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  1. Quick Question Thread

    Yet he has my backing. I'm just saying :-)
  2. Word Association

  3. Things you want to share with P&B

    Got sunburnt today. Not clever . However the tap was aff
  4. Quick Question Thread

    If yer heading up this way a crate of the old cans of irn bru woupd be much appreciated
  5. Quick Question Thread

    I'm unsure. Potentially but shall wait n see. His wife didnae seem involved so its been a pretty good outcome so far today . Might celebrate with a can of fanta lemon
  6. Quick Question Thread

    I know you were all wondering how I got on. The neighbour trimmed my hedge n made it all pretty and for the wall he will pay for a new one. The wall I didn't ask for him to pay for it ( shat it ) however he said he will speak to someone who he knows is a bricklayer. So one presumes it's either going to be a new ane or not but he did say he would pay for it. ( dinna worry about it mate will get it sorted ). So shall see what happens however he did trim meh bush. Teckle
  7. All things Dundee FC

    I'm guessing they were wrong or was it the under 18s they were on about ?
  8. Italian Football Thread

    Roma sign Ajaxs Justin Kluivert on a five-year deal.
  9. General World Cup Nonsense

    This has been meh
  10. Quick Question Thread

    Now if I was to take the wall down and rebuild I think I'd want to take the hedge down also. I know the reason for the hedge was for privacy for my neighbours which is fine however since I don't want the hedge should they fix my wall or am I just being a dick about this ?I am also worried about if the wall does decide to collapse what damage this will create on my property. I just don't know what the likelihood of this wall actually collapsing is
  11. Quick Question Thread

    That I understand however since I've been her slowly the wall ( shite wall) is slowly cracking. How does one maintain this ? My neighbours garden is higher up ( steps goes u. At there side of the hedge they have a fence with all the weight of the hedge in my garden
  12. Quick Question Thread

    This I'm unsure. :-(
  13. 2018/19 Dutch football

    Phillip Cocu has been appointed Fenerbahce manager after parting ways with PSV [emoji471][emoji471][emoji471] [emoji1179] Eredivisie Titles [emoji471][emoji471] [emoji1179] Super Cup Trophies [emoji471] [emoji1179] Dutch Cup Cocu won six trophies in five seasons for the Dutch giants Who do we expect to replace him?
  14. Quick Question Thread

    I can however I like the guy. His wife not so much.
  15. Quick Question Thread

    Best angle I am getting at for it And yes the grass I'm getting rid of for fake grass. The joys of a North facing back garden. No an awful lot of sunshine .