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  1. The goals.
  2. The minute you say/type something about someone they go and have a no bad game. He came on last night when Lithgow went off injured and replaced Todorov up front as Toddy dropped back to defence to cover for Lithgow, and held the line quite well. Good hold up play and won a few headers (unfortunately he was all by himself up front so the headers went to Morton players). Still looks slow as feck but at least he did run about chasing the ball down and forced opposition players into making a pass for our midfield to mop up. Maybe being harsh on him because I've been used to Buchanan and Mullen up front and both did a hell of a lot running about.
  3. Had to go look in our archives after I saw this, just to be a nosey c**t. We won at home against St Mirren in a challenge cup game in 1995-96 season. Bloody long time ago, about time we got another home win against you.
  4. Good guess but the wrong way round. Wasn't pretty, especially the first half but we got the win and move on to the next round. Toddy's goal looked well taken, after outmuscling the defender he took it well.
  5. Toddy and Brown can play in defence. We really need to be getting another CB signed though, is JGT signed with anyone yet? Expecting another tough scrappy game where either team could win, wouldn't surprise me if this was another draw.
  6. I wouldn't, I've been to their ground several times, but I noticed the directions on the OS match preview gave the wrong junction to exit the M8, was 2 junctions too early.
  7. That's what knackered up Buchanan and White, neither of them got a regular start and both ended up being worse for it. Imo Carrick would score a decent amount of goals if he kept injury free, him and Mullen should be our first choice strikers, with Toddy, Mackin or Peters being used as 2nd half subs. Obv in some games you have to tactically change how you play and another starting line up is required but for the majority of games we should have a regular starting pair, not changing it every game.
  8. Someone needs to tell the guy who does our OS that, it still has PaTG and no need for a ticket in the match preview. Gave the wrong directions coming off the M8 for the St Mirren game too right enough. Shouldn't be a problem for anyone not knowing they need to get a ticket if the TO is right next to the turnstile anyway.
  9. He's indecisive at crosses and tends to flap at them, doesn't look confident at all. Didn't look too clever at dealing with pass backs either, but apart from that he's fine. BIB. He's pulled off some fantastic saves getting down to shots heading for the bottom corner.
  10. Livi were interested in him but were put off by his wage demands, was wanting the same as Airdrie were paying him and that was way above our budget for this season. Should score plenty goals in this division though, i'd have def liked to have seen us sign him. to replace Buchanan.
  11. Yeah he had a mare pre season when he came on for Alexander but did well enough in the cup games last season. Isn't great at crosses but usually a decent shot stopper, obv not in that game right enough. Felt a bit sorry for the big fella, just on and made a fumble at a free kick hit straight at him. Although last season Kelly had a few of those against East Fife and Alloa. We've a lot of midfielders so def could rest up a few, and i'd drop Mullen to the bench to rest him for Saturday too.
  12. He's scored a couple of goals but looks awfully sluggish and only seems to have one gear. Maybe it's because our players run about chasing down the ball and he doesn't have the same energy as everyone else that he sticks out so much. Can't say i'm impressed with him.
  13. Cup runs are prob the highlight of our season, even this diddy one, I want us to go as far as we can in all of them. I see this is a ticket game, Livi fans will have to go to the ticket office to get one before going to the turnstile.
  14. Aye that's the game, play Maley and/or Knox then if we lose we can say it was against our reserves to make ourselves feel a bit better, just hope Morton don't do the same or that'll be that excuse fecked.
  15. Didn't go the our game against Celtic colts last season as it was a farce but I enjoyed the novelty of playing Crusaders (twice) and TNS. Tbh I didn't much care about this comp till we got to the final and won it, it isn't really a comp you get excited about. Petrofac did a good job trying to get fans involved though, with a fan doing the draw and presenting the trophy, it has gone to f**k again now though, with the colts pish. I'll still head along to this game as it's early in the season and i'm enthusiastic about getting a footballing fix, plus I've feckall else to do on a Tues.