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  1. If Hippo keeps up his level of performance then he can whatever the f**k he wants.
  2. Yeah he certainly wasn't our worst full-back on Saturday. Fair play to Gasparotto for his performance on Saturday I don't particularly rate him as a centre back and I never want to see him play right back again but he did try his best and as Bairnardo said didn't shirk his responsibilities he was actually a lot more attacking and positive than Gallacher. He did put in one cracking cross near the end of the second half which was the best ball we put in all day.
  3. Way too early for talk of sacking Houston. Yes it's been shite over the last 3 games but it's exactly that only 3 games. If at the end of the first quarter there is no progression and we're still as shite then it might be time. Also 2nd this season should not be seen as success. I can see how it was over the last 2 seasons however this year anything but winning the league should count as failure imo. Shaugnessy would have been more than decent at centre-back. He's probably been one of the best centre-backs in the Premiership over the last few seasons just we played him at right-back and he was quite shite.
  4. Thomson Muirhead Watson Grant Harris McKee Taiwo Hippolyte Sibbald Austin O'Hara Mitchell, Gasparotto, Harris, Kerr, Loy, Gallacher, Miller Obviously not going to happen and probably is too attacking but with our problems at full-back I think that would be the best way to solve it at the moment. This will definitely be controversial but Watson is our best centre-back at the moment and has been for a good few months imo. It should be him with one of the other 2. Peter Grant has regressed massively since he came back from injury.
  5. Erm....we played 4-4-2 the full game. Even with our subs the personnel changed but we never changed shape throughout.
  6. Craigens injured as well wasn't in the squad today. I definitely think we need to start Sibbs next week even if we only get an hour out of him he needs to be starting. Oh yeah I absolutely love Loy but aside from about 10 minutes in the second half he was extremely quiet. I really don't think he's fully recovered from his injury last week yet. Pretty sure it was a 2 gam ban thankfully.
  7. I'd have the same 4 but Sibbald in the middle and McKee on the right. O'Hara and Fash up top as well please.
  8. We really should've been using Austins pace up against both Hill and Dowie and get them turning. Austin got a penalty against Dowie at QOS last season doing just that but everything was in front of them. Tbh I didn't think your 'keeper had an awful lot to do today. Few routine saves but we didn't test him enough imo. Was really impressed with Wilson in midfield as well obviously he played the great ball through for the goal but he used the ball really well.
  9. That was spectacularly pish. Yet again shite tactics, team selection and substitutions from Houston has cost us. We probably should have won it at the end, McKee, Hippolyte and Austin all passed up decent chances but at the other end Robbie made a good save from Stewart. For the first 85 minutes it was boring tippy tappy pish from us and we only really had any urgency about us in the last few minutes which was too little too late. Substitutions were really bizarre 3 straight swaps why not sacrifice a defender and really have a go? Gasparotto didn't do too badly at right back but clearly he should never be played there again. He certainly wasn't our worst full-back, Gallacher was dreadful again. He's absolutely petrified anytime the ball comes anywhere near him and can't pass the ball away quick enough. The only player to come out with any pass marks for me is Hippolyte. He did fade in the second half but he was our only player always looking for the ball and looking to get forward with it.
  10. Aye was an absolutely fantastic ball through from Wilson for the goal. Inch perfect. Shite defending from Gasparotto completely letting Roy go though.
  11. Well this is fucking shite. Thank f**k for Hippo he's been positive any time he gets on the ball and the only player we've got that's trying to do anything other than a square pass. Gasparotto and Taiwo as our right hand side is a fucking disgrace and quite predictably they're giving us nothing going forward. Still don't think Loy is fit he has been completely anonymous so far.
  12. His only league goal for us came on 23rd November 2013 and it was the 4th in a 4-0 win against Cowdenbeath. His last goal for us was on 2nd August 2014 and was the 3rd in a 3-1 win away to Montrose. However since then he has played 16 games on loan to Brechin and Stirling. Scoring 1 goal. He's utterly fucking shite.
  13. This. Am I right in saying the only outfield loanee we've had under Houston has been Ryan Sinamonn?
  14. Aye both our first team right backs (Muirhead and Kidd) are unavailable we've got a right back in our under 20s squad but I don't think Houston really rates him so if he's fit it will probably be Luca Gasparotto at right-back again who himself is carrying a knock and doesn't seem fit enough. At left-back it will be Tony Gallacher who made his debut in our defeat at the Rock around Christmas time last year. He's only just turned 18 so don't want to be too critical but he's been getting hyped up a lot over the last couple of years but he's yet to show much promise in the first team yet. Looks like if anyone just runs at him he starts to panic and gets a bit all over the place. 4 of the 5 goals we've conceded this week have came from cross balls from our left side.
  15. I don't really understand this tbh. The only player this could probably describe is Tony Gallacher as he doesn't want to give any other young player a chance. I refuse to believe that even Houston or the Board seriously think we're ever going to get anything for Shepherd. He's headed straight to the Shire when we eventually punt him.