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  1. Not sure who the bookies are getting their tips from, but it's fair to say at least 10 of the 12 can be ruled out for all sorts of reasons. Reasons any sensible Scottish football observer would know, not the bookies though...
  2. I think it'll end up with both clubs pushing until they find an acceptable middle ground. Can't see it going to arbitration. I was more musing that should it do so we would have some weight behind our case. I honestly don't know about the contract, and I doubt we ever will. Buyout is obviously a possibility, not sure I go with your suggestion though. Is this the standard? Can't say I've read many of their posts but most of the ones about us have been complete mince.
  3. Oh, one other fun thing in all this - the new owners sacked the Bain, the ex Rangers Chief.
  4. This. Ok, it's not great to lose him but 18 months ago we were an absolute mess. We most certainly aren't now.
  5. Let's get this one out of the way first, you are totally right it will be which is all the reason to squeeze them for as much as possible. As you say, peanuts to them. I'd be surprised if there is, as his contract wasn't updated after the Barnsley incident so his contract would have been from the start of this season. It's very unlikely either he or the club would be looking at the buyout clauses from a manager who finished 8th in a 10 team league. As for the £200k, anyone could easily make a case for that as he's been crowned manager of the year ahead of such notables as Rodgers and/or Clarke. Now you and I both know the context to that, but ultimately if it got so far as to be arguing over the money the MotY will heavily weight any CAS compensation (if they took it that far).
  6. Yeah, I mean we could throw out the "every managerial job is a gamble" shenanigans, but there is going to be a sweet spot where Sunderland have plateaued and are ripe for a decent manager to push them back to the big time.
  7. Once you've seen off Dunfermline, what more is there to achieve in Scotland? It's not the same Sunderland that McInnes was touted for. Change of ownership, removal of debt. Is it still a basket case? Yes, but it's less than it was and the path is there to turn it around. As I said earlier, whether he's timed it right we will know in about 6 months time.
  8. Publicly announcing it then flying to the location another club's manager is on holiday somewhat takes the shine off your suggestion it was only an "accusation". It's quite clear that was what Nelms was up to. Ross staying put only demonstrated Dundee are not an attractive club to go to, that's why you had to go begging to the manager who blew you off. You are right about the limited power we have, but that's the same for all clubs and the same for players as well as managers. All we can do is keep to the rules, hammer them for compensation and if it's not enough report them for tapping up.
  9. I don't think they have any other choice, they need to play this by the book as it's looking like a clear case of tapping up. It all depends on the size of balls on Scott as to just how far this can be pushed.
  10. Some interesting quotes: Sky Sports... Gordon Scott... This should be fun. 50K is laughable you would looking at least 4 or 5 times that value and as he's under contract to us that is entirely reasonable, so I'm guessing Sky have probably asked Sunderland how much they are going to pay when they finally get round to asking us and they threw out a derisory figure. Of course, there could be something in Ross' contract that allows for him to move for nominal compensation if "a bigger club" comes in. Even if that is the case could you argue that a club languishing 3 levels below their top division be considered "a bigger club" than on that is in the top division in another country. While we all know the sensible answer is "yes, it's fucking Sunderland of course it's bigger", legally though that is a tough one to get past a judge.
  11. Glad this has been sorted out, now we have the whole summer to sort out a replacement, look forward to the compensation (and possibly an extra whack not to report them for tapping up) and the money from the McGinn transfer. Combine that with the extra revenue from the top league with the club currently having first division budgets and we are looking pretty sweet. Bit of a shame Ross has gone, but that's just football. Not sure if he's timed the Sunderland option right, we will need to wait and see, but it's fair to say he won't be out of pocket no matter what happens. Funnily enough though, in the Ross chasing statistics, Sunderland seems to be more of a dodgy club than Dundee. Not a statement I'd expected to have written.
  12. Nothing there yet, the guy just comments it's a completed deal, but the thread might develop... http://www.shotsweb.co.uk/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=47610&sid=e21b24841b66d692195d4a53622ae502 Also, this.. https://www.theshots.co.uk/shots-release-six/ ..which would suggest he was not offered a new deal with them before opting for us.
  13. So this lad? https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/james-kellermann/leistungsdaten/spieler/202945 Sadly TransferMarkt have stopped adding crazy values to their player profiles. Edit: Looking through the detailed view TM have him playing predominantly CM but also on both wings on the occasion.