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  1. Thank f**k Gomis is gone. A useless c**t. Ross is maybe a bit unlucky and disappointed to lose Higgins.
  2. Get him TELT! You'll be wrong of course.
  3. Very well put, succinct and to the point.
  4. He'd need to be pretty fucking thick if he hadn't previously worked that out!
  5. Are you taking any photos at Dens tomorrow David?
  6. Welcome Lewis and good luck son.
  7. Whilst it would be slightly underwhelming when I've seen Brian Graham play he seems to have a lot of attributes - bar putting the ball in the net. You keep thinking 'if he got a couple he could maybe get buckets' - but I guess a lot of folks have said that about him. More realistic than the beautiful Dimatar and far, far less of a c**t than that Irish p***k. I won't be surprised if it's a name that has never been quoted so far though.
  8. His career screams journeyman however there's nothing wrong with a couple of them in your team. I suspect Lafferty, as despicable as he has been, is a better footballer than you might expect. As far as I'm concerned McCann can sign anyone he thinks will make us better and if he gets it wrong they will both get the complete c√Ľnting they will deserve.
  9. You've got this all wrong. My association with Bruce McDiarmid was nothing to do with my dad. I used to be sent there when I first started work to hand deliver documents on behalf of the firm I worked for. I've never had a 'piece time' in my working life. I don't think you'll find a quote from me contra to that - you might of course as I have slavered a lot of shite on P and B over the years but ^^^ that's the truth of the matter.
  10. In the non agricultural world we have a 'morning break'. How are the rest of us meant to know how you teuchters spell your strange words?
  11. There's a website called 'Skyscanner' (on the internet and an Android and IOS App too). It's 5 minutes work. Maybe you could do it at peacetime - unless there's no 3/4G in the field?
  12. Can't be good for morale in the squad though, fucking horrific. Apparently he was really well liked in the dressing room. It would be a real pity if this pushes TW out of the door.
  13. And Lindsay leaving Thistle. Good when the opposition are weakening.
  14. Excellent news that Boyce has left County. Very pleasing.
  15. Rory Loy is available. He'll be brilliant for you in the Championship.