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  1. Scotland v Costa Rica 23rd March

    Disappointed that no-one has said we'd struggle against Costa Coffee.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    American Patriot sounds like a bit of a rocket.
  3. Aberdeen vs Dundee FC

    Best advice today is to wrap up warm. According to the weather forecast the 'realfeel' temperature will be -10 so at Pittodrie that'll be more like -20 in the away end. I like all the negativity from the Dundee fans. A bit like how negative we were going into the Killie game..... oh dear.
  4. The Liberal Elite

    Not Rangers fans. Partick Thistle fans maybe.
  5. General Politics Thread

    Maybe they'll say they're fighting the obesity epidemic.
  6. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    We can have a trial separation on 14th April.
  7. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

  8. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

  9. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    relieved to get through because I never thought we would but not looking forward to seeing our reserve team in the semi final.
  10. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    No. That'll be her mother who's always right. Or maybe I'm always wrong.
  11. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    My daughter is convinced it'll be 2-1 to the Dons.
  12. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Saw him last night. Funny as f**k.
  13. The Official President Trump thread

    I've often changed my mind when I sobered up.
  14. General Politics Thread

    I was always led to believe that the sign was more alliterative than that.
  15. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Hibs game. And rightly so.