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  1. No idea if he is still interested but Archie said at one of the meet the manager nights Archie had said for 2 years running he had tried to sign Halliday
  2. Better as a full back than either Booth or Elliot while unfortunately Dumbaya looks incapable of being able to play no more than 5 games before breaking down and having a spell on the sidelines so yes I believe he would be an upgrade
  3. Aberdeen are absolutely fantastic today even not at full strength this will be one one hell of a cup final next week some size of dons support for a meaningless Sunday lunch time kick off when understandably there fans will be saving money for next weekend. At least 1500 probably more
  4. No idea the ins and outs but if true about Welsh it's not impossible I guess that he was offered a new contract but said no
  5. I thought Simon Murray was rumoured to be off to sign for some team in Malta?
  6. Chris Erskine was also signed from the juniors as well
  7. Have rangers sold many tickets. I know for the game at firhill earlier in the season they sold out their allocation but with them struggling recently I was wondering if they had sold many this time round?
  8. Jim Duffy always has a good word to say about the jags and obviously played for us so you could be right with the jags link. Both Quintingo and the lad Oliver seem very highly rated. In terms of strikers I always thought Sibbald at Falkirk was pretty decent but I doubt we could afford him
  9. Sad news RIP Tommy thoughts go to his family at this sad time
  10. Well done to both clubs for the sensible entry prices
  11. Is it 2 games live in this round?
  12. It certainly wouldn't be the greatest year from a Third Lanark Supporters viewpoint sadly
  13. No idea it automatically came up when I kept clicking the reply button to the thread and I moved off, back onto the thread and the same thing kept happening - but otherwise it wasn't meant to be responding to that particular post
  14. I think most people have posted this on the match thread?