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  1. The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV

    Rams and the Texans please.
  2. The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV

    Cowboys and saints please
  3. Exactly this. Few hard but fair ones, lots of diving and rolling about but nothing malicious except for Alves booting King Louie at the touch line after he should have been sent off.
  4. Rangers vs Motherwell LC Semi

    Whose elbow gave him the scar????
  5. A broken nose is a severe injury? Seriously?? They love a statement don’t they... esp one written by 5 year olds!
  6. Emergency loans

    Banks are normally pretty quick to refund you the money when this happened. They just need a day or so to prove it was dodgy.
  7. The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV

    Eagles and jaguars please
  8. I can see an undisclosed fee for him happening in January. No real resale value but he’s worth it and will help us develop players.
  9. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Not a huge fan of pj masks, neither is the wee one. Sofia and Elenor are the favourites although she has started saying they are ‘babyish’ and she wants stuck in the middle and camp kikiwaka as they aren’t cartoons
  10. Pregnancy And Parenting

    I am thankful peppa is behind us now, would love to make a bacon sandwich out of her!!!! My wee one turns 5 today, where has the time gone??? If you are looking for a party idea, Gravity in Edinburgh is amazing!! Think there is one in Glasgow too.
  11. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Great to hear the wee one is still improving. Love the updates and we all have everything crossed for her. The NHS manages somehow, they must charge itself differently from how hospitals charge insurance companies.
  12. Pregnancy And Parenting

    We went to a 3D baby scan in Perth as my last wife and I lost one. 4 scans to help build up a picture of her growing. Although it was for 'entertainment' purposes they are fully qualified and gave her a good look over each time to make sure everything was growing as it should.
  13. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Can the NFL increase it on appeal? Think he is lucky to only get 2 games
  14. Looks like Hartley's YouTube CV is accurate. Another goal today.
  15. Pregnancy And Parenting

    My wife was sick for the 8 out of the 9 months... and it was a girl. Granted it might have been some of the shite she was eating that made her sick... make me nearly throw up making it.