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  1. The Defenders

    Finished it. It's a tragedy that this only got 8 episodes while Iron Fist got a full 13! One thing I felt was a bit iffy was the big deal they kept making over who Daredevil was. The Hand act surprised that he's back then acknowledge his past with Elektra and comment how she didn't kill Matt behind the restaurant. Yes, he had a scarf round his face but surely they'd have worked out it was Matt eventually
  2. The Defenders

    Jesus, the actor who plays Danny is horrendous
  3. Premier League 2017-2018

    Didn't realise they'd spent such little time in the top flight tbh. Thought they were regulars around about that period but clearly not
  4. The Defenders

    Only on the 5th episode but really enjoying it so far. Big improvement on Iron Fist but that isn't hard to do. Jessica punching Gao made me laugh. Had to watch that bit again.... and again
  5. South-east Asia - Inspire me

    Vientiane is a bit pish yeah. Highlight was the huge night market there with one of the finest selections of fake trainers I've ever seen. Vang Vieng is the real traveller hub of Laos and Luang Prabang is a bit better than Vientiane. Despite being relatively close to each other, it's about a five hour journey from Vientiane to vang Vieng and likewise from there to luang Prabang cos it's all through mountains. Bring a sick bag if you're not a great passenger! Agree on Cambodia. Probably on par with Vietnam as my favourite of where I've been in the region and also my favourite food of the bunch. Such nice people, some stunning places to visit (Angkor Wat and surrounding temples are a must) and had some great nights out in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Sihanoukville is a typical seaside place but you can do boat journeys out to some stunning private beaches near there
  6. Game of Thrones

    So do we assume the night King and his lieutenants just control everyone via their minds pretty much? Like, they're not meeting up in tents moving pieces around a map discussing where the North's weak points are
  7. Last Book You Read....

    Bought well over 20 books in the last few months online and from various charity shops so apart from stretching my bookcase to capacity, means I've been trying to read far more than I have been recently. A couple that I've gotten through recently: 'Yes Man' - Danny Wallace Read one of his books before and always got a good laugh from his Shortlist column so didn't hesitate to pick this up from the BHF shop. Was made into a film with Jim Carrey and was a great read. He's got a really daft, mostly innocent sense of humour when he writes and it works really well with the story of him saying yes to everything. A nice feel good book. 'In Cold Blood' - Truman Capote I'm told this is a classic. Picked it up in HMV along with Porno (tue Irvine Welsh book not anything in a brown bag) in a 2 for a fiver deal. Total opposite end of the feel good spectrum from Yes Man. It's the true story of a brutal murder of a family in Kansas in the late 1950s. Alternated between the family/town viewpoint and that of the killers. Was apparently the first true crime novel of its kind and based on others that I've read, it holds up very well over 50 years later. There are more that I've read but I've kinda lost track. Will pop back in here later!
  8. Premier League 2017-2018

    It's funny enough reading all the different ways the journalists are trying to describe it without directly quoting it
  9. Catalonia

    The referendum itself isn't illegal per se but the constitution explicitly outlaws secession and seen as that is what the Catalan government has threatened to pursue in the event of a yes vote is enough for Spain to make a legal case against the referendum. The moral/political case against it is somewhat more shaky of course
  10. Catalonia

    Did a lot on Catalonia during my 4th year at uni. Spain have handled this horribly at every turn. General consensus has always been in Catalonia that they would accept greater autonomy if it was available (in line with the Basque Country) and that was about to happen before the constitutional court poo pooed the amendments to the statute of autonomy in 2010. It was from there that this major move towards independence has stemmed. Spain could have nipped this in the bud at any time by granting them the autonomy that was voted for in a 2006 referendum but they've done nothing but threaten and bully, merely emboldening secessionists and making independence the only viable option in the eyes of many. The legacy of fascism clearly still lingers in Spain and whatever happens here, it is entirely their fault.
  11. South-east Asia - Inspire me

    I got a belter of a shit from Hoi An and got it posted home for next to nothing because I didn't plan on carrying it on a rucksack for 2 more months On the topic, Vietnam was an amazing country with Hoi An being my highlight. Such a cool wee town to just wander around in Also agree that Hanoi trumps HCM. Seemed a bit more authentic to me - less flashy. Also, the little game of musical chairs you play when you're drinking 50p bear out of someone's "bar" and you need to stand up and hide the chairs when the police came was interesting. Halong Bay is also well worth a look. One of the most stunning natural attractions you're ever likely to see if you get a boat tour round it. On Bangkok - definitely worth visiting just cos it's Bangkok but not my favourite place. My recommendation for Khao San Road if it's a nice night is don't bother going into any of the bars. Plenty of vendors sell cold beers for much cheaper on the street and you can just stand outside the one whose music takes your fancy. Lets you wander about and mingle too. Just be prepared to be constantly offered wristbands with country flags and some of the vilest sentence you'll ever read on them. They must make a killing selling that shite to steaming tourists. I know I'm still wearing the Scotland one I bought there in March at 2 in the morning!
  12. Lego games

    Ordered marvel super heroes because I'm a big wean at heart. Love all the marvel stuff and lego is lego so a good mixture in my books. Was obsessed with the original PS2 lego star wars games so bit of a nostalgia trip for me too
  13. Italian Football Thread

    Jesus, Genoa shooting themselves in the face there. Just as they start to look like they could actually go on and win the game, the defender inadvertently gives the ball away under no pressure in his own half to Immobile who chips the keeper
  14. Italian Football Thread

    Fs, went away for 5 minutes and missed both those goals
  15. Premier League 2017-2018

    How many times has Rooney actually found his man with a pass? Also, Lingard (spelling?) must have the most punchable face in football.