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  1. Should be renamed 'The Alastair Borthwick Emporium' seeing as he owns it. Lol.
  2. This except Rory Loy can gtf as well. He's pish. Oh and I keep young Higgins too.
  3. He suffers from dwarfism - you like?
  4. I think we'll know pretty soon about McCann. I mean he either wants it or he doesn't, likewise the club must know if they want him. The budget is surely budget regardless of who is in charge and should be all worked out.
  5. I was using reverse psychology ffs. I want Hamilton to destroy these motherfuckers.
  6. Flood must be a bit of a concern too given he was moving very gingerly in the second leg. Anyway United put these no marks to the sword.
  7. At the start of every season we only have 3 ambitions - 1) Stay in business - [emoji736] 2) Stay in the league - [emoji736] 3) Sack our manager - [emoji736] So a total success for the Dark Blues. Thank you
  8. People want us to sign young talent from the lower leagues and then moan like f**k when they're not the finished article. He's made good progress, I suspect he'll move more centrally next season and I think he might just surprise us. Hope so anyway. Interesting about Bain. Shows the players aren't hating or blaming him which says something.
  9. Congratulations on another great season cuntos.
  10. When we were in financial difficulties, twice, the Dundee fans were accused of doing f**k all about it, encouraging it and therefore being totally culpable with regard to the position. I've read many posts by United fans complaining about ST selling off star players that fans wanted kept, in other words arguing against his debt reduction plan, in effect demanding fiscal recklessness. The reality is fans can do bugger all about owners totally fucking things up. I'd be interested to know the friendly nature of Alastair Borthwick's relationship to the club. I'd go as far as to say it might just be very expensive loans from somebody who lives in Park Avenue NYC and who couldn't give 2 f├╝cks about the club.
  11. You almost fear for the boy if Hamilton horse United. Almost.
  12. That's an open goal ffs.
  13. Is it not said that the SJ players' annual bonus is the money the club receives from the league for their final league position hence they always finish strongly. Seems like a good idea to me. I remember one year we got promoted, party at Dens on the final day. Local bands playing live before ko, balloons etc - we got horsed by Montrose.
  14. Bottom spot is something you Arabs know all about I suppose. With your powers of judgement I'm beginning to think you must be responsible for appointing DUFC managers? Arrogance and ignorance - a hideous combination.