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  1. Mwell v St J (18/3/17)

    Went for a challenge with his foot and probably stretched / pulled a muscle from the tackle , thought he was a bit slow off his line and should have went down hands first .
  2. Mwell v St J (18/3/17)

    What a result , battered and bullied all across the park for long periods of the game but a bit of luck , last ditch blocks and a gorgeous strike by Liam secured the points . Muzz coming on shored things up in the centre . Felt sorry for Alston as Swanson the passenger should have been hooked instead . The last ten minutes fair play to Motherwell .We sat further and farther back and any time we won the ball we couldn't find another blue shirt and invited them onto us again . Very very nervy finish , think nearly everyone in the ground thought that header was in at the end though . Pleasing seeing the well crew still celebrating towards the saints fans as the ball was still in play .
  3. St Johnstone versus Rangers

    Scored one of the two best goals I've had the pleasure of seeing , both incidently scored East End Park . Beedies was a volley from the corner of the penalty box into the opposite corner of the net , I think from a corner IIRC . I'm also sure this was Pelosi's first game back at EEP after breaklng Browns Leg . He also has the best comedy moment when he managed a shot that ended up going through a ice cream van's window situated in the top corner of the terracing at Muirton Park. . The second best goal was scored a big fat wobbling John Clark daisy cutter thunderbolt from 25 yrds against us, where the ball never moves after being hit , i'm sure the ball hit before Main had even started diving for it .
  4. Congratulations Hearts you just got St Johnstone'd
  5. Where does this leave Yogi ? He travels all the down to Dundee to meet Thomson after telling Caley he wants to leave and join Utd only to find out The Baldy Snake won't pay out to Caley and has given the job to Mixu . Can only end badly from here on in me thinks
  6. General Election 2015

    Will there be a 40% + swing yet ?
  7. Celtic vs St Johnstone 04/3/15

    We played brilliant after Davidson went off injured and Kane replaced him , almost looked like we went 4 3 3, pressing full pitch .
  8. Cover version's done in a different style from original

    I can think of loads but this will do for starters
  9. Music Chinese Whispers

    The Sensational alex Harvey Band - There's No Lights On The Christmas Tree, Mother They're Burning Big Louie Tonight
  10. Music Chinese Whispers

    Gene Vincent - Be-Bop-A-Lula
  11. The P&B Slow Cooker Owners Club

    I brown the joint first then get a piece of tin foil and make a foil ring for the joint to sit on. (stops it getting overcooked on the bottom ) Add a 1cm of boiling water and an oxo cube and leave for about 6 hours or more depending on whether you want to carve it into nice slices or until it just crumbles . For added extras boil tatties for about 15 mins and add to the roast for the last hour . Absolutely fabulous .
  12. On holiday in Ibiza , all I can say is thank f**k the hotel has free WiFi , this thread has been a joy to read the past few days . The only down side is that I'm on my phone so can't award any greenies . My wife isn't so happy as I've all ive been doing is chorkling to myself whilst sitting at the pool reading my phone . If carlsberg did holidays this would be it .... Sun , beer and the current buns dying ...superb
  13. No , they were set up by two guys T E Stockton and Jack COhen in London in 1930's only moved into Ireland about 6/7 years ago.
  14. Oh Great , can't wait for the supposed new owner to give the following soundbites , 'We've tried everything that we could to get HMRC to agree to CVA but they wouldn't play ball.' 'Unless they take Xp in the pound then we have no option to liquidate the club. ' 'We aren't the bad people for liquidating the club it's HMRC for not settling on 1/10 th of their money due. ' 'We were willing to give £X million to pay the creditiors but HMRC said it wasn't enough.' etc When all along the plan is to liquidate the club .
  15. That's assuming that they receive some actual bids