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  1. Pretty sure he signed a 2 year contract last summer. Would be delighted to be proven wrong though.
  2. A lot of really generous ratings there imo. David Mitchell - He played a game and a half. Fair enough he played well enough but not enough to be able to judge him properly. N/A. Connor Hazard - Meh. He’s not very good but probably better than both Thomson and Mutch. Nae idea how he got into the Northern Ireland squad right enough. 4/10. Robbie Mutch - He’s still young and was only really signed to be 3rd choice and to be our under 20’s ‘keeper. He’s not very good. 3/10. Reghan Tumilty - He’s been ok. Not great not shite but just fine. He’s pretty much done the job we expected from him and should be looking to improve on him next season. 5/10. Conrad Balatoni - Signed a short term deal generally played well enough but with the abundance of centre backs we had it was the correct decision not to renew his deal. 5/10. Jordan McGhee - By a distance our player of the year. Put in some decent shifts at left-back when we had nobody else to play there but he’s a great centre half for this level. 7.5/10. Tommy Robson - Started off well but regressed quite a bit. Still far, far better than Tony Gallacher was though. Hopefully he’s kept on for next season. 6/10. Alex Harris - Absolute shite. If by some miracle we are able to move him on in the summer it would be a great piece of business. 1/10. Sean Welsh - He’s got absolutely nothing about him. 1/10. Ryan Blair - Meh. He’s not had a lot of game time, started a few matches last month and he was ok without really contributing much. 3/10. Louis Longridge - Probably the most infuriating player we’ve had since Higginbotham. He’s definitely got the talent and has shown he’s got the ability to run games at this level. But they games only come around every 4 or 5 and when he’s not on form the game either passes him by or he tries far too much on his own and constantly gives the ball away. If he can find just a little more consistently he could be a real stand out. 6/10. Andy Nelson - Probably should’ve scored a good few more goals than he did but his work rate and commitment were great to see especially compared to the wasters we had up front the first half of the season. I doubt it’s possibly but would love to have him back next season. 5.5/10. Alex Jakubiak - Started off really well but goals have dried up a bit for him lately though granted he’s not had a great deal of service. He’s quick, decent finisher and some strength. Another that I’d love to see back but can see him playing at a higher level. 6/10. Rory Loy - I was absolutely delighted when he signed him back. He was brilliant with us 2 years ago and still looked good for St. Mirren last year but for whatever reason he’s just not the same player anymore. Probably our highest paid player and his performances have probably been on a par with Harris. Another with another year on his contact that we need to hope someone takes a punt on in the summer. 1/10. Paul Hartley - I think some people forget just how absolutely rancid we were before he took over and particularly before he was able to get rid of some of the wasters in January and get some fresh players in. He’s kept us up and out the play offs which is all that could’ve been asked of him this season. If he manages to punt McKee, Harris and Loy in the summer I’ll love him forever.
  3. We’ve made 3 changes but I’d argue 2 of those have made us significantly weaker than your 8 tbh.
  4. Played decent enough so far I suppose without creating a lot. Though clearly St. Mirren are not really giving much of a f**k. Harris a complete passenger so far.
  5. Definitely looks like 4-4-2 with the way we’re warming up here. Only change to the back 5 from the last game we shat the bed here is Jordan McGhee in for Tony Gallacher.
  6. Alex fucking Harris. As shite as he is I can handle McKee starting as at least he’s not Sean Welsh but I’m an absolute seething mess that we’re starting Harris.
  7. Robbie Mutch Cameron Blues Luca Gasparotto Paul Watson Tony Gallacher James Craigen Mark Kerr Sean Welsh Alex Harris Rory Loy Scott Shepherd The fucking state of that btw. This season really can’t finish quickly enough. Garbage.
  8. Dundee United v Falkirk

    Second half started a lot better but we fell away again and we were well beaten. Didn’t understand the subs and none of them had any impact on the game. Quite worrying that it took until 80 minutes for Hartley to realise the formation wasn’t working and to change it. Sean Welsh is a pathetic excuse for a football player and I’ll be delighted if he never plays for us again. Utterly shite. Today was also Louis Longridge at his worst, his almost refusal to release the ball at times is extremely frustrating. Both he and Jakubiak missed great chances in the second half. Thought Peter Grant looked a lot better when he came on today and Taiwo had a decent game in the middle of the park. Jordan McGhee was barely able to walk for the last 3 or 4 minutes so will be interesting to see who’s left wing back on Tuesday if both him and Robson are missing.
  9. Dundee United v Falkirk

    I didn’t notice him reacting but he was quite rightly getting stick not only for missing that chance. The f**k was he doing with the rebound?
  10. Dundee United v Falkirk

    That’s a great comparison btw. An absolutely nothing player.
  11. Dundee United v Falkirk

    Nah was an injury.
  12. Dundee United v Falkirk

    This is really shite. Not quite as bad as the last game through here but not far off it. We’ve offered absolutely nothing in possession and all over the place at the back. Harley got his sub all wrong imo felt he should’ve brought on Kidd and went to a back 4 and try get more players playing closer to Jakubiak he’s been ridiculously isolated. Thomson sold the first goal with a ridiculous kick out to McGhee who couldn’t control it and 5 seconds later it’s 1-0. Tbf he made a cracking save later on from McMullan. Moshni is absolutely strolling this btw nae pressure on him when he’s got the ball and every kick out from the keeper going right to his head.
  13. Dundee United v Falkirk

    Sean Welsh again ffs. Is that United going back to a back 4?
  14. Hartley at fault for that today. He got his tactics, team selection and substitutions all wrong. Dunfermline were far better than us and even when we were having our best spell of the game in the second half they missed 2 absolutely great chances and we struggled to create anything. First time since probably the United away game that Hartley has got his team so wrong. Watson was a liability at the back and McGhee was so awkward at right wing back it looked an easy to fix to get Tumilty/Kidd on there and get McGhee back to his best position. Sean Welsh still doesn’t look fit to me either he’s so laboured in everything he does and didn’t really have the dig that we needed in the middle of the park. I’m getting really worried about the amount of game time Alex Harris is getting recently. Yet again he came on and was fucking grim. An absolute shitebag who offers us nothing. His attempt when through on goal was embarrassing he had both Robson and Nelson free to square it to but pulled his shot about 20 yards wide. He’s an imposter that’s needed binned asap.
  15. Extremely harsh to put the blame for the goal on him. Him and Sibbs are the only ones actively looking for the ball and trying to make something happen. Look at the break we had from their corner Louis carried the ball 50/60 yards and neither of the front 2 made a decent run to support. Definitely not one of his better games for us but he seems to get far too much stick imo.