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  1. Ta. I thought it might. Now, let's hope John McGinn stays in contract and gets a double figure million pound move!
  2. Out of interest and seeing as this thread has been bumped, allow me to ask a stupid question. I believe we were due a sell on percentage with McLean, if he moves to Rangers under a PCA does that kill any money off?
  3. Bairns vs Pars - Sat 4th Nov

    Don't want to get involved in this hilarious mess, but I do want to point out... Godwin's Law.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law Goodwin's Law..
  4. He's also only ever known St Mirren at the top of the table. Totally missed all coverage of the game until the last 20 minutes but I'm not overly surprised. United have a very strong team for this league, we've hardly been at our best for a few weeks and we also have a honking record up there. Just hope we can recover a bit of form as the results were kind to us today but we can't keep on gambling on that.
  5. Careful, the last thing you want to be accused of on a plane is terrors-ism.
  6. I liked Lazlo when he was with Hearts. I really don't know if he's a good manager or not, but he always seemed a fairly pleasant lad.
  7. The V&A is not even complete yet and of the two "world renowned universities" the highest of the two (UoD) ranks 267th in the world, while Abertay doesn't even feature on that list, but it is ranked 66th in the UK according to the Guardian. As for the flumes, I've got to admit, you might have me there.
  8. St Mirren v Morton

    The fact you have to highlight the specific niche market; St Mirren TV, only goes to show it's important to appeal to your audience. It's not that I don't get your point, but if these people are doing this as education/profession then they'll know that themselves. * wow, that escalated quickly meme * Calm down there, Tonto, I don't think anyone's jimmies are getting overly rustled here.
  9. St Mirren v Morton

    As a commentator, it literally is. Quite literally.
  10. St Mirren v Morton

    I don't mind bias, it's to be expected in house, but like Coventry Saint I'd like a bit of professionalism. Be biased, but also don't have massive mood swings during the game. No, my issue, and it might seem petty, but in the way some people have "a face for radio", well this lad has "a voice for braille". I hope the lad, if he's reading this, isn't offended. It's not meant to be a personal attack on someone just doing a job (I presume) they love.
  11. St Mirren v Morton

    The main commentator is OK-ish, it's his wallopper friend who might (for all we know) be a lovely guy in person but has the accent and delivery that causes annoyance levels high enough that the Dalai Lama himself would stick the head on him within 5 minutes of listening.
  12. It must be frustrating, disappointing and certainly not living up to expectations for the United fans considering on paper they are easily the best team in the league. That said, as a large percent of United fans actually live in Dundee, I'd expect them to be entirely used to "frustrating, disappointing and certainly not living up to expectations".
  13. St Mirren v Morton

    And yet, despite more than twice saying it's a good goal, you continue to labour the point. The quality of the goal is not in debate here. The point I am making is that while Samson will let in far less impressive shots, I still feel that he could have got to that. We can agree to disagree, but there is not a sensible person on here who would take the judgement of someone who has watched the player considerably infrequently to someone who has seen more than 3 seasons of the guy, no matter how much you wish to dismiss that fact.