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  1. Last day. Doing good, nae pressure. 3/10. Knew 1 Fucked it
  2. Signing young players I'm all for. Let the mccann era begin :-)
  3. We are delighted to announced that Lewis Spence has signed for the club #thedee https://t.co/H8ugVhHfKy
  4. He seems to do a good job at international level. Like grass said he is a good player, just a c**t
  5. Loo
  6. To be fair I'm the same with other teams also. What gets oh my nerves when you have people "ITK" yet say f**k all ( that st.johnstone c**t ). We have plenty here who say they are ITK where reality is they havnt a clue, just guess work
  7. China's U20s to play next term in Germany's 19-team Regionalliga Südwest (4th tier). But won't appear in the table. All teams voted yes. With a 19-team league, every Regionalliga SW club has 2 free matchdays. On those days, the club in question will be at home to China U20s. Posted by Derek Rae. This is mental.
  8. Yup I think I did. Was going through paperwork and couldn't remember what the answer was
  9. Small
  10. No yellows at the end there lol
  11. Clinical finish
  12. The Mexico manager lol you mother fucker
  13. Durante seems to be getting himself about. Mexico first 10 minutes lol