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  1. Eamonn Brophy and Brad Spencer have signed. Three years and one year respectively.
  2. Cracking player. Best of luck to him.
  3. I'll be there.
  4. He's been training with Killie.
  5. What is SuperTed's secret, magic word?
  6. Shit, I'm gonnae have to bin my "love the Sons, hate the gays" flag now.
  7. Feel free to give yourself a dead arm for being one of those weirdo dog folk.
  8. I strongly considered it. But felt it'd be taken as flippant.
  9. I don't know of any lap clubs in the town, but the local ladies are indeed a classy set. Routinely dressed up like they're going to Las Vegas when in actuality they're having a night out at Bakers or The Garage.
  10. Worst of Clydebank could be Whitecrook, Faifley, Clydebank East (which locally is called Yoker, though technically Yoker is the part of Glasgow immediately over the county line and bordering it). Additionally, Dalmuir, Radnor Park and parts of Drumry aren't great. Best would probably be North Kilbowie, Boquhanran, Parkhall, Hardgate and parts of Drumry, Duntocher and Goldenhill. Out of that lot there's some that are terrible, some that are middling and some that are great, and a lot of them are side by side. Drumry Road for example is the division line between the districts of North and South Drumry and has a mixture of incredible houses, standard houses and a glimpse of the crap as it comes to the dual carriageway, where the spectre of Drumchapel looms large from across the road that marks the north eastern county line that separates us from the weegies. If any c**t wants to buy my house just pm me.
  11. What's the protocol in question? Are you not allowed to touch the queen? So, basically, she's a stripper.
  12. Toast with butter and honey? Get in the fucking sea you deviant c**t.
  13. All the teachers at my school were middle aged alcoholics. There's definitely a theme there.
  14. Fourth division team. Even worse.
  15. Hearing my wee mate Ryan Carnwath was sent off for Medda while making his debut in the defeat to Ashfield.