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  1. Hope you still like them :-)
  2. Ah not to bad. Was thinking 11 may of been late to leave Dundee
  3. What's the latest time I could leave to Kilmarnock to get there on time?
  4. Nipples
  5. Huge game next week
  6. Yeh I'd agree with that. I quite like Vincent. This attacking player however I don't see in him.
  7. Ross and Holt were excellent. Marking for corners /crossing is something we have been awful at all season
  8. If I move gas supplier and I am currently in credit. Will they give me the money I am in credit or how does one get this money?
  9. I mind when Mitchell done that. ;-)
  10. Great win. Great day out. 3 goals also :-)
  11. He did okay. Still leaked in 2 goals. However most important part is we won
  12. Yassssssssss yassssssssss what a day
  13. Didn't put brown bin out today. Slightly annoyed
  14. About 20 people or so I think. Quite mental and here was me thinking to start one for next season, doubt that would happen now