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  1. Anas Sarwar

    Yeah Jezza may be a Saint but it's clear some of his supporters are well versed in the Dark Arts.
  2. Sorry my post wasn't meant as a dig - just saying that the money the BoD eventually got was based on the money they put in. To the best of my knowledge none of the outgoing BoD are rich and I wouldn't have wanted to see them leave with nothing but they did have the kudos of being custodians of the club for 20 years and they were lucky enough to get their initial money back. They dodged the old trap of how to make a small fortune from a football club...........
  3. Well it worked for our BoD - they got £1M, about £8 a share which was pretty much what they put in according to 10000hours frontman Richard Atkinson. It may end up being more if SMiSA buy GLS's shares which AFAIK is part of the agreement.
  4. Oh Kez!!!

    Well she was ambivalent about independence at times - remember the stooshie after NS outed her about supporting IndyRef2 during the pre-election TV debate. Let's spin it as part of a London led initiative to get rid of her and install a Corbyn friendly leader up here - works for me,
  5. Premier League 2017-2018

    Get a hard tackle in "early doors" has always been the case - McLeish & Miller @ Aberdeen back in the '80's being a good example. Staying in the '80's when I was working in England I remember Vinnie Jones opening minute tackle on Steve McMahon to settle who was the real midfield hardman. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/30676731
  6. Oh Kez!!!

    Not much bothered about KD - she misjudged the mood of the party over Corbyn and made a non-aggression pact with the Tories in the last GE, she's off the greasy poll and looking to find a post-politics career, good luck to her. There are other factors here like whether she was going to get a senior post in the new ScotLab setup, if not and she wasn't happy to return to the rank & file then maybe she's best looking towards her future. I'm sure she won't be the only semi-detached politician at Holyrood. More relevant is how mediocre a politician her successor Richard Leonard must be if he can only beat Anus Sarwar 57-43? ************* Interesting that KD's partner and SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have supported her online at #TeamKez! Time for a defection?
  7. Yup - from the OS....... Nice to see the concern shown by one of our aromatic friends from down the road, though!
  8. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    It's nothing personal, it's just that a non-Scottish final would be a slap on the back of the head for the SPFL chiefs.
  9. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Is there any neutral outside of SPFL Headquarters who doesn't want this?
  10. Word is Harry Davis is fit and in contention for a place on Saturday!
  11. Erratic. Mind you when the shit was hitting the fan in his first and last seasons he had the balls & the nous to change formation/tactics and drop players like Grainger & Harkins till he hit a successful formation - on both occasions shitfesting our way to safety something I wish his successors had been able to do. Took us to our highest league finish in a generation and we played some nice football at times especially in the first "quarter" of his second season (2011/12) but for the bulk of the time his sides were about as exciting as Gus MacPherson's. Mind you he's a legend for the 2013 League Cup campaign with the 3-2 s/f win over Celtic being another highspot in terms of performance. After 4 seasons opinion was sharply divided about whether he should get a new contract but just about all Saints fans agree the way he was "let go" was shabby. ********* Wish him & Clyde all the best unless we meet in the Scottish Cup!
  12. Ruth Davidson.

    When has that ever worried a politician?
  13. Panama tax evasion

    Shouldn't do I remember May's speech on moving into Downing St. when she said "The government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few, but by yours." and to "take on vested interests and break up power". That all seems to have fallen by the wayside in the wake of her GE nightmare in June, just look at her recent appeal to business leaders to back her Brexit strategy. I suspect you're right though and that she'll not be taking on those "vested interests" now!
  14. St Mirren v Morton

    In my OP all I said was the "gossip" online was that he'd be back by the end of August, I never said you were responsible for the posts, just that they existed and I've shown that to be the case. On Friday you tried to appear "itk" when you said "always the end of October he was expected back" but that's not what you said on 1st August which was "unlikely before September" and not "not be fit in August" as you're now trying to claim. The last two statements are different, with the former being, as I've said, "ambiguous at best" and completely different from Friday's post - that's four different versions from you on the thread now 1. unlikely before September (lifted from the Summer Transfers thread) 2. always the end of October 3. end of September 4. not be fit in August plus a DR article from September and some additional in hindsight waffle. No amount of trying to confuse the issue changes the fact that my original post was correct. ***************** Strip away the ambiguous, contradictory & irrelevant parts of your post and we're left with