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  1. What's going on with the hearts pitch? It's not normally as bad as this is it? Injury potential second half, or more likely a sending off
  2. Hearts doing their best to let The Rangers back into this there
  3. I think you mean seat rather than points. Scottish parliament voting intention (const.): SNP: 48% (-4) CON: 25% (+4) LAB: 15% (-1) LDEM: 6% (+1) (YouGov / 24 - 29 Nov) Chgs. w/ Aug. Scottish parl' voting intention (regional): SNP: 39% (-6) CON: 24% (+4) LAB: 14% (-1) GRN: 11% (+2) LDEM: 6% (-) UKIP: 4% (+2) (via YouGov) Labour Party 10% behind the Tories in Scotland, fecking hell
  4. Attack Attack Attack!
  5. The Shed!! Can't wait.
  6. Official line is tickets are being sent out on Monday Our supporters club tickets arrived on Wed though.
  7. Looks like A1 and A2 not on sale, maybe other bits. Of those sections on sale 1377 left, so maybe 2000 or so in in total to shift. FFS are we going to have some left?
  8. Shaping up to be even better this time. We just sent the tickets out today. Can. Not. Wait. btw Any Dandies that missed out on tickets can still gain entry after 1230 if there is any room left. btw looks like 1314 tickets left for our end, although the way the blocks are blanked out looks like they have sold some sections in a rather odd way so could be slightly more.
  9. Been saying this for months. We can look across the pond and mock but politics in the UK and increasingly across Europe are just as bad and utterly terrifying.
  10. Doubt it's that unusual. Labour in the North East outside of Aberdeen are pretty much non existent and have been for decades
  11. from @britainelects Inverurie (Aberdeenshire) result: CON: 38.8% (+21.4) SNP: 34.6% (-2.5) LDEM: 22.5% (+5.1) LAB: 4.1% (-9.1) GRN & two INDs stood previously. Banff & District (Aberdeenshire) result: CON: 44.0% (+20.9) SNP: 36.2% (-19.2) LDEM: 19.8% (+8.7)
  12. Minutes silence before the game tonight. For Remembrance Day, a week away.
  13. Stop using logic. The Judge was a gay fencer ffs
  14. Brexit Farce
  15. Must be scary swings to the Tories in both those seats that saw big 1st pref SNP votes in previous elections. Aberdeenshire Council Tweeted these figures, presumably 1st preferences: Inverurie: LD 755; SNP 1164, Tory 1302, Lab 139 Banff: LD 526; SNP 962, Tory 1170