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  1. Belotti scores his 19th goal of season (his 2nd of the game) tying Higuain & Dzeko for most in Serie A Price tag of 90 million I last seen
  2. The job centre is awful
  3. Same for the English league to?
  4. 3 goals and an assist. A good days work for Kane
  5. I did join in with it but just can't for life of me remember who did say it on here
  6. Who was it that said he was a one season wonder ?
  7. Was the last time a Scottish team played an Albanian team, Dundee ?
  8. Hopefully Southampton come away with a win but expect this to be a shit game and man United to win 1-0
  9. Let's keep this going Hartley. 3 points please :-)
  10. Hamburg's last 6 trips to Bayern worth highlighting ahead of today 0-6, 0-5, 2-9, 1-3, 0-8, 0-5.
  11. Not so good
  12. Partick and killie winning is a bit baws