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  1. Can you please keep Foran ?
  2. They won't be paying these players great money because they are plotless. However that doesn't mean these players won't develop and be decent signings.
  3. TBF I was not keen on Thomson he has however done pretty well.
  4. There are playing at this level basically because they are skint. That is not to say they won't be decent signings.
  5. If we are we need our heads looking at if the cost is a huge as is being banded about. We are putting 80k aside now and losing money. We would be better picking up the odd player who doesn't make it at a Rangers or Celtic e.g. Murray Wallace
  6. Be a bit like us signing Austin last year I guess
  7. We are going for this "Project Brave" nonsense. I understand the financial commitment will be at least 3 times what we spend on the current set up. Where is the cash going to come from? First team budget I would guess.
  8. 100% wrong. They only want them in the team to sell them. Have you not sussed that yet?
  9. Be honest you got one for your 2nd goal Friday. Even themselves out and all that
  10. Authorities want the big teams to win
  11. That Durnan has such a wee heed
  12. It just shows how bad we were Friday losing to this Utd team. Gash they are
  13. I only go on what coaches and scouts around the academy tell me that we have little coming through good enough to play in the first team. Even the lad in the 17's Scotland pool is nowhere near ready