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  1. Well that all went downhill rather quickly - tick-tock.
  2. In by Flynn - couldn't resist it!
  3. Rewriting history

    That's not even my worst Saints game - Hammarby 1985 - here's an account from a fellow fan.
  4. Rewriting history

    Now that is a case of rewriting history - if you look at the point were we lost possession we had five, yes five,, players in the Rangers box and nine (maybe 10) in their half . Great tactics from MacPerson that day just a pity that our defence switched off for 15 seconds. ****************** Mooy was a strange one - DL spent a lot of time chasing him and then left him on the bike most weeks, Mooy looked good enough for a bottom 6 team but I don't know of anyone who predicted how his career would develop when he left us to return to Australia. Imrie, Carey (second spell), & Harkins all struggled to get a game for us when we had a very strong midfield Goodwin, McLean McGinn, McoGwan & Teale - the problem was the first three were all let go in conjunction with McGowans "troubles" & subsequent departure and age finally catching up with Teale. I can't remember what midfielders TC replaced them with - a clear case of PTSD!
  5. Are we any different to other teams at this level? Throw in a managerial change and I reckon we're about par (sic) for the course. How many of your current players were regulars 18 months ago - more pertinently if you change manager how many of the current lot will be starting in 18 months?
  6. General Politics Thread

    They'd be careful about where they said them, even on the factory floor its the 21st century. I'm assuming Gaffney got selected on the Buggins Turn principle, anyone who couldn't foresee this as the likely outcome is a dinosaur - pea-brained and outdated.
  7. But as KM is no longer a member we'll only get one side of the story or more likely it'll be brushed under the carpet.
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Flawed analysis by Soubry - neither Major or Cameron were "great leaders". Major never controlled the "b*****ds" on his backbenches and lost the little credibility he had left when his "back to basics" campaign backfired. Cameron miscalculated that a Tory/Lib-Dem/Labour Alliance would give Remain an easy victory forgetting the Lib-Dems were still regarded as toxic from their coalition with him (!) and not understanding that Labour's support under Corbyn was going to be half-hearted at best. May's not going to do anything to upset the Eurosceptics that's the section of the party she comes from. Her decision to back Remain during the referendum surprised many and was clearly a tactical ploy for a future bid to be Tory Party leader - well she got what she wanted! Cameron's change of mind wrt quitting after the referendum was probably the smartest decision he ever made, Brexit was always gonna be a nightmare which May compounded by losing her majority last June. The scale of how badly its going can be seen by May having to struggle to hold onto a job nobody else wants at present!
  9. League Leaders V QOS

    Erm, like GM's team.
  10. League Leaders V QOS

    Easy game for this stage of the season. They had a wee spell at 1-0 but didn't press home their advantage. Second half they were happy to lose 2-0 until the final 5 minutes or so when they threw a few players forward. If they're happy to lose 2-0 then I'm happy to win 2-0 - comfortable result in the end!
  11. League Leaders V QOS

    Its one of them saying it this time. The only possible change I see us making is to start with Flynn & move Magennis inside to replace McShane. A bit harsh on McShane but there's no room for sentiment with a title at stake!
  12. League Leaders V QOS

    If I'm right we've only had one 0-0 since JR arrived - over 60 games now. Queens are certainly capable of taking something from the game and I suspect they're a bit less of a one man team than they are often portrayed. Hope you're right about your newcomers taking a bit longer to gel other than that it's up to us to be at the top of our game.
  13. Replacement for Morgan next season? Will need to prove to JR that he is hard working if he is to get a game.
  14. If we get promoted this season I'd say yes, the last two times we got relegated it took us eight and five seasons to get back up respectively, if we do it this season (and nothing's won yet) then that'll be three so better than I'd expected. OK we took the calculated risk of giving the McAllister money to JR last season but we still made a profit and I'd be surprised if we don't make one again this season. In summary us overachieving - a wee bit this season (my pre-season prediction was between 3rd & 5th), Utd. underachieving I'd say so. ******************* Any of the ITK guys got gossip on an arrival before the window shuts?