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  1. Or maybe he just doesn't see him as a 1st team player full stop ?
  2. Maybe he expected him to take his chance and he has fucked up? Don't know as I not seen the U20's. But clearly the manager has issues with his ability to make a first team impact
  3. Away and argue about other posters Mum's and Celtic strips you drivelling mess of a human being
  4. Seems to be the managers opinion too by the look. I would think he would be a better judge than you or I
  5. Seen you both recently and you will be more than a match for them
  6. Morton have every chance of getting something out of this game.
  7. Not what the regular attendees tell me.
  8. O'Hara has not had a look in since returning from East Fife. Speaking to guys who attend 20's games nor should he be. No matter what league we are in the following IMO should be let go. Rogers Watson Kerr Baird McHugh McCracken Of the out of contracts you want to keep Aird McKee Sibbald Leahy Miller Taiwo Of that list realistically we will only keep Miller, McKee and Taiwo if we don't get up. The others will depend on winning the play offs IMO.
  9. Every time the Paisley hoards think about getting off this train to let the Ayr fans on, Aye pull out a result. I think now the Squaller will be on this train heading firmly towards the seaside
  10. Falkirk have never beaten a Hughes managed team.
  11. Difference is Stubbs kept having to say it as Houstie owned him.
  12. That programme is getting more boring than OF phone ins. Cosgrove and Cowan just bang on about Motherwell and especially Cosgrove boring the c**t out of me about St. Johnstone. If I hear the twat talk about Henry Hall again I will put my boot through the radio. It should be called the Infirm Talk Show. Pish utter pish
  13. They will trouser you twice in the next 2 weeks.
  14. Imagine losing to these.
  15. What kind of seeth were you in last season when we won the play off semi final if this is what you are like when you win? You deserve to win the league this season. We have never been in the hunt.