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  1. Anyone "heavier than they should be" is fat, therefore a disgusting a human being.
  2. While you're at get this sorted too. On the mobile site this advert appears about half a dozen times a day and never fully loads.
  3. Fat people utterly disgust me. The mere sight of an overweight person makes me psychically ill. Absolute vermin.
  4. So wait...he asked absolute strangers on the internet for money to get himself a hooker and a couple of grams? And he had posters lining up to pay him? Ballsy move. You've kind of got to respect that.
  5. "It's offside doll"
  6. This deserves to finish 0-0. Utter, utter shite. I'd be pissed off if I had to endure a game of this quality at a junior ground.
  7. Aye ok. Calm yersel. Was merely bringing it to your attention ya grumpy old c**t!
  8. Tough first half for inhaler salesmen.
  9. Coming from a grass that really is priceless
  10. I can assure you on the mobile site the full screen adds are appearing at least a dozen times a day.
  11. It definitely has.
  12. Posting on the Dundee specific thread, much like you've done on the Dunfermline specific thread
  13. No need to when there's Dundee fans handing over their cash to anyone who asks tbh.
  14. Incredibly simple. Something you'd expect pensioners to fall for tbh.
  15. Thing is it's not even a decent scam really. He's basically asked strangers on the internet money and they've happily handed it over.