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  1. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    Really? Thats a shame, we're just working our way through it on demand.
  2. Hunted

    Interesting stuff. Clearly some of those rules dont apply to the UK one, as Alexs Dad was helped by the same guy more than once. Good chance that some, if not all, of the other rules apply though.
  3. Steam sales / general PC gaming chat

    Anyone else tried streaming to other PCs? I've got a fairly slow machine under the tv set up as a media centre. I was pretty dubious that it would work but Ive just been streaming Fallout 4 and Alien Isolation, seemingly lag free! If anything it looked better on the tv as it upscales to 4K
  4. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    And then have to explain why everyone has moved? Be honest, its pretty harmless
  5. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    Guess so. Why bother though?
  6. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    It's a means to an end though, isnt it? The screen needs to be at the back so the audience can see and they can't have their backs to the audience all show. It also gives the audience a chance to vote without having to edit. Watched next week's on demand. Fm wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
  7. Hunted

    Thats a question we've also asked. Im not sure the show is rigged to the point where someone will always win. Its not physically possible to track every contestant right from the start so you're always going to get some who last a few weeks and some that drop off the radar for a while. Much like shows like the apprentice there are obviously a couple of "plants" that are good fun to watch but are always going to get caught pretty early on. Its pretty obvious a lot of it is shot after the event though, as there are often shots from following cars etc. The bit when the ex-policeman bolted off down the stream just before he got caught must have been re-shot afterwards - he left his cameraman for dust when he first pegged it
  8. TNS v Dumbarton

    Almost certain they were moving people on from the balcony when we were there. The press box was on the balcony with the board room/hospitality further along.
  9. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    Cant be any worse than Rome II, Battlefield or Spyhunters tonight Really disappointing start to the new series, almost salvaged by the last two games.
  10. Football Manager 2018

    Does everyone use shouts during games? I didnt even know they existed until I was reading some notes on a tactic on FMscout
  11. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    How on earth are they going to do that?
  12. Dara O'Briens Go 8 BIT

    You might be right, but I would have thought less people would tune in to games they were indifferent to than people would turn off half way through.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Which is my entire objection
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Im asking how you can mention those two games in the same sentence, never mind imply that Monster Hunter is better