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  1. How big is that piece of gum he chews ffs. Modern day bruce Lee [emoji23]
  2. Got one as well great phone felt a bit on the big side at first but feels fine now
  3. Can't make this weekends game so my prediction won't be a score line but a Red card (paranoia ) and McMullen to score, Utd are favourites for the league easily so will be odds on to win this. Hopefully we can take a draw at least as already been said we've been unpredictable so far this season
  4. I like how they never advertised it once. Then they got it on box office and it's on ssn every 15 mins.
  5. Brilliant from Reilly glad to see him bagging the goals. Even better with the level of he's shite comments he got on here.
  6. Saints and Falkirk going for the red card challenge lol
  7. Keith Jackson probably saying what the majority of normal folk are thinking
  8. Yeah it seems to be try knock it over the back line and let someone run onto it. the middle of the park isn't quite working right now
  9. always part of the plan give them slight hope just to snatch it away from them at the end lol. seriously though probably saved a serious online meltdown from saints fans. i could see the ques forming towards erskine bridge with mins to go lol
  10. we'll lick our wounds and come again bad bad result it'll take time to get over it. no complaints about ref etc (apart from he's a w****r) only outside the playoffs season not over yet!!! Need to see a positive response against Livi, with UTD and Caley coming up
  11. Sneaked in still in hiding will be all week possibly all month [emoji23] at least someone reads shulls posts
  12. I see over 30 of the rangers faithful reported Neil lennon for celebrating goals to the police . That with the ongoing petitions. Question for a level head rangers. Does this not make you cringe or does the full support agree.