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  1. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Yeah, I know just his character annoyed me. Plus I had the misfortune of working at his last gig and have little time for him as a result!
  2. Gigs

    Gaslight Anthem and Skipinnish in September at the same venue for me
  3. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I would change Harry Styles [emoji23]
  4. Italian Football Thread

    Good signing I'd say. Has looked promising and would imagine a few bigger clubs would have been interested pretty soon so good to nick in and get him tied down long term
  5. P&b Running Club

    Forced myself into a 10k on Wednesday. First time I've got to that distance in a while and limped through the last 2k to clock in at just over 45 so not as far off my best as I expected but much room for improvement. Any tips on best way to prepare for a run stretch wise? Particularly in the calves, got a really sore knot about halfway between my left Achilles and the knee joint. Was also getting some concerning pains during the run along the outside of my foot that thankfully haven't come to anything Have always done pretty standard static stretching but feel I need something more regimented and intense to avoid all these niggles that plague any run I do over 5k and stop me building up any momentum afterwards
  6. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Dunkirk (9/10) Only reason I haven't given it 10 is that I don't know what makes a perfect film but in terms of the war genre, this is about as close to perfection as you get. Very low key in terms of its set pieces and doesn't rely heavily on death and destruction like many of the genre, but it's so well shot with some spot on acting. Harry Styles is a w**k though.
  7. Frank Turner

    Puts on a good show with the band but agree, it comes across as pretty generic, nondescript rock with them in tow. Saw him three times before a good number of years ajo then again at Kendall last summer and the difference was stark
  8. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    That's a shocker of a shot of all the Argentinians walking back then stopping as Croatia score their third. Mascherano king of the wankers as usual
  9. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    I love seeing fans in face paint looking absolutely gutted. Something so poetic about it
  10. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    Apparently we should feel sorry for Messi because it's everyone else's fault
  11. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    I love listening to the various failed attempts by the commentator to pronounce the name of the host city
  12. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    Otamendi lucky not to walk for that I'd say
  13. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    Ooft ya fucker. You just knew that if he got a shot away, it was going in
  14. Argentina v Croatia 7 pm 21/6

    I have high hopes for this game. Means it will inevitably be shite
  15. Italian Football Thread

    Unbelievable move if that materialises. Great opportunity for him