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  1. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Disappointed not to win the game but delighted with the performance. Even though we didn’t get the win it was a big improvement from last week and I’d say was probably our best performance in the league so far. The formation really worked and especially after Harris went off thought we were starting to look more dangerous. Another solid defensive display and that’s 4 clean sheets in a row, great save at the end by Thomson to keep Smith out, and we just need to start taking our chances when they come. Really impressed by Ciaran Dunne today as well. A player who you’d imagine wouldn’t have got close to the team under Houston was given a big chance today and he was really positive and direct. Probably should’ve done better with his chance but was unlucky that he stood on the ball. A lot better than Alex Harris was anyway. I think if we keep on playing like that it’s only a matter of time before the results and goals come. Austin was injured, he was signalling about his hamstring minutes before he went off.
  2. Falkirk v St Mirren

    Started off poorly but really grown into the half and really should be ahead we’ve had 3 great chances. St. Mirren still seem to be bossing the midfield and doing well to get on the second balls but aside from one Morgan shot they’ve not threatened. Though they’re giving me the fear with every corner we seem unable to defend them properly. Fash really should’ve done better with that header he put wide best chance of the game so far. Hippo completely deserved the booking was just classic Hippolyte failing to track his runner and pulling him back. Alex Harris has had 3 or 4 chances to put a ball in to box and every time he’s either failed to get the ball off the ground or hit it straight at the first man. Shite. A lot better than last week but I think we’re probably going to regret missing they chances.
  3. Tbf I assumed he’s been injured as well since he’s no been on the bench the last couple of games. He was fucking gash at the start of the season but he changed the game away to Morton. If he is fit then it’s a big mistake having the absolutely shite Shepherd on the bench instead of him.
  4. That second half was fucking dreadful. If it wasn’t for the fact John Baird is absolutely shite we’d have took a pumping. Baird missed 2 absolute sitters, Bell missed 2 great chances and Mulraney was unlucky a couple of times including hitting the post. I genuinely can’t remember us having a meaningful attack or effort. I know with Miller, Kidd, Sibbald and Loy being out that reduces our options from the bench but Hartley subs were very strange. Bringing Craigen on for O’Hara I couldn’t understand that at all. All it done was completely isolate Hippolyte and even when Fash came on Hippo dropped deep and then wide and we spent the last 10 minutes hoofing the ball in the vague direction of Austin with no help or support. Is Mulraney usually that good btw? He was excellent today aside from his dive in the first half.
  5. Pretty poor stuff so far. Started well but we faded badly. We’ve been incredibly slow in possession at times and the issue with Hippo and O’Hara up front and dropping deep/wide its leaving us with nothing up top. Also Paul Hartley absolutely loves a whistle.
  6. Robbie Thomson in for David Mitchell as our only change today which is fair enough nobody deserved to be dropped after last week. Thought Loy might’ve had a chance of getting on the bench though.
  7. Nobody deserves dropped after yesterday although I’d imagine Hartley will come in with his own ideas on how to play and might favour certain personnel. Might be tempted to play Hippo or Harris wide on the right if Chalmers is playing. Nae Jordan McGhee? Absolute madness! Think he’s been different class since signing.
  8. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Deserved win. Absolutely comfortable all day and never looked in any danger of losing the game. You can see the confidence coming back into the players and playing some great stuff in that second half. What a fucking idiot Dean Shiels is btw. Totally lost the plot with O’Hara then when he couldn’t get a tackle in on him put a horrendous tackle in on Kerr in the last minute. Looked a bad one for David Mitchell I’m assuming a broken leg or similar based on his reaction. Not a single failure in our team today. Hippo was fantastic and completely bitched Wedderburn for the goal but I fully agree with Mark Kerr being MoM he was fantastic. His best performance for months. Well aye. We got bodied by Livingston in our last home game ffs.
  9. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    What. A. Goal.
  10. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Probably our best half of football since pre-season. Not created a lot of chances but deserve the lead imo. Again a power of work up front from O’Hara and Taiwo hitting everything that moves in the middle of the park. Defensively Dunfermline look dodgy as f**k at least 4 or 5 clearances fluffed and numerous dodgy back passes.
  11. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Hoping it’s Hippolyte up front today rather than a midfield 5 with O’Hara up on his own. Been wanting a ring to see Hippo up front for a while. Is Miller injured as well? He’s been replaced by Gasparotto on the bench. Thought he had his best game of the season so far last week. Aye Hartley will be at the game but it’s still Smith in charge.
  12. Forgot to mention David Mitchell who made a terrific save in the first half. His kicking is rancid but if he keeps making saves like that I’ll not be giving a f**k.
  13. Well deserved win today. Wasn’t a great game by any means and we were helped by how poor Morton were but delighted with that. Fair play Smith did get his tactics pretty much spot on. I had forgotten how rotten Gallacher was last time he was up against Ross Forbes. Cracking free-kick from Joe McKee similar to the Dundee Utd game he took the ‘keeper completely by surprise and you could see the goal gave the players a huge lift and they started believing they could win. Really didn’t understand Morton’s tactics today as soon as we scored it was like they ran out of ideas and started panicking just playing long balls which we dealt with comfortably. Tom Taiwo was my MoM today he was outstanding in the middle of the park breaking up the play all the times and stopping so many attack’s. Kevin O’Hara similar to the Dunfermline game gave us work-rate he ran his heart out and Jordan McGhee was comfortable at left-back he’s yet to have a bad game since he signed and looks like he’ll be a brilliant signing. Special mention to Lee Miller as well best he’s played this season when he came on holding up the ball and winning the knock downs. The only real negatives for me were the performance of Mark Kerr again who just slows us down, gives the ball away and fouls. He did play better when we went a goal up but was still very lucky to get the full 90 minutes and Shepherd again was shite when he came on he’s not got any intelligence on the pitch he’s no idea when and where to run. I think that performance does buy into the theory that Houston had lost the dressing room and players weren’t playing for him. Especially at the end of the game there was a real togetherness with the players which has been missing so far this season.
  14. Jordan McGhee left back it is.
  15. Yep the prospect of Peter Grant attempting to run up and down the left wing is giving me the fear.