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  1. What the fuck is this all about? Is there anyone who would not prefer their podium girls wet?
  2. I was thinking the same at the time (sic) and it's been important in the end 'cos those 2 secs would have put him on the podium ahead of Bardet.
  3. The attitude of players these days is to attack your way out of a situation, we're gonna get more series like that with huge swings from Test to Test. In the first Test England batted first and were in trouble and it worked for Stokes/Ali that time it didn't. OK so the situations in the two Tests weren't identical there maybe some of that is down to the Lord's pitch still being in good nick or as JJJJS said maybe the more aggressive batsmen need someone like Root at the other end keeping it steady to launch their aggressive innings successfully.
  4. Livingston beating Thistle on penalties pretty much makes tomorrow night's game a must win for us.
  5. AC = AB
  6. What's the timeline to organize & hold a second referendum? Sturgeon jumped the gun.
  7. That's literally been Sturgeon's plan from the start, so not sure what would change other than emphasizing the fact. I'm a Nat myself but even allowing for the fact that different things have been said at different times that's just revisionism
  8. IndyRef2 should be put on the backburner until after the Brexit deal is completed. At that point we'll know what the May government has secured for us and whether the EU are willing to offer Scotland anything as a GIRFUY to the Tories. Politics in the Twitter age is going to more fluid than what we've been used to and I'd love to see Davidson, Dugdale & Rennie defend the clusterfuck we're likely to emerge from these negotiations with - I'm not holding my breath though.
  9. I seem to remember being told this couldn't happen. ********************* There seems to be a growing realization that whatever Brexit deal we eventually achieve is likely to be worse for the UK than what we currently have, yet the general feeling is that we've made our bed and now we've got to lie in it. Not for the first time in my life I'm baffled.
  10. Couldn't resist it.
  11. Never expected to see Loy available until mid-August until McCann had a chance to see how he fitted in with Dundee's new squad. If he's available and within our budget I'd love to see Loy back, if not so long and thanks! ************** I've always said a manager should hold back a bit of cash to see who becomes available as the summer window closes but that's not the same as leaving holes in the squad and hoping to find the missing pieces in other clubs surplus stock (Alex Rae - Summer 2016), this approach only works when fine-tuning a decent squad. As a whole I'm pretty pleased with where we are so far. Bring it on..............
  12. That's where we disagree IMO the damage was not done by the nurse who's story smelled hammy to pretty much everyone at the time (she all but retracted it a couple of days later when she tweeted that she was speaking for NHS employees as a whole) but by Cherry's calamitous intervention. I think Labour & JC showed at the GE that there is political mileage to be had by staying out of the gutter. It's been a bad couple of elections for the SNP (Council & General) but in the Twitter age things can turn again very quickly and the underlying reasons why SNP support touched 50% two years ago are still there. Aggressive yeah we've got to seize the initiative back but dirty - no.
  13. I'm another who thought Sturgeon handled the nurse well at the time certainly better than Davidson responded to the guy with Aspergers. The problem for the SNP was Joanna Cherry going OTT with the false rumour that Austin was married to a Conservative councillor and her subsequent forced retraction, which became the story. It nullified the topic of Food Banks as an issue over which the Tories could be criticized in Scotland. As to the people abusing Austin - leave it to Karma, stunts like the one in question are self-defeating and just feed into the Record's "hate filled nationalists" agenda.
  14. Bit of both. Davidson got absolutely nowhere by continuing with her IndyRef2 obsession and got it back and then some from Nicola Sturgeon, you have to wonder how much confidence RD has in TM & how Tory policies at UK level will fare over the next few years. Dugdale did far better focussing on the SNP's record on education which contains room for improvement, she spoiled it a bit at the end by saying "Vote SNP, get a Tory government" which was a bit of an open goal given ScotLab's tactics during the recent campaign. ******************* A bit of a pity KD/ScotLab didn't get a mention in the News, but that's the price they pay for ignoring the day job for two years.