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  1. Signings

    Lets see if this one disappears. Think he is a tad upset.
  2. Rangers must be spinning in their grave watching that.....
  3. #BacktheTeamnottheBoard. Integrity always

  4. Official Clydebank 15/16 Thread

    This won't happen not in a millionaire years. This is a fact.
  5. Clydebank new stadium

    Are you sure it wasn't Clydebank.........
  6. West Super League Premier Division

    Clydebank will finish stonewall last. No cohesian lack of skill, no fight. They don't ave a scooby doo. Clear out is needed from top tae bottom. But I won't hold my breathe.
  7. 4april scores

    Beith 2 up. Nothing against Budgie, cracking lad but time is up. The jokers who run the club and a term that very loosely take a look at you're selfs .
  8. Scores & scandals Sat 28 Feb.

    Bankies 2-2 Cumnock with late penalty:
  9. Scores & scandals Sat 28 Feb.

    Cumnock pull one back. Now 2-1 Bankies.
  10. Scores & scandals Sat 28 Feb.

    2 nil Bankies. Davidson with them both.
  11. Clydebank FC

    In before the lock. Been saying it for the last two years we ain't good enough. Was belittled, ridiculed. Was not taken seriously but hey what do I know.
  12. Conspiracy theories

    Fantastic reply. When you laugh at MFI or MI5. Please post a link. As that would back up you're factious comment.
  13. Conspiracy theories

    Can you post a link that Mi5 weren't involved?
  14. Why did No win the referendum?

    Self Preservation. End off.
  15. Jill Dando

    This is for our my zimmer frames fellas. With all the paedophille versions going about the BBC this caught my eye. Within the BBC this has been going on since the Seventies maybe earlier. Jill Dando was a very public figure who was liked by the public. But who also worked for the BBC. Who was very close tae what was going on on the studios of the BBC. Now she was murdered on her doorstep. By Alledglly Barry George. Now this was bollocks!! She was executed by a know Hitman from London. Which was ordered by the hirachary of the BBC. She was killed. Because she was aboot tae blow the whistle oan the BBC paedaphille ring. Sorry for rambling oan.