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  1. Actually it was a 2-2 draw in February 2009 at your new ground I remember Dornan scoring late in the game hence me thinking it was a loss. think it was your 2nd competitive game at your new ground. I am amazed but I think you are right we haven't lost at your new ground. Even managed not to lose the season we got relegated
  2. we have lost, that english midfielder from a years back scored late on (cant remember his name but it was 2009 season)
  3. Always tough going to this ground. Don't think we will lose TBF. Need everyone fit. I fear for us if any of 4 or 5 get hurt this season. Our best team will be a match or best most. He haw underneath especially up front
  4. He is not done he is just fucking rubbish
  5. One of losses doesn't count as that fucking goon Higgins was in goal that day.
  6. The 4 chaps you mention I assume didn't play at Falkirk?
  7. I think Gallacher strolled it. Muirhead is never going to be the best but is steady as he is a decent defender TBf
  8. Baird is chronic and the new "superstar" they signed spent more time trying to foul our two CH's. Thomson had one save of note all game. Our brilliant record in Inverness continues.
  9. Agree with most of that not convinced however he is Premier League standard however
  10. It will be masked a bit with the add ons we got for Kingsley
  11. Yes we will as he was the only sale and the transfer number is always listed
  12. I think in that ball park. Accounts will be out soon so we will get an idea then
  13. Vaulks was just over half the money Marsh.
  14. My second son had been born the day before that final. My wife had a pretty rough time of it during labour. Remember clearly going to see her first thing and feeling guilty leaving her (well a bit) then getting to my mates house about 10am having to stay relatively sober as I had to go back to the hospital after the game. Remember getting absolutely trousered after the visit at night. It was a shite game from memory and we were a bit lucky to win.