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  1. Aberdeen v Celtic - 25/10/17

    Logan to score would be fun.
  2. Rangers vs Motherwell LC Semi

    Hope you put the bet on.
  3. The Official President Trump thread

    I'm actually quite impressed how he can take 2 things which are true and add them together to make it into the 'fake news' that he's always complaining about. The crime figure did go up 13% Radical Islamic terror is carrying out more attacks recently in the UK. Sneaky c**t putting them together to make stupid people (his followers) think that the 13% rise is all Islamic terror related.
  4. Black Friday - financial crash thread

    Lies, damned lies and Gers figures.
  5. Black Friday - financial crash thread

    Inflation still creeping up. 3% now. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41649498 Mind you, these are the ONS figures and given they recently 'lost' almost half a trillion quid from the books, can they be trusted?
  6. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41638169 Scott Wright signed up until 2021. Good news.
  7. German Election

    Captain Von Trapp will not be happy with the anschluss into the German election thread.
  8. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    A picture can paint a thousand words but that one shows f**k all. Pish tackle from a forward, yes but malicious and dirty?? Nah, not for me. I don't get this Aberdeen are a dirty team thing that's going on here. I have been wanting us to be a nastier team for a long time. We've been far too easily outmuscled for a long time. If we're growing a pair of balls (metaphorically) as a team, I'm more than happy. It's not as if we are the OF and will get away with murder. If we go over the score, the ref will do his job. Now stop greeting like Celtic fans.
  9. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    I take it Thistle's 19 fouls weren't as dirty as our 16 or Motherwell's 15.
  10. Fife is great

    Just passing through Inverkeithing on the train. It's still a shitehole. Not much changes.
  11. The phrase attention whore seems to be made for you. (and I just gave you more attention. Doh! )
  12. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    I've just put a bet on 3-1 to the Dons with Shinnie to score first so that is probably not going to happen. Draw is my thought and I wouldn't be too unhappy with that.
  13. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    Aye, got them last week. I'd check with the ticket office if I were you.
  14. Question Time

    Definitely giving it a miss tonight.
  15. Half man half biscuit

    Supposedly some tickets left for the gig tonight at the 02 ABC in Glasgow.