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  1. That not just his usual performance?
  2. As has been said many times without Dobbie we are nothing.
  3. When was the last time we got a result at Hamilton? Can't think we usually struggle up there do we not?
  4. Dobbs. Some boy! Thank f**k we have him.
  5. Falkirk, ST Mirren and Dunfermline showing us how it is done so far.
  6. Agreed. Need 3 or 4 in.
  7. Would be a good signing.
  8. Need another 4 in for sure.
  9. Is 3 signings enough though?
  10. Would get in an extra CM ontop of the 3 signings, to cover Tapping for when he gets injured.
  11. Aye seems that way. Not going to help if we start off poorly i would think. Of the 3 signings still to come in i really hope one of them is Joe Thomson. Him and jacobs in the middle would be a good combination. Would relegate Rankin to the bench.
  12. Spot on. Will be getting purchased.
  13. Is the badge still on the back of the top?