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  1. A tremendous day, bar the frustrating ending, but even that was worthwhile in the end for the shafting we gave you at Ruggers.
  2. How the f**k do you know my name!?!
  3. My daughter was born on Wednesday night. A wee smasher. She's a touch jaundiced so they've kept her in but there's a chance they'll get home tonight. I'm fair thrilled.
  4. Decent winger who can score a goal. I was hoping he'd stay on.
  5. Ayr.
  6. [emoji23]
  7. Clog Von Tulip.
  8. Each to their own.
  9. I have absolutely no idea. A mate contacted me to say this kid's coming on trial and did anyone have digs for him.
  10. That's why we love it.
  11. Dutch youth international on a trial, apparently.
  12. Chaps, anyone got a spare room available for a budding young Sons player from the Continent? Funding available.
  13. Hope it's at Somerset. And hope the game v Sons is at Dumbarton for my convenience.
  14. Half Killie / half Ayr!? Naw! f**k yer Ayr!
  15. There's a road sign for the Erskine Bridge in Stirling.