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  1. Hartley on the bench is a massive boost. Off the bench to score the winner in the last 10 minutes! We have missed his goals from set pieces
  2. Motorsport Manager - It's football manager for cars!

    looks amazing on here, i have it on the iphone and its ok but no indepth action on the track. Its also boring once you max out your HQ. i am walking every race
  3. just when you think they can't be anymore deluded... someone actually thinks that they are running at a loss out of choice.
  4. Finances

    I work for a massively huge company.... do I win? [emoji23] I had a boss who lived and worked in SA and when he was preparing to move over here he had a hell of a time getting his money moved over. In fact am I pretty sure most of it is still over there. They really don’t like money made in SA leaving SA.
  5. You missed out the part where it’s our fault they can’t step up in Europe as we don’t give them enough competition
  6. is being released as a comic if the kickstarter is successful or completly dying if it's not. Website - http://planetstriker.com/ Kickstarter campaign - Striker Been reading it for years, i would be gutted if it was to end.
  7. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Should watch the film to warm you up to it, I know I will!!
  8. It looked from the picture on the official site( if you can get on) that we had the area above in the main stand Edit- apologies there is a bit of cross over.
  9. Kickstarter link allowed?

    The striker strip in the Sun is releasing a comic. I've read the think for years and i am sure a few folk on here must have read it. Am i allowed to put the kickstarter link in the forums? if so where should i put it? thanks.
  10. Hard Knocks

    Rumour a while back was it was going to be the broncos this year as they can’t say no a second time.
  11. Can we just move on or use the semi thread for talking about the Aberdeen game. If we can keep 11 men on the park then it can be a cracking game. We proved in the league cup final we can live with them on the bigger Hampden pitch and you can bet Robinson will have them fired up for it. Just need a semi competent ref.... do we have any of them?
  12. Tinder

    And now she is in The Sun http:// https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/6049646/tinder-lad-tries-to-shame-teenage-girl-over-profile-blunder-but-ends-up-getting-trolled-on-twitter/amp/
  13. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Dont be silly, way too young for McCoist to sign. Only over the hill 30+ players were being brought in
  14. NFL General Discussion

    Browns signed him yet?
  15. Insurance

    I get free travel insurance for the family from the bank... well I say free I have to pay a fee to have the account. They used to take a small bit extra to top it up to premium cover years ago but now they say your covered for everything except skiing, water sports etc. I phoned to claim on my travel insurance years back when I lost my wedding ring(3 days after the wedding too) and they just laughed at me and told me to call my home insurance and pray I was covered. Thankfully I was.