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  1. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Kilsyth Rangers 1 v 3 Irvine Meadow. Goals.
  2. Is Junior Football to Cheap?

    The prices only went up from £5 to £6 very recently for top two leagues and I heard quite a lot of moans at the gate, still do and probably a few stopped going when introduced this slight increase so £8 / £4 would be way too much in my opinion. Totally fine for big cup games / local cup finals etc but when got 3 league games a week £24 a week to get in to watch your local Junior team is asking a bit much from supporters before they even buy anything else. As it's a cheap price a lot of loyal supporters who perhaps want to help their club buy raffles, hidden teams, programme's, food / drink etc that makes up to way more than £8 / £10 per person anyway. £6 and £3 is right price I think at the moment for top league especially now with lowland league to compare and they are all mostly the same too.
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    Whoever would win the new West of Scotland League be it Talbot, Beith, Buffs etc would be top half of the Lowland League quite easily so why would mandatory promotion be so bad? Most clubs would have a grace period to get licensed too. If Golspie Sutherland can get licensed most teams in West can afford to just need time and help with forms, working way through certificates etc As Talbot are the dominant force in Junior football over the last 20 years then they have most to lose if Scottish Junior Cup goes either to all non league teams as will be much tougher to win v Highland / Lowland League teams or gets scrapped or rebranded as they can no longer boast of record 11/12 Junior Scottish Cup wins and West Super League titles as no longer a trophies that would be played for. Talbot have most to lose so why a couple of their supporters are very passionate with not losing Junior tag, Junior Cup, West Region Super League etc. While some West teams maybe including my team Irvine Meadow, Clydebank, Kilwinning Rangers, Pollok from bigger towns / areas perhaps have most to gain by joining senior league and getting more interest, sponsorship and most importantly some prize money / grants to improve our facilities. Talbot are content where they are and with being the dominant force and a pyramid in the West could definitely change that as will have to move up the leagues and be mid table Lowland League / SPFL League Two team even. Their supporters love the magic of the Junior Cup and feel it's been degraded, I think it's a great trophy and one I would have loved to have seen Meadow win but we just fell at semi / quarters stage during our big spending days and first season under Chris Strain where weren't particularly 'big spenders'. I think a new West of Scotland League should be formed with all top league of West Juniors invited / pushed to participate so we don't have same problems as the East. I'd keep Scottish Junior Cup for all tiers below SPFL League Two or at least tier 6 and below with invites to Juniors who get promoted if Talbot want to beat lower league teams to win the 'Junior' Cup again then fine but don't see that working....
  4. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    20 point deduction...[emoji32]
  5. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Monday 14th May. Irvine Meadow 5 v 0 Maryhill. Goals
  6. Mon the Darvel for Wednesday night! Excellent performance tonight by Meadow with a pressure game we had to win. Maryhill were tough to break down in first half. Second half we well deserved our win scoring 3 goals in around 7 minutes. A massive game on Saturday now v Kilsyth Rangers away which is always a tough venue to win at. Before then we have Ayrshire Cup game v Buffs on Wednesday. Some absolutely massive games on Saturday!
  7. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Usually your posts are pretty fair but a good number of our team (up to 10 players I'd reckon) would have came from same direction and been a bit late too. Meadow had to get to Kirkconnell for 6.45pm midweek with around half our squad from Glasgow so we had bare bones that game and guys getting favours to get away from work early / taking half days etc, just dug out 3-2 win. Also Renfrew ain't the easiest to get to midweek last week due to traffic especially from Irvine. I certainly wouldn't complain about traffic for a slow start or a poor result. I think the final league game would be sensible for Saturday 26th May as would be sensible date for it and set up potentially a big game with a few interested neutrals present. But could just as easily be Monday 28th May or even into June....
  8. 1st half action from Meadow v Rutherglen Glencairn. [/url] 2nd half action
  9. Goals from last nights game too.
  10. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Renfrew 4 v 2 Irvine Meadow. Wednesday 3rd May. Goals
  11. We have lost last minute goals too eg Cumbernauld away, dropped 2 points. Plus had a lot of bad luck with injuries too....
  12. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Wednesday 25th April. Kello 2 v 3 Irvine Meadow. Goals.
  13. If Rutherglen and Meadow continue our good runs a couple of teams above could be catchable. Last few years 40 points has got 6th spot, reckon could be at least 46 points but won't be much between 8th and 3rd.
  14. I presume that any team that just miss out on promotion this season are not guaranteed to be near top next season! Meadow and Glencairn both currently in similar positions to last season and our games and Cumbernauld will decide last 1/2 play off spots.