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  1. I'd hope we are looking at more people up front than Loy. I'd be perfectly happy if he signed but i wouldn't lose any sleep if he went to Falkirk. As above that's a bit of a wage to give up and i doubt either Falkirk or Saints will match it
  2. At least we now know Rory Loy will be a saints park on the opening day of the season. just not sure which dressing room!!
  3. Its ok Tony Bellew is saying he'll KO him first. Mind you at the min he's saying he'll ko the whole word apart from AJ right now
  4. I used Pls teamsports for our team great service decent prices.
  5. Wait until the season starts we've got our very own tetra in our ranks by the looks of it now, Need to see where everyone is at the start of the season. I'd hope we push on for the playoffs you'd expect UTD to be favourites before a balls is kick
  6. Or has he St mirren facebook page in full flow because tweet has been deleted
  7. I'm also one who changed up to 25s. Much prefer it especially with our roads.
  8. Trying too hard champ!!!
  9. we're the only thing they ever have to talk about!!!!
  10. Hands off Jack!!!! He's needed down Paisley way for as long as possible.
  11. Carl Froch [emoji23] [emoji23]
  12. Zero interest in listening to his corner. All you can hear is hands up.
  13. Good fight between this two so far. Selby just springing from everywhere.
  14. This chocolate brownies patter is poor [emoji23] looking forward to the fight though can't call it. Groves should finally get his hands on a title this time.
  15. Raith [emoji23] [emoji23]