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  1. Whit?! That’s absolutely fucking devastating news. f**k you Houstie.
  2. Aye he had a couple of decent games but overall he was fucking shite no matter where he played. Good to see Hartley starting to clear out some of the deadwood and the shite signings Houston left us with. I doubt we’ll be able to bin Harris with him having 18 months left on his contract but hopefully Kerr and McKee will be next.
  3. Morton v Falkirk

    Aye that was me. Think it was about 10 minutes into the second half some jobber swung in a cross from the left and Tommy Robson definitely made some sort of contact with the boy Tiffoney to bring him down. Tbf even if it was awarded Tom Taiwo would still have cleared it off the line.
  4. Morton v Falkirk

    Sure about that aye?
  5. Pretty sure it’s in the summer but I’d imagine he’ll be happy to stay. Does pick up quite a few injured but he’s absolutely vital to the team when he’s fit. Like a different team when he plays. Absolutely fucking love him.
  6. Morton v Falkirk

    They’ve been horrific for the best part of a year now it’s hardly a surprise they’re wanting him gone. Pretty similar to us with Houston tbh.
  7. Morton v Falkirk

    He was causing a few problems in the air when he was playing on the left tbh. Once he went up front he offered nothing.
  8. Morton v Falkirk

    Great battling performance there. Pretty similar to the first game through here actually. Tom Taiwo absolutely bodied the Morton midfield and dominated the game again what a difference he makes to the team. Lewis Kidd as well he looks a totally different player in the middle of the park why the f**k did Houston never give him a run there? If Nelson could finish it could’ve been more he missed a couple of great chances in both half’s but he put in some shift. Special mention as well to Paul Watson he absolutely strolled it at the back and he was our only defender that was able to contain Robert Thomson today.
  9. Morton v Falkirk

    That was a stonewall penalty for Morton there imo.
  10. Morton v Falkirk

    Decent first half from us and we probably deserve to be ahead although I do get the fear any time a cross comes into our box. Robbie Thomson is fucking rank. Brilliant corner from King Louis that set up Sibbs goal and he was very unlucky when his shot hit the bar. Nelson had a couple of decent chances as well. Need to step up a little in the second half we’ve done nothing since Tumilty went off, Muirheads giving me the fear at right wing-back.
  11. Morton v Falkirk

    Fucking delighted Tommy T is back in the team. Wee bit surprised here’s no Jakubiak but good to see Hippo back in the squad. Even better news that we don’t need to put utter shite like Harris and Craigen on the bench. A few more signings then hopefully I’ll never have to see Joe McKee in a Falkirk top again either. Most pleasing.
  12. Does make a good change getting some promising young players in on loan. If Houston was still in charge we’d probably be signing Darryl Duffy today instead.
  13. Is that not just for domestic loans? I’m sure there didn’t used to be a limit on cross border loans but unsure if that’s changed or not.
  14. Pretty meh signing tbh. I’d imagine he’s improved a lot since he left but he’s not really the kind of player we needed. ‘Keeper, at least 1 striker, defender and a midfielder with a bit of dig are all required asap. Hopefully we can get McKee, Craigen, Kerr, Miller, Harris, Gallacher and one of Muirhead/Grant/Watson away to f**k as soon as possible as well.
  15. I’d probably settle for another 6-1 tbh. Anyone know how serious Taiwo and McGhee’s injuries are?