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  1. No dogs allowed?
  2. What a glorious pass for Milik goal
  3. Aberdeen played shite. Plenty chances and a great opportunity to get something from that and we get f**k all. Shooting n defending, both basics need addressed. Won't deny there were good individual performances, but means f**k all if we are coming away with nothing.
  4. Kamara is an absolute w****r. The goal was bad in the stand but seeing it on TV is even worse. What were you thinking. Fucking hell
  5. Schalke looking good. 2-0 up at home
  6. Absolutely. Defending is poor. Shooting is awful and no clean sheets
  7. Arsenal game is brutal
  8. Teckle. Eh see what I done earlier. Jinxed them. Relegation beckons
  9. Hope we don't get this all season Oh we were so good today yet end up with nothing. Yup long way to go but 3 out of 3 losses is not the best . Onwards and upwards
  10. Week 3. Total win was 13.48. 67.93 up for season. Yay
  11. Yay
  12. Yet we were expected or at least get something from our first two games. All three games have been the same. Played well, plenty chances , everyone seems to think we will be fine yet we have 0. So I'm looking at my team now coming home from the game ( sigh, stuck in traffic) knowing we deserve to be bottom and deserve to be on nothing. Our shooting is a disgrace right now
  13. Don't wanna say anything else . We are bottom because we deserve to be