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  1. FIFA 18

    Best I got from Gold 1 was Wesley Sneijder
  2. Hibs vs St Johnstone Nov 18th

    From where I was I thought the shout we had just before you went 1-0 up was a stronger claim but I’m in the East so one of the other m9s might have had a better view
  3. Hibs vs St Johnstone Nov 18th

    Fair play though. We were abysmal and probably deserved to lose.
  4. Hibs vs St Johnstone Nov 18th

    They came for a draw and they got three points. Only we could manage that. Embarrassing.
  5. Hibs vs St Johnstone Nov 18th

    We are a distinctly average team when McGeouch isn’t in the starting XI
  6. FIFA 18

    Neggy for not having the correct home shirt for your club.
  7. FIFA 18

    I’ve had Murillo about ten times now
  8. FIFA 18

    Did the Nation Pairs SBC in the Path to Glory group and caught some luck at last
  9. FIFA 18

    Got to the final of the weekend league qualifying tournament there. Went 2-1 up and then he got an absolutely ridiculous penalty and won 4-2. Coasted to the final and then ran into his absolutely disgusting team.
  10. FIFA 18

    On squad battles? Yeah that’s all it ever has been during the week. It’s only more on a Saturday and Sunday
  11. FIFA 18

    Apparently there was a glitch people were exploiting to win easier on ultimate where basically you could play a bronze player and if you shielded the ball it would result in the AI players picking up bookings and second yellows
  12. FIFA 18

    It’s frustrating as hell. The best I got was Aduriz, which isn’t really saying much. Pretty sick of packing Murillo too. Had him about seven times out of packs and sbc’s I did one of the league and nations hybrid sbc’s the other night and the best I got out of the mega pack was an 80 rated player...
  13. FIFA 18

    Did like eight gold upgrade plus sbc’s and got an 81 rated player seven times. Excellent pack luck that
  14. Brand New

    What a shitty end to one of my all time favourite bands. Reading the tweets of a journo I follow on twitter before she deleted it, apparently someone from a UK pop punk band is inevitably going to be outed. Think we all may have to prepare to have stories come out about a fair few of our favourite bands.