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  1. Pumpherston 5-0 Livingston Utd A first half free kick from Jack Beaumont was added to by Mark Wilkins Neil Hastings Nik Rendall and Greg Sneddon.Pumphy missed a first half penalty and Livingston were reduced to ten men just after half time.
  2. Pumpherston 1-0 Livingston Easthouses 1-0 Edinburgh Utd West Calder 3-1 Harthill
  3. Should this not be in Premier league thread
  4. Can anyone supply me with the West Calder squad for Saturdays Programme. Thanks.
  5. Ah right Kl how old his Matty looked really young to me.
  6. You nearly got caught out again with your silvery tongue you just stopped yourself in time or the ref would have had you off lol.
  7. Keeper I missed it out in my post Sorry about that.Sorted now.
  8. I thought you might have gave the other keeper a ten minute run out on saturday JC.
  9. Nah just heroine lol
  10. Pumpherston 5 Tynecastle u20s 0 ft
  11. Oakley will be up there as well think it could be even tighter this season.Not sure the quality Easthouses have signed so they might in with a shout, Craigroyston have basically signed a whole new team.
  12. Should be one of the favourites in my opinion 3/1 maybe
  13. Totally agree with you there.
  14. Pumpherston are on the lookout for a goalkeeper coach for training days and match days.Anyone interested contact us via pm or via Facebook page.
  15. New Enclosure roof almost complete at Pumpherston. And pitch is coming along nicely had a good bit of work on it and it's back to its original size.