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  1. Location: Falkirk My Team: Rangers Are you the Falkirk version of me?
  2. AEK Athens.
  3. AEK Athens.
  4. Yeah, never been a Raith fan bud. I see you joined in 2012, probably just got me mixed up with someone else. I was only a regular between 2008-2011 I'd say. Forum went downhill after that unfortunately.
  5. AEK Athens Is Mhak still around or have I just gotten the last word?
  6. Stop stalking me tbh

  7. Reasons To Be Cheerful you ask? I'm back, you c***s.
  8. Hi, I'm on PS4. Can someone please give me a hand with getting a trophy? It's about doing an online friendly, will only take about 10-15 mins. Cheers PSN is UKtwisteh (I think)
  9. Guess I'll need to leave work early then, what's with the ridiculous kick off time?
  10. WTF? Does this actually start at 5?
  11. The queues have been sorted now, completely fine even at peak times @ Kazzak.
  12. I'm in that screenshot! I'm famous!
  13. That's fine, as long as I can abuse you relentlessly on teamspeak or whatever
  14. Troll Mage. Try a tank, they're always handy!
  15. Excellent. Use your boost on Kazzak if you can