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  1. Week 3

    Cannot believe that ending! Falcons 3 and 0!!
  2. Week 3

  3. Week 3

    Ooft lions there.
  4. Week 3

    Boom Taylor Gabriel!
  5. Week 3

    Like buses! Sake. Been a tasty encounter, need matty ice to get it together here.
  6. Week 3

    Cmon falcons!
  7. Get wee joe thomson signed.
  8. Big game next week now.
  9. Still cant understand that first goal. Jesus christ. Bring back lee.
  10. f**k off. In complete control and one error has cost us.
  11. ICTFC 17/18

    Cant believe how bad you boys have been tbh , falkirk levels of shiteness. Hopefully things dont turn around for you guys against us next week.
  12. Big game next week now. Would take a point if offered. No reason why we cant get a win though although i reckon the caley game will provide a better chance for it. Important we dont implode and go a few games without a win.
  13. Queens v Morton

    I'l say 3-1 South, dobbs double and big brownlie.