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  1. Grim. No mention of any players being looked at for the forseeable future in GN interview there, so looks like more of the same youngsters getting the chance again for next week and beyond.
  2. Inverness v Queens

    Cant see anyone from the bench changing it. Some week eh. Shite.
  3. Darts...

  4. Queens v St Mirren

    Only ourselves to blame.
  5. Queens v St Mirren

    2 fucking gifts.
  6. Dunfermline v Queens

    We did set Falkirk on their way so here is hoping for more of the same.
  7. Dunfermline v Queens

    Superb! Goals and a win!
  8. Dunfermline v Queens

    Got a feeling it will be a 1 all draw.
  9. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Next 3 games could see the play off hopes go up in smoke. We desperately need to get a win or two out of them. Hopefully some goals too!
  10. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    What is the actual timescale on this injury?
  11. I agree with that too but surely after the last 4 performances and by all accounts the first half tonight the team could/should have been freshened up more.