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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Shake it all about.
  2. Volunteers going to be helping clear the snow Fri afternoon and Saturday Morning, don't think the temperature is going to be an issue so depends how they get on clearing the snow. Runs in my mind opposition fans helped us with this the last time we did it, might even have been Falkirk fans, my memory isn't too clear on that though. Think this will be a close game, 1-0 or 2-1 finally winning it, whether it'll be in this game or a replay after a draw I wouldn't put money on, think we can do it though. We've not lost to Falkirk this season yet either but this is the new 2.0 Falkirk.
  3. That penalty miss has really upset you. Anyone can miss a pen, Mullen missed his last 3 for us, and the last miss cost us 2 points, at least Knox's made no difference to the outcome of the game. I think even Buchanan missed a couple, that's how Mullen took one again after his horrendous miss against Albion Rovers that is prob still running down a hill somewhere in Coatbridge. Agree with you that he's done nothing in a Livi shirt though, and wont be missed.
  4. Shame about Brown, he is no doubt a decent player and would've done a job for us but injuries have knackered him this season and he's hardly had a game. Good signing for Airdrie if he can stay injury free, a bit like Carrick really.Looking forward to seeing who Hoppy is bringing in, or at least trying to, hopefully nobody else will jump in before we can get them.
  5. My thinking was well if we're not selling him then play him, and if we're not playing him it suggests Hoppy doesn't think he's ready/good enough, the latter seems more likely now he's 18 and still not getting regular games, so if he's not good enough WTF aren't we biting folks hands off when we're offered a decent amount of money for him. 2,3 or 4 times than we've just taken for Mullen.
  6. He's scored a few goals in the Development team I think, used to see his name coming up on the OS twitter, i'll take your word for it that he hasn't been setting the heather on fire for them though. My point was if he's been getting so much hype since he was 15 and played in a game for us as our youngest player ever in a first team game then it is about time he got regular start now he's 18. Snoddy played against Sevco when he was 16 in the SPL. And if we're biting folks hands off when Mullen was sold then I can't for the life of me see why Knox isn't being sold, he isn't anywhere near the player Mullen is and isn't going to make any difference to our first team squad selling him. The figure Sevco offered was far more than the one we've just got for Mullen too but we knocked it back, i'm mystified as to why.
  7. Problem was we never got to see Knox playing in enough games to see just how good he was, he was kept under wraps too much, I saw a brief glimmer of talent against Partick Thistle in the Betfred cup game but then he hardly got a game again. He's at an age now where he should be getting first team games for us, we've had othere talented players playing long before they were 18. It may have been a brilliant bit of salesmanship on Livi's part though if he isn't that talented and we're going to get a bite at last and make over a 100K from selling him. Plus side is he's not played enough for us to miss him, so it wont affect us in the slightest playing wise. If we're selling Danny Mullen for 10K or so then no matter what offer we get for Knox you'd think we'd take it.
  8. I'll get back to you on that after the game, how are they on playing in snow?
  9. Bargain getting to see the mighty Amber Machine f**k Falkirk out of another cup for just £18.
  10. Good start for Buchanan, first game for us and he gets put into the SPFL team of the week.
  11. Was he no with us training before he signed for Falkirk, don't think Hoppy was interested in signing him then so can't see him wanting him now. Would rather we signed someone a bit more mobile and athletic.
  12. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    Was kinda hoping he'd get a few games for us to see how he got on but i'm sure he'll do well for Berwick and it'll help with his development.
  13. Yeah the last one we've put up was the postponed game against Morton and it is still there, didn't think there was one for the QoS game.
  14. I can't remember seeing one for our game against Queens, was just this page put on our website from Hoppy. http://livingstonfc.co.uk/gaffer-eye-view/
  15. Gate prices are up on the Falkirk website as: Prices are as follows: £18 Adults £12 Concessions* £5 U16s £40 Family (2 adults + 2 children U16) Not looking great in Livi just now though, a few inches of snow on the ground.