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  1. Agreed.
  2. Poor. Good to see our stewards letting any c**t run the length of the pitch to let opposition fans celebrate with the team. Clowns.
  3. Our defence is stinking.
  4. Robinson what is he doing? Get hamill off at ht.
  5. Tbf could take anyone off today been a poor performance.
  6. With the offer today fot u16s coming fir free i cant imagine they will be rushing back after watching this!
  7. We have been awful today. Balls been up in the air most of the time.
  8. Bit early just now for this maybe, but i hope we keep the same tops as this season. Does it have to be changed every year?
  9. You love stating the obvious.
  10. Hope there is loads of taunting on saturday. Spice things up.
  11. Will go for a thrilling 2-2. Dobbie to score.
  12. Exciting times with this midfield gelling nicely. 7 points from our last 3 away games and 8 goals is brilliant. Bring on the Hibees next week.
  13. Dom thomas goal was a screamer. No question.
  14. Joe Thompson has been exactly what we have been missing so far this season in midfield. Superb player. You boys were not wrong.
  15. Not good. Must have been one of the lucky ones. The midfield is night and day compared to a few weeks ago. Augers well for the future results not too bad today hopefully we can gain a victory next week and close the gap.