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  1. Good luck winning the cup sheepies. Doubt it's happening though.
  2. Undeserved you lucky sheep shagging c***s
  3. Hibs coach that passed away midweek
  4. You winning the cup? Aye? lol
  5. The irony is we've won the cup and Aberdeen have won f**k all lol
  6. Bit harsh on Neymar there, he is a very good player after all.
  7. If McGregor wanted to kill him, he'd have killed him. YLT.
  8. I'm not sure my heart can take this
  9. East End is always a fantastic day out. Looking forward to it immensely if the performance is up to scratch.
  10. Tonight was a clear example of why McGinn should be dropped. Been shite for weeks.
  11. McGinn has been absolutely fucking pish
  12. Laughable from the linesman there
  13. Managerless Hibs in their first game after Tony Mowbray left. A cracking performance
  14. This. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar. The 21st of May 2016 was the greatest day in history. FACT.