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  1. Pretty much the same criticism you could throw at Wildlands. Anyone want to give me a rundown on the dark zone? Is there much point going there at level 10 or should I be waiting until I'm like level 20 or the like?
  2. Bought this for a tenner the other day. Anyone still play it? Seems there's a fair few people floating about on it. I'm quite enjoying it for the price it cost me.
  3. Had no idea who scored the winner until I asked some boy on the pitch. He also had no idea, but thankfully someone filled us in that it was Sir Dave
  4. I've felt like this every day since it happened. Nothing will ever compare to that weekend. Happy anniversary to my green and white loving comrades!
  5. The thought of Efe and Stokesy being in our first starting XI of the new season makes me moist.
  6. About as factually correct as a press release from Sevco. Yeah, he doesn't go long without further emphasising the fact that he's a roaster
  7. The clown that posted that is one of the moderators of the page. The boy thinks he's the source of all knowledge on Hibs and tries to talk down to everyone
  8. Hibernian FC Fans News is probably the most chronic page on Facebook. Ran by absolute minters.
  9. Never been in BTG. Much rather stick to the Harp or Hibs club.
  10. You'd like to think it's that and perhaps he knows we're bringing someone else in.
  11. It was bad enough in section 42, so with that in mind you have my sympathy. Get the old announcer back. What was it he was sacked for again?
  12. Well done the Saintees
  13. Grant Holt is the boy
  14. They appear to have fixed the tannoy in the East, which means listening to this dick of an announcer