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  1. Sad news RIP Tommy thoughts go to his family at this sad time
  2. Well done to both clubs for the sensible entry prices
  3. Is it 2 games live in this round?
  4. It certainly wouldn't be the greatest year from a Third Lanark Supporters viewpoint sadly
  5. No idea it automatically came up when I kept clicking the reply button to the thread and I moved off, back onto the thread and the same thing kept happening - but otherwise it wasn't meant to be responding to that particular post
  6. I think most people have posted this on the match thread?
  7. I don't know the jury is out for me as to whether amoo should get a new contract in the summer. With sat Azeez I can see the potential that why he's not been fantastic he's only 22 still learning and it's his first year at the club so still settling in. David Amoo however is about 25/26, second year at the club and not kicked on as much as I had hoped. Still need to see more from him before he should be given a new deal IMO
  8. The source was the Daily Star so il let you draw your own conclusions regards to whether it's true or rumours
  9. I hadn't realised- thanks for clarifying that guys
  10. Can't play for 3 different teams in a football season though?
  11. Has there been any mention that we would be looking to make Keowns move permanent? Don't get me wrong if he is really good I'd be delighted but can't see how we could compete with Reading
  12. Great to see and brilliant to hear good feedback on the lad
  13. Not a great draw and a hard one as well. Though I wouldn't be surprised if saints fans think the same
  14. I thought he was a Reading player and would we not need to also pay a development fee?
  15. Haha so true! I take it on this occasion the "rumours " were not your handiwork?