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  1. Trying to spare the **** the embarrassment of a 3-2 or 5-1 defeat again IMO
  2. Hibernian Vs Livi - League Cup Quarter Final

    You won at Easter Road in 2005
  3. Steven Thompson was talking shite
  4. The Metalhead thread

    Hard to argue with that, LF // LT and AOGHAU were both album of the year contenders. The last dodgy number I can remember them doing was Behind The Throne and even then I think Daybreaker was a decent album overall. I still maintain that Black Blood has one of the sickest riffs I've ever heard too.
  5. The Metalhead thread

    Aside from the fact the video is a masterpiece, I'd genuinely rate this as up there with their best work.
  6. St J vs Hibs

    Any ideas how many we get for PATG? Wasn't planning on going as my mates are skint, but just planning to fire up on the train anyway now.
  7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Saw Detroit the other night. You'll not walk out the cinema in a happy mood, but it's really well made and pulls no punches.
  8. St J vs Hibs

    Still seething Benji ripped the c**t out of you tbh
  9. **** v Hibs

    Has Bob been found yet?
  10. Thank f**k he did tbh
  11. Brand New

    The setlist on a whole that night was pretty much perfect. Can't Get It Out is probably one of my favourite songs they've ever written. Out of Mana and No Control are decent too. I don't know what the rest of you think, but I hope they drop the likes of Jesus from the setlist.