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  1. Fallout 76

    This x 1000 Not been this disappointed in a game announcement since star wars battlefront
  2. Eurodisney

    Small world twice as good as Buzz Lightyear? Have a word with yourself. Queuing for lunch is the worst. Pack lunches from the hotel breakfast buffet are the way to go
  3. No. Just trying to restore some natural order to the thread after yesterdays excitement
  4. Westworld

    Maybe he thinks he's a host. Or is it possible hes a much older model, so doesnt connect to the other hosts and isnt detectable by the scanners (although, if he was a host the most obvious thing you would do is fix the system so the scanners dont pick you up)
  5. Fortnite

    already a thread in the gaming forum
  6. Confirmed on twitter. Good signing for the Pars, would have liked to see him back at Palmerston but would have been difficult to fit into the team alongside Harkins and Jacobs
  7. A reasonable sensible looking fixture list, apart from the trip to Inverness on the 5th Jan, two of the other treks up north are in September and April, and a balanced home/away split
  8. Peter Houston will be turning in his grave with all these journeymen at Falkirk
  9. The Witcher 3

    I've gone back to this, and started again, after the usual claims of how great it is on the Fallout thread. Found a few decent mods, including auto-loot and fast travel from anywhere which have certainly lowered the tedium stakes. Still seriously disliking the cut scenes but getting into it more than the first time round
  10. This. I dont, necessarily, see people asking questions about things the club arent doing, particularly that others are, as being a criticism of the club or those that are involved with it. Theres been no suggestion that people arent working hard for the club, or with its best interests at heart. However, I do wonder if, in some aspects, the club is stuck in a bit of a rut, continuing to do things the same way and that change is seen as a burden rather than an opportunity. Again, this isnt a criticisim, its an easy thing to happen particularly when manpower and time are tight.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    What am I merging?
  12. Tablet recommendations

    Yes, yes there is
  13. Thats badly worded on my part. I'm not aware of any online advertising actively being promoted and while Danny does a lot of commercial work its not his full time job - thats what I meant. Im certainly not trying to criticise Danny, theres no doubt hes doing the best he can given all the things he is responsible for. Whether or not the club would benefit from someone else focusing on the commercial side, despite how badly the last one ended, is another question.
  14. It was nearly 10 years ago!