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  1. It's gonna be a long week ahead. Hopefully Wednesday is a hard game for you lot and plenty of red cards etc lol
  2. Yeah a decent boxer should school him if switched on. But he's got dynamite in those punches.
  3. What a punch in that Langford fight. Boom
  4. I see Dave Allen has a title fight. No heavyweights in the commonwealth then.
  5. I agree with being far from safe, Probably better chance picking points up from Utd and hibs than Raith to be honest its just the saints way, We really need Morton to beat Ayr on Saturday. Utd will need to click at some point before the playoffs let's hope not this weekend
  6. For the 2nd week running i'll find myself saying come on the Ton
  7. if you could help us with the 3 points also we'd greatly appreciate giving us a win
  8. a bit late to the party congratulations Hibs!!!
  9. No posts since Thursday has everyone's internet in Greenock stopped working??
  10. A big set back??? Ayr and Raith have an equally tough run in. Of course we'd have rather won today but a point is a point and keeps us going in the right direction.