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  1. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    Could they not sort out the access route and just get back to Adamslie? Serious question. Would it not be easier and cheaper than getting a new ground that doesn't look like materialising now?
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Completely made up. Quite a lot of random accounts saying this team are going and that team are going to East of Scotland / South of Scotland leagues so hard for people to get true picture of what is happening and clubs opinions on future.
  3. What is happening or happened with Largs v Cambuslang Rangers game that got abandoned? Looking at SJFA website it is just getting replayed?
  4. Irvine Meadow XI sign Peter Gemmell

    I think Giffnock Amateurs was where Peter Gemmell came from. I know Twitter didnt mention his previous club as I was unsure of his previous team at time of signing other than an amateur team.
  5. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    You have got to take your chances. At 1-1 Darvel missed 2 or 3 great chances to go 2-1 up then caught with sucker punch. The first penalty is the wrong decision. The defender perhaps catches striker very slightly but by then ball was over the bar and striker appealing for corner and not a penalty. The second penalty was a stick on and should have been a red to Darvel player as was a very late and high challenge. Darvel won't be far off play offs and no where near relegation. Anyone from 10th up could go on a run and make it. Your run in looks good for with home games against bottom half teams but you will need wins v Larkhall and Maryhill at least too then perhaps a big win or 4 points v Meadow/Cambuslang or Peasy away. Darvel Juniors Home - Kello Rovers, Kilsyth Rangers, Maryhill, Shettleston. Away - Larkhall Thistle (24/3/18), Cambuslang Rangers, Irvine Meadow XI, Maryhill, Petershill.
  6. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Shettleston 0 v 3 Irvine Meadow (MacKay, McGuire & McTernan). Saturday 17th March. Goal highlights below.
  7. James Marks has been made available for transfer by Irvine Meadow. Any enquires please contact Brian on 07803146301 Thanks.
  8. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Saturday 10th March. Irvine Meadow 2 v 1 Largs Thistle.
  9. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy New Stadium

    To me it sounds like they need to be first choice in voting for what to do with area they want to build the new stadium on. The local council have mucked them about and backed out bid due to cash involved. Mistake to move out your ground before a new ground has started being built but I am sure they are well aware of all of the mistakes. The team on the park could save them as a semi or Junior Cup final appearance may galvanize locals to push council to get work going ahead on new ground asap or else.....
  10. League debate

    First game of the season end of July or first week or two in March like last year weeks. I know what I would rather have. I love concept of summer football but when you look into it you play in very wet March and April then wrecks grass pitches before season under way. Also more midweek games which are more poorly attended than a November to February Saturday game unfortunately. Only Friday nights make a difference. Also how do you finish a season end of October or November with no floodlights? Major cup finals in May or June...in October / November be even more poorly attended imo.
  11. Games ON Saturday March 10th

    Irvine Meadow v Largs Thistle is on.
  12. Games that might be on this weekend

    Meadow v Largs Thistle I think will be on. Meadow Park was playable today if a bit soft, I believe. Only light rain forecast so if correct game should be on is my guess.
  13. Tea is oot Tony or coffee can cure carnage ?

    Even at Talbot / Pollok not all 20 squad players will be on £100 a week or £400 per month. The top players will be on or near that or even more but others on half that.
  14. Tea is oot Tony or coffee can cure carnage ?

    The regular Meadow support increased considerably between 2004 to 2010 due to success. Had some very big attendances between 2006-2014 especially well in the thousands for big Junior Cup ties or league games.