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  1. You won't be the only one
  2. That there is a hard man I would not mess with in any circumstances.
  3. Just out from seeing Dunkirk too. Absolutely fantastic.
  4. Looking forward to Andrew's updates from Kenny and Dudu Dahan on this one
  5. How's Juice Terry doing, m9?
  6. Stevenson's ball for his first was a peach too to be fair...and it was on his right foot
  7. Absolutely no need for Stokesy
  8. Hell or Highwater - Rock Waters Edge
  9. Stuart Adamson era Big Country would be hard to beat when we're talking Scottish bands. Gutted I never got to see them live.
  10. I'm up to level 28 and level 14 for dark zone now. Still enjoying it. Quite pissed off with the fact I bought dlc to then learn I can't play underground or last stand until I hit level 30 though
  11. There wasn't much hoofing going on when we papped you out the cup two years in a row, m9
  12. Logan A cracking watch. Definitely the best of the X-Men films and a more than fitting finale for Hugh Jackman if it is his last film as Wolverine
  13. Petrie eez a clueless w****r. Where are his European Cup winners medals I ask you? Show some respect
  14. Aw, fuckin' pipe down you