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  1. Sorry, yes. I thought you meant the Celtic TV feed rather than the main Celtic TV service. Pretty sure it wasnt down though I know its never going to be as good as Sky, thats now what Im expecting. Im not going to give up Sky, though, for something that isnt, at least, generally reliable. Especially if Im paying for it
  2. Power cut last night apparently
  3. I would say google is your friend More posts on the Mega IPTV facebook page about channels being down again today.
  4. I dont see what difference it makes whether the problem was with Celtic TV or mega IPTV. The end result was that I couldnt watch the game. I do have the latest version of terrarium - I only downloaded it from their website yesterday! Maybe its coincidence that the two nights Ive had mega there have been problems. Its things like this, though, that make me seriously doubt that I could rely on it to replace all the sky channels. I might try a couple of other IPTV providers, now that I know what Im doing to set it up.
  5. Belatedly caught up on the new episodes tonight. Wish I hadnt bothered.
  6. Yeah, the issue with Terrarium was the tv remote. Was just a huge pain trying to navigate with it and the display didnt seem to fit on the screen properly! I got a few HD streams on Covenant but not everything I tried had one. I remember the days when Exodus would have 1080p streams ..sigh I think I picked a bad week for Mega IPTV. Seems like a lot of channels were down tonight. I think I got about 6 minutes of the Celtic game. I wasnt that bothered about watching it but thought it would be decent test. Stream didnt start until about 35 minutes in, then was replaced with a screenshot of their twitter feed for the second half
  7. Been trying Terrarium and Convenanter today, not hugely impressed with either. The streams on convenanter werent great, pretty much no HD streams for anything I looked at. Terrarium is ok on a touch screen device but next to unusable on the tv. The ads bugged me too, as did the need to have another player app installed. The search for an Exodus replacement continues
  9. Eventually got a working link - its pretty impressive. Got it working through Plex on my PC and Perfect player on the phone. Unfortunately, the Plex channel doesnt work on the tv but there is a Smart IPTV app which I downloaded and got working no bother Seriously tempted to invest in this now, although I was a bit disappointed in the TV selection in VOD, does mainly seem to focus on movies
  10. Not for me. The M3U playlist link is broken. I've raised a ticket for it
  11. I'm on my phone so no link but it's called the book club or something like that
  12. Mr X jnr has onl stopped playing it to eat and sleep since it came out - he didn't even stop wearing the hat one night!
  13. Cool. I just signed up to their facebook page but didnt read it Thank god youre here
  14. I installed an M3U playlist channel for Plex, put in my Mega TV link, got excited when a bunch of channels appeared, then really disappointed when none of them would play! Guess I'll try again in a bit
  15. I just did that. Ive signed up for a one day trial to try it out