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  1. “I hate some of those c***s”. Well played, lads.
  2. Disregard all previous support for 8mile. What a fucking weirdo. “Brought down a peg or two”. What an utter fucking nut job.
  3. Smacking Ban

    Violence breeds violence. Hardly a shocking revelation tbh.
  4. Fucking hell. I was half joking earlier but I genuinely think folk need to start laying off 8mile here. He’s seriously on the edge of either a massive meltdown or sneaking out of house to secretly photograph young boys in a fast food restaurants again.
  5. Show us your pussy..!

    Tremendous parenting tbh.
  6. Tbh I’ve always thought you were a bit of a c**t. Thanks for the kind words though.
  7. Got to agree with this ‘heedthebaw’ character tbh. 8mile gets far too much flak on here.
  8. Decent troll. Burns victim face.
  9. Mate, you ‘invent’ stories of scooping shite out of you own anus and lobbing it at your friends, you attack homeless women in front of your children, you secretly photograph young boys in fast food restaurants, you invent text conversations with an imaginary friend in attempt to get one over other forum members, you stalk social media accounts of strangers. Pipe down you utter psycho.
  10. Premier League 2017-2018

    Classic 8mile.
  11. Pregnancy And Parenting

    On the subject of baby grows one of my pals made this one for our daughter.
  12. Premier League 2017-2018

    An absolute doing though eh. Shame
  13. Pregnancy And Parenting

    We toyed with the idea of not naming our child. Apparently you can’t do that.
  14. Rangers vs Motherwell LC Semi

    If anyone stumbles upon the Rangers TV coverage can I politely request they post it on here so we can all have a good chuckle at their anger and utter dejection. Cheers.