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  1. Maybe but I wouldn't have given the c**t a 3 year deal.
  2. It also has photos of Meekings in the crowd on Saturday and that Hateley has been told he's free to leave and he is interesting clubs in Europe.
  3. Allan and Deacon look quality, Kamara also looks better than we had, we have not lost anybody decent - ergo we must be better?
  4. I'm an optimist so I'd say yes. Ok help me finish this - There was a young man from east of Dobbies, Who like to suck other United fans' boabies, Blah blah blah blah, Blah blah blah blah, And the sleeves of their new strip look like jobbies.
  5. When's Stevie May signing for Aberdeen again?
  6. I understand there may be cost implications but what about etickets and/or a contactless terminal. It's quite tricky for me to get in to buy tickets, the online ticketing is a mass IMO. Why make the business of taking money off people difficult for the punters?
  7. I agree with most of what you say and it's good to see Kerr Waddell coming through and he looks no worse than Gomis or Julen. It's all fair to say it didn't totally click yesterday either and Buckie are a highland league side, albeit no mugs.
  8. Totally agree. Complete clusterfuck.
  9. Let's look on the bright side. 12 months ago we'd been dicked out of the cup by East Fife and Peterhead and our star striker had just been sold for f**k all. Happy days [emoji4]
  10. No chance of getting a transfer to Perth?
  11. He's certainly lacking in pace. In the Motherwell game O'Hara was a threat and he can break forward and look dangerous, Darren O'Dea can do that too. I'd go as far to say despite his attributes Dundee is the highest level he can aspire to, and he might not even be that good, if he continues to play in midfield. I just don't think his brain works quick enough, he seems to have a limited sense of the runs his team mates are making or a sense of the patterns that are emerging around him. He's not a shite player by any means but his physical attribute coupled with his lack of nouse mean he is more suited to central defence with the game in front of him.
  12. Totally agree with you. Hendry doesn't look as good/ready as the lad we lost to Killie. We need a solid partner for O'Dea. Wolters doesn't look massively interested to me. He wasn't tracking back either when Deacon was. BTW isn't Wolters left footed too? I'm sick saying it but I be coaching O'Hara in to the CH role right away. He's going to struggle to get a game ahead of Kamara, Allan, Gowser and Deacon. He's battling with Vincent, Hateley, Williams, Wolters and Spence, not forgetting Wighton, for 1 spot if we play a 5 or someone's injured.
  13. Wolters was shite. McGowan was on a par with about 6 other players, ridiculous to say HE was shite.