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  1. What the f**k has that got to do with the post you quoted?
  2. andriod boxes / Kodi

    It is pricey, and you've got a marine tank to save up for You might be able to find second hands around for less. The Harmony One is effectively the older version of the Elite. If you dont mind using the touch screen on it, its a decent remote and controls 15 devices. The other alternative is to buy the hub and use your phone/tablet as the remote. I like the hub because you can place it and the IR transmitter right next to the devices and it uses bluetooth to connect to the remote/phone which means you dont need any kind of line of site from the remote to the device. Sounds like a small thing but being able to use the remote sat on the arm of the couch rather than having to raise your arm up and point it randomly around to get it to work is one of the small pleasures in life. I am aware of how lazy that makes me sound
  3. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Yes and no. Theres a huge database of devices that it will work with out of the box but if it isnt listed in their database you can "teach" the remote the various commands from the devices remote. The databse gives you default mappings but you can easily swap around which keys do what if you like, using the app The other thing I find really useful is setting up Activities. For example, I have an activity button that turns on the TV, sets it to the right input, turns on the surround amp, sets that to the right input and turns on the Sky Box, all by pressing one button. You can take it even further than that too and set up one to open Netflix, if youre tv remote has a dedicated button, for example. Your problem is going to be cost. The one I linked too only supports 8 devices. You need to jump up another £150 to the top or the range one that supports 15.
  4. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Thats insane! Get yourself a logitech remote. Fantastic bits of kit. I've got the "companion" https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/harmony-companion?crid=60 I did have one with the touchscreen but didnt like it
  5. andriod boxes / Kodi

    I've given up on getting any live sports on kodi. If you use Real Debrid it records everything you watch and you can download it from the website I got a tv box so I could use the remote control. I've got a Logitech all in one that controls everything. Having to have a mouse on the couch too would be rubbish, for me anyway
  6. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Yeah, thats exactly what I thought! Probably not worth paying for, though, if you're happy with the terrarium app. I didnt like it or Showbox, too many ads and a pain to use with the tv remote
  7. andriod boxes / Kodi

    Might be a stupid question but did you sign up for Real Debrid? None of the links worked for me in the trial version but the paid version was great.
  8. andriod boxes / Kodi

    If you go back a few pages you'll see some stuff about the URL resolvers and how they affect the add-ins and what links are available. The only thing I found that fixed it was to go for a debrid service
  9. I think you're confusing wound up/rattled with simple pointing and laughing.
  10. Almost certain we will be behind the goals, as St mirren met their season ticket target for the other stand.
  11. Im also conflicted. I feel really sorry for some of our Falkirk supporting friends but it couldnt be happening to a more deserving manager. From that Im taking great pleasure.
  12. "Peter, how many points have you got" "Aw so close"
  13. I know you're hurting so I'll forgive you this time.
  14. Me, or Houston? Theres only one journey Peter Houston is taking you on He's got a nice watch on, bet he knows what time it is