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  1. You seem more worried about it than me. Everything okay ?
  2. Aye that fiver we got for Hendry I reckon got us the deal for the convict
  3. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Aren't you a bit to big for the sink ?
  4. Quite confident now you are since you have joined. A little bit of aggression already. Welcome :-)
  5. Now tam let's not be nasty.
  6. Things you want to share with P&B

    World cup football stickers come out tomorrow.
  7. Tam have a word here. Is being aggressive the answer ?
  8. Eurodisney

    This summer, join the Marvel Super Heroes at Disneyland Paris! From 10th June to 30th Sep. Yasssss
  9. All things Dundee FC

    I'm clearly blocked....
  10. All things Dundee FC

    We are delighted to announce that Paul McGowan has today signed a contract extension #thedee https://t.co/xzGUyxBy5O Ah well
  11. Football League 2017/18 season

    Reading Football Club announce that Jaap Stam has left his position as manager of the club with immediate effect -
  12. Irn Bru

    Sadly I'm aff the irn bru. I'm sure it's my loss
  13. Irn Bru

    Pics or gtf. If its not a nice pic please dont
  14. All things Dundee FC

    Scores tonight 4 different scorers......
  15. All things Dundee FC

    He seems to know where the net is. I'd like to think so. Surely our strikers aren't in a positive mind set so having someone who can score goals can maybe bring it to the next level.Don't see why not. Also noticed that Wighton is playing but didn't take the penalty...