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  1. All killed in a house fire.
  2. Thats strike one. Keep pushing.
  3. You're a terrible human being.
  4. I feel I need to step in and defend bennet here. He's clearly an absolute fucking moron and has in the past been banned from this very forum for using the sexual abuse of children as a point scoring exercise.
  5. Good chance you'll be murdered. Especially if you're Italian, or Scouse.
  6. f**k off.
  7. What a bizarre statement.
  8. Dead players rarely make the starting 11 in my experience.
  9. Mental that Shadwell gets so many bites. He's even getting them from the two sane Falkirk posters as well.
  10. If we sign Shankland as well I'm handing back the season ticket I haven't bought tbh.
  11. I'm with Tory Boy on this one actually.
  12. Fucking hell. What an utter, utter scumbag.