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  1. Cool, where you off too? Dam beaten to it :-(
  2. Lazio 3 - 2 Genoa has been a really good game
  3. Boobies
  4. Loris Karius, Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge all start Last game these boys didn't start ?
  5. The goal to lose again poor defending. The cross shouldn't of been allowed to happen. The free kick from morecambe was unlucky also . Wyke with a good header. Another Gary Madine?
  6. Can somebody kick this guy in the head please. Thank you
  7. How it was broken down I did not know. If it was a one off payment surely that would be an offer the club couldn't refuse ?
  8. That I agree with. What I do notice however with people on busses is that when people seem to be struggling on the bus ( usually people with prams ) nobody seems to give a f**k and help them and just sit back and watch them. Humans are c***s
  9. Inter goal wholey shit what an over head kick JeisonMurillo with the goal
  10. Kilmarnock turn down bid for Coulibaly https://t.co/UjLMBr57Og
  11. Watching it on kodi and just dosnt seem right
  12. Mon 5/10 knew 2 Tues 3/10 knew 1