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  1. That pretty much covers it, Hoppy is the key to where we'll be next season squad wise, he's getting a lot of recognition just now, keeping a hold of him would be as good, if not better, than holding onto most of our players.
  2. Livi v ICT

    This is getting too weird, that's a St Mirren fan and a Pars fan wishing us well, feels like I've entered into an alternate Universe.
  3. Hey, that was us having a maximum turn out, earlier in the season we had just over 650 at a home game. Unfortunately we're stuck between the Edin & Glasgow teams and Livingston/West Lothian is a hot bed for Celtic & Sevco fans., there is even a Celtic club shop in the Centre. But our past troubles are well documented and that hasn't helped, we've lost a few thousand fans over the years with having arseholes and crooks like Flynn & Massone in charge. As Afro has said, we've wandered slightly off topic going on about our shite crowd, we get enough of that chat from Falkirk fans although I do appreciate that you weren't meaning it in a crowd w**k type way.
  4. The marketing at Livi leaves a lot to be desired, that's about the only area that hasn't improved the last two years, don't envy them the job of trying to attract more fans though, once fans bugger off and do something else with their time it's hard to get them back.
  5. Livi v ICT

    I'd like us to rest players so they are tip top for the play offs but lets be honest here, ICT must be running on empty going into this game, that's 4 midweek games on the trot and I think this is their 9th game in 4 weeks, even with a few fringe players playing we should be looking to take something from this game. They've still something to play for too so it should be a good competitive game. And this is a chance for some of the fringe players to stake a claim for a start in the play offs.
  6. You're obsessed with Byrne, and also about him moving to Falkirk. If they move it should be to an SPFL Premiership side, not another Championship side. Doubt Pittman would move to Falkirk anyway but read Partick Th were interested in him, then again they might be in the Championship next season too. Cadden and Mullin were supposedly offered extended contracts with both running out before the play offs start, not seen anything about them signing them though.
  7. Yep all the more reason Hoppy should get MoTY, not only has he convinced our players they can do it, every other team's players has believed him too. What a manager.
  8. Livi v ICT

    It's a night game so all the centre carparks are free, St Margarets school carpark is still prob the best place though, then walk towards the ground and cross over the bridge taking you out next to the astro pitches behind our stadium. Or you could chance Lidl's right next to the ground and hope you don't get a ticket slapped on your windscreen, prob wouldn't but they say it's for Lidl shoppers only so still a risk.
  9. Livi v ICT

    Yep, wouldn't be an easy game either way, but the players who could come in are still good players so we wouldn't be going into this game not giving a shit. The likes of Frizzell and Mullin would be bursting to do well, and others like Buchanan and McMillan have played really well when called upon, Keaghan is easily a first choice player but he's been used sparingly this season, so it wouldn't do any harm to give him another start if it meant Byrne and/or Pittman could be rested.
  10. Livi v ICT

    I'd love to see big Maley playing up front with Robinson on Tues, oh please make it happen Hoppy.
  11. Livi v ICT

    With us securing 2nd place yesterday we should be rotating the team for this game and giving guys like McMillan, Frizzell, Buchanan, Mullin, Robinson, Thompson, and prob even Jacobs a run out here, def shouldn't be playing Pittman and Byrne anyway, both of them have had a hell of an amount of games and put in some shift every week too, they don't need to be playing a midweek game risking injury and could do with a rest to freshen them up for the play offs. The result isn't really important but a draw would be good, just to keep the confidence going through the team.
  12. I'm in two minds to whether we should just put out our reserves, resting up all our players for the play offs semi finals, or put out a decent team, maybe keeping a few choice starts on the bench to bring on 2nd half and trying to win the game to keep momentum going into the play offs. Really not sure what Hoppy will do, either way I doubt anyone will be too bothered. The main thing is though, we don't want any injuries or bookings putting anyone close to suspension.
  13. 2 draws and 2 defeats. Chance for us to square it all up with 2 wins in the play offs though.
  14. Livi v Brechin

    Yep, used to film the sky when we were scoring goals but his camera work is superb now, cracking footage of the goals. RogerThatProduction has his highlights up now too.