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  1. Surely if SPL clubs are starting to feel the pinch according to Rangers logic so are the SFL diddy clubs and therefore they'll all have to vote Rangers out of Division 1. Every other team in Scottish Fottball has gone down to Division 3, not 1 - special rules are still being used even in the face of such utter arrogant contempt for the other clubs. Have the SFA made any additional punishments for Rangers yet? Can;t ban them from signing players? Just expel them. I await the passing of another deadline (the 4th of July) with the usually contempt, but am amazed that it is July and it still hasn't been sorted. and that we have written almost 2400 pages about it on a forum - my original guess was less than 700, but even though Rangers are being liquidated, players leaving in their droves, likelihood of being kicked out of the SPL, they still aren;t dead and no final decision either way has been made.
  2. No. Spartans From my dodgy understanding of the "reputable" newspaper tha the Daily Record is, Rangers wont get the votes to stay in the SPL. Therefore the SPL wont protect the Newco and put them straight back in. Can there therefore be any alternative to sending them straight back to Division 3 if the SFL is happy to elect them in?
  3. Green definitely is a Rangers man - insisting that the SFA doesn't punish Rangers in anyway as kicking thme ou of the SFA will lead him to run away and leaving them out of the Scottish Cup will also cripple Scottish Football. Double whamy would be Rangers expelled from SFA and Green walks away - then comes the liquidation
  4. Sooo - Rangers have pissed off FIFA and they are threatening to kick Scotland out of qualifiers and other qualifications. Send Rangers to the 3rd Division, or kill them out or they accept the punishment. Can;t wait for Friday's new deadline...
  5. Due diligence left he building a long time ago. Things do seem to be moving along, but I still have a small inkling that Rangers will get out of this smelling of roses.
  6. I am getting comfortable again after another deadline that has passed. The Popcorn is figuratively in hand and await the demise of this regime. Still could take ages.
  7. Hmm, nice work. As I german speaker I say that what really happens in this clip is pretty close to what is happening at Rangers - the realisation that they are fucked. Then again I'm still wandering what a "facist" is -
  8. Sorry lads I am not going to get my hopes up that anything is going to actually happen today - far too many "important" deadlines haves already passed. Something has to happen on June 1 though, too many planets will then align.
  9. Why? Has their chairman come out against Rangers?
  10. So the Kille manager has buckled to the big blue meanies and St Johnstone are making a stand. The e-mail boxes must be filling, but what Aberdeen have said worries me - namely that the club will do what is in the best interests of itself and Scottish Football. I'm worried that the finanical imperative is going to override what is actually good for the game and that with that caveat the chairmen will have a clear conscience and empty stadia. I was almost physcually sick when I read that Rangers were planning to head to Belgique and sign a hearts player. Surely these things cannot be a priority even for these deluded bigots. Bruges is nice place - although those Catholic churches are probably an impediment.
  11. So the Ragners fans have a chip on their shoulder still - nothing seems to change.
  12. I hear Rangers are big on UK football. There is still a large part of me that feels that no matter what happens, Rangers will be playing either in the SPL or SFL next season whether we like it or not. I'm not sure despite all the debts and liabilities that Rangers will actualy die - sorry to sound pessimistic - I am really enjoying this thread.
  13. A lot of those rules were swept aside in 1945...