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  1. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Good luck buddy, i lost one early on with my first wife. So when the current one was pregnant we just said screw it and paid for the 4d (?) baby scans so we got one every other month just to keep an eye on her. Really helped us through the pregnancy, esp since she had a front lying placenta and couldn't feel anything for the whole 9 months.
  2. Give Robinson his due... he's not half bad for the easy option in some people's eyes
  3. Standing Bowl XIII

    Week 1 Packers and Falcons Week 2 Cardinals and Buccaneers Week 3 Broncos and Ravens
  4. Week 2

    Finally the broncos game is finished... bed for a couple of hours or watch Green Bay v Atlanta???? Boss is off tomorrow so I could pull an all nighter....
  5. Standing Bowl XIII

    Bucs and cardinals this week.
  6. Daily Fantasy Sports

    Course I'm in. Still got money in my account from winning 2 weeks last year
  7. Standing Bowl XIII

    Packers and falcons please.
  8. Fantasy Auction League(s) 2017

    Certainly was, it was one hell of a laugh. Looking forward to it.
  9. How much is your hoose

    We struck it gold year or so back. Lost money on a new build and bought a 2 bed flat in Edinburgh's west end. 2nd floor flat and a 1 year old didn't really go so we put it up and sold it for a £40k profit just 18 months later. That allowed us to move just slightly out a bit to get a 3 bed fixer upper with huge garden. House we are attached to is the exact same as ours but in prefect condition and is worth £120k more. We've no plans on moving again but at least we know if we put money in it we should get it back. Edinburgh prices are mad, the recession barely scraped them.
  10. Game of Thrones

    Looks like a big arse!
  11. email from a friend says it was on TV
  12. Sky saying we have accepted a bid from Blackburn.
  13. Fantasy Football 2016

    8 suits me better but happy to go with the majority
  14. Work colleagues

    It's just started in my place. The help desk guy in Australia BCC's people in but then in the first line of his email he puts in BCC : James Why blind copy someone in and then tell you I've done it??? Granted c***s that blind copy people in need a boot in the pie too. No better than lee Wallace!
  15. Pregnancy And Parenting

    That's heartbreaking Gaz. So hope it get resolved sooner rather than later.