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  1. Raith [emoji23] [emoji23]
  2. Infact scrap that c'mon Utd. I've got my boys team down playing at Cappielow this Sunday morning in the Morton Community trust festival if Morton win we've been told they'll need to cancel and reschedule due to Morton needing to train at the weekend.
  3. Seriously good luck in return leg on friday night the above was long long over due to VT, Only one goal in it still all to play for!!
  4. Ffs too soon. We appreciate your [emoji476] trip but calm it.
  5. As Kevin Bridges once put it. He's the p***ks p***k!!
  6. And looking at the table at the end of the season those pumpings we dished out saved our skin.
  7. Because your patter is fucking horrific.
  8. You're a right strange one shouldn't you be away creaming yourself about your playoff spot? But no it's one saints thread after another. Are you just generally hated by Morton fans also.
  9. One obsessed mob go quiet another one steps in. I'll be that one person and i think most fans would actually understand we'd have taken 9th gladly at Xmas. But yes slightly disappointed but certainly won't be gutted with 9th if thats how it turns out considering how the first half of the season went.
  10. Yip over the moon.
  11. Look "champ" you've came on here acting the idiot. For some strange reason you can't accept that many saints fans would still take 9th happily. then follow the usual champ, drivelling patter. Do us all a favour and go play tig with the buses.
  12. Another viking wannabe
  13. Yip and I also stand by my you're a complete spunk bucket so nothings changed on both statements