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  1. General Politics Thread

    Concur with pandarilla above that anti-Zionism & Anti-Semitism are different. I'd also question the neutrality of the last reference which comes from The Jerusalem Post.
  2. The Cricket Thread

    Fairly comfortable victory for England today but nothing like the embarrassment of the first Test and as Headingley showed there's always hope for Windies if they can put their feuding behind them.
  3. Procycling thread

    Glad to see Contador finish his last active ride in first place - would have shed a tear or three if Froome & Poels had caught him. Congrats to Froome & Sky who had 5 riders in the top 20 of today's stage finishing ahead of riders like Yates, Chaves & Roche. Wouldn't surprise me if that was Sky's plan from the day after the route was announced. Anyway it was an interesting race right up to the final climb although you kinda felt it was ominous when Froome took the red jersey after Stage 3.
  4. The Cricket Thread

    After the last Test it's good to be going into the last day with West Indies still in with a chance of winning and although an England win is the most likely outcome, yes, all four (4) outcomes are still possible.
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Still all 4 possibilities open.
  6. St Mirren v Arabs

    Lewis Morgan The entire team management & players
  7. Procycling thread

    Barguil out! Wasn't really a threat for the GC but could have affected the outcome as he was intending to attack in the mountains.
  8. Procycling thread

    Just watched ITV4 coverage of yesterday's stage with Adam Yates remarkably chirpy for a GC contador (sic) in 8th and not liable to finish much higher. Today's stage seems relatively low key with a breakaway 7mins ahead with just over 40km and a Cat3 climb to come. Mon the Breakaway!
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Goes back to what we've talked about before, most recently during & after the second SA Test - can England's middle order Stokes, Bairstow & Ali play sensibly and nurse England to a decent total, say about 250-300 or are we gonna see a low scoring shootout?
  10. Nineties Debutants Still Playing

    Absolutely no checking on this but I'll suggest Andy Millen.
  11. Procycling thread

    Not a killer stage but one where there was always gonna be a chance to steal a few seconds in the final climb. Once again Froome has shown the savvy to go along with the strength that he and Sky possess. As long as Froome doesn't crash the only way he won't win as far as I can see is for Orica to designate Chaves as leader and ask the Yates brothers to work for him.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Looks like TM is preparing the way to let Europe retain the ultimate court of arbitration after Brexit in some form. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/aug/22/theresa-may-u-turn-brexit-european-court-justice Chances of the UK getting a deal that will satisfy the Leave Camp are looking less likely by the week.
  13. Procycling thread

    What the fuck is this all about? http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/tastefully-dressed-men-and-women-to-replace-podium-girls-at-vuelta-a-espana/ Is there anyone who would not prefer their podium girls wet?
  14. Procycling thread

    I was thinking the same at the time (sic) and it's been important in the end 'cos those 2 secs would have put him on the podium ahead of Bardet.
  15. The Cricket Thread

    The attitude of players these days is to attack your way out of a situation, we're gonna get more series like that with huge swings from Test to Test. In the first Test England batted first and were in trouble and it worked for Stokes/Ali that time it didn't. OK so the situations in the two Tests weren't identical there maybe some of that is down to the Lord's pitch still being in good nick or as JJJJS said maybe the more aggressive batsmen need someone like Root at the other end keeping it steady to launch their aggressive innings successfully.