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  1. Football Manager 2018

    If you dont win the Championship with £9m to spend Im coning round to uninstall the game from your PC
  2. The Walking Dead

    Rosita was heavily pregnant/just had a baby during the filming of this series, in real life obvs.
  3. Austin is to reunite with Naysmith to form an Austin/Dobbie dream strike force Its an interesting difference to the league to have a team so cut off from the rest so early - no, not Falkirk. On the one hand, Falkirk are in no danger of finishing bottom but it also means the teams above them are less likely to drop points whenever they play Brechin. In some ways, its balanced out by not having a"dominant" team at the top of the league. You're spot on about the form last season. I dont think Ive ever seen a season where so many sides went through winless runs. Its unlikely to happen again so it will be really interesting to see how it affects Falkirk, if they can put a run together.
  4. Football Manager 2018

    Upload it! I've been using this formation https://www.fmscout.com/i-2323-is-the-future-fm18-tactic.html which looks odd but is actually pretty good. One thing I've noticed about tactics, the green lines between players seems to be quite important. However, when you start a game none of the players have any kind of relationship which seems a bit odd given they've played together already before you arrived.
  5. Morton v Queens

    Im afraid your friend wont be there tonight. Maybe see him again around Thursday
  6. I have no idea how many points you'll pick up. Right now, you're on course for somewhere in the high 20s. Thats unlikely to be enough to avoid 9th Im not convinced you'll catch Dumbarton but, given their current form, you might be lucky and pass Morton. You wont catch Queens
  7. Good grief Unlike your nonsensical ramblings, I wasnt being entirely serious
  8. andriod boxes / Kodi

    IPTV, debrids and apps like Terrarium must be on their list. Wonder which will be next
  9. Tellys

    The app store depends on the OS. If you have a TV with android on it you can use the Google play store - or more usually a cut back version of it. WebOS, therefore, has its own app store. We use Plex for locally hosted content (ie torrent downloads) sitting on a dedicated Plex server and for that its fantastic. You can also use it for IPTV but its not as good as some of the other IPTV apps
  10. Tellys

    You didnt like Plex? Plex is amazing. You can add your own apps but they have to exist in the "app store" to begin with. Plex didnt but, a quick google suggests, it does now. I cant add an IPTV playlist straight to my TV. I had to install the SMARTIPTV app first
  11. Tellys

    I've no idea, Ive never used it! The last time I looked there was no Plex app which is a deal breaker for me. That might have changed now of course and if you dont use Plex you wont care
  12. Tellys

    Decent The only thing that would put me off is LGs WebOS
  13. As Young Gun said, St mirren had 4 points at this stage. Its hard to compare exactly due to the games played being different, but Saints were 6 points off 8th, Falkirk are 4 but that could be 5 or 7 if Dumbarton take anything from their game in hand. Clearly, Falkirk arent in as bad a position as St Mirren were but if you look at the run they went on and the fact they still only survived the play offs by goal difference its going to be a tough task for Falkirk. Dumbarton are already 3 points ahead compared to this stage last season and theres no reason to think they'll pick up less than the 39 points they finished last season with
  14. Two. There are two part time clubs in the league. One of who is 4 points ahead of you with a game in hand
  15. You'll be lucky to pick up another 12 points all season never mind claw back a 12 point deficit.