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  1. We're coming for a party and your lot won't ruin it. Come join us [emoji23]
  2. How on earth did we lose that [emoji23] Well done Bairns
  3. After reading the first two lines of any Buddist Monk post
  4. Did alot of Morton fans by tickets before the Queens game?? I'd guess given its a nothing game and we're having a party it'll be one of the lowest Morton away supports to saints park ever. Don't worry i'm sure the Renfrewshire cup will kick off once again. (for a year at least)
  5. I'd be happy for Stelios, Hippo and the likes to get a run out tomorrow as Jack has always said it's a squad game, McShane in give McGinn a rest for Saturday, Would be tempted to keep the rest of the back line considering the shut out record for Sammy, but Baird could slot in for Davies or Gary Mac no problem. party atmosphere for the next two home games!!!
  6. Champions 2017/18 vs. Livi

    We've not seen much of him yet to be honest from his odd fleeting appearance off the bench he's looked good so far. But i'd imagine if he's rooted to the bench constantly some of this attitude may reappear. i expect him to get some game time over the remainder of the season.
  7. Champions 2017/18 vs. Livi

    Looking forward to Saturday and a packed stadium i think this will be a nervy affair. Would like to see Reilly starting, what sort of crowd will Livi bring to paisley? Time to wrap this league up hopefully before the knicker wetters get in full flow
  8. Dundee Utd v Champions 2017/18

    Can't win them all. We move on to Saturday just a pity we have one in full flow tonight on here. Well done tonight good luck in the run in.
  9. F1 2018

    Brilliant by Vettel even more pleasing hearing Hamilton in full bitch mode
  10. Raging [emoji23] you worry about going the other way once you wish big Jim away
  11. Morton [emoji23] [emoji23] another fine comeback for Livi well worthy of 2nd place. Good luck in the playoffs
  12. MMA Thread

    Mcgregor fans on full flow on twitter claiming some sort of moral victory for defending a brother [emoji23] guy is a complete idiot. Although a rich one.
  13. always the bridesmaid never the bride
  14. Boxing Thread

    Best thing about that tweet was Ryans tweet
  15. Boxing Thread

    This so many boxing cards are so one side to benefit the promoters fighters. That matchroom card last night was poor. No matter the venue the amount of people it was fucking shite. Bar price getting sparked out. And having to listen to froch bellew and Johnny Nelson is murder. But roll on Khan and Haye cards we'll do it all again.