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  1. What a moron. Hope big Durns skelps him in the dressing room.
  2. Martin will be no.1 i think we can safely say. Got to admit the buisiness done by Naysmith so far is decent, getting deals tied up early.
  3. Would love an away day to Brechin next season.
  4. Dobbie will be delighted that big diddy is staying in the division.
  5. Got a ticket for this,cannot wait!
  6. Mcmanus? Cant be worse than Rigg..if the chance arose i would definitely take Vaughan.
  7. Would probably have kept Atkinson too, still need a new No.1 GK for next season.
  8. Tapping good today but is a lucky boy to be offered a new deal after all his injuries. Not too fussed about the rest being let go, big season for Mercer next year.
  9. Got to say i thought on first viewing it was a delayed reaction. But Dobbs has never been one for diving so be interesting to see the replay.