good a core 10 as mine (best players Mookie Betts, Madison Bumgarner, Luis Severino). I say stick the snake on from the first round.
  7. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I have 2.
  8. Fantasy Baseball 2017

    I actually quite like the idea of 10 keepers even though i like my current squad. If nothing else it means i'll end up with a different looking team and it gives something to think over in the meantime. It does also mean that if someone somehow ends up with a really dominant squad then there's a chance for others the following year.
  9. Worst new phrases in football

    Aye I got that - I was just puzzled why this topic was in the Scottish Championship forum. Of course the Mods have moved it now, so it's my initial response that looks odd rather than your question. Cheers mods. Anyway the phrase that annoys me most is "St Mirren, Championship leaders". See - you could've made it a Scottish Championship topic.
  10. Worst new phrases in football

    I'm curious - which of the Scottish Championship clubs do you most hate hearing that phrase in reference to?
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/news/14-most-crushing-title-collapses-in-football-history/ss-AAnYAZp#image=14 We're not even mentioned. That actually kind of makes me sad.
  12. I don't want to worry you, but I hear that Alex Williams and Peter Weatherson have already stuck money on it.
  13. Congrats on the early award of the trophy - hope you enjoyed the champagne and hookers! Oh, for sure, but it'd be even nicer if your derby rivals hadn't battered you along the way.
  14. What was it about when I said "No one's asking for a trophy" that made you think that? You've shipped 4 or more goals on no less than 3 separate occasions this season. Seems to me like this seasons you're a few teams bitches.