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  1. Divisional Round

    What a finish to the weekend. That missed tackle will haunt that lad for a while yet.
  2. NFL London

    Couple of good games there Are the raiders still going to be playing a game in Mexico? That will be 2 home games they lose.
  3. You can’t mean Derek Adams.... the man that signs 15 players every January and gets lucky that 1 or 2 turn out to be decent.
  4. Wildcard weekend

    Cracking game, get right up the chiefs!!!
  5. Coaching Carousel

    Another season of ‘they practiced great during the week’ Magic
  6. Coaching Carousel

    Fox gone now too
  7. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Congrats buddy, but it’s time you bought your kids a tv!!! 15 grandkids, that’s a lot of presents!
  8. Coaching Carousel

    Fingers crossed Joesph is finished in Denver, the last couple of games have been covering over just how poor a coach he is.
  9. Very true but I am sure I read somewhere that the money has to be deposited with (insert regulator here) in case everyone takes the offer up.
  10. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    It was a decent game but then I support one of them
  11. NFL General Discussion

    I agree 100%, if they did it then they deserve all they get there isn’t a criminal case against them its just a civil lawsuit. She has claimed there were inappropriate electronic pictures sent to her so you wonder if she has shown them and that’s why they’ve been suspended.
  12. If I was a shareholder in the club/company, why would I vote to have a share issue when all that is going to happen is all shares issued will be taken to pay off the shareholders loans and reduce my stake in the club/company? It’s not like it’s going to raise any additional finance. Even if they vote through to have a share issue, can they have one until the court decide on the takeover panel case?
  13. Celtc v Motherwell | League Cup Final

    We get the trophy and they get the 2 league games. They don’t want this games unbeaten thing to drag on too long, surely they fancy trying to beat it agin.
  14. The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV

    Rams and the Texans please.