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  1. Anyone who applauds a goal scored by the opposition is a despicable cretin.
  2. Statchan is better wind up merchant than VT.
  3. What a load of fucking shite.
  4. If we had better players we'd be challenging for a play off spot IMO.
  5. The Lion King Toy Story 1/2/3 The Fox and the Hound Aristocats Wizard of Oz True Romance Goodfellas Pulp Fiction Falling Down Usual Suspects Scream
  6. Tremendous display of shitebaggery from the Morton no.10 has he cowers out of the way of Nat's trickling effort from all of 3 yards.
  7. Would've taken a narrow defeat prematch tbh.
  8. And to think the Tory's want to rip apart the NHS.
  9. Shitebag.
  10. So disgusted you decided to give it an even bigger audience. How very noble of you.
  11. Your patter is literally worse than terrorism.
  12. Thoughts and prayers with everyone affected by today's tragic events. And the Celtic family. #PrayForLondon
  13. Yeah, I have to be honest, I don't really care when people die tbh.