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  1. 13 of the 21 maribor fans at last night's game arrested. Hope the rest of their fans are a bit more friendly when we head over next week
  2. From the ticket sales site they are getting the whole away end. 1500 left + what 2000+ in the away end, even if they bring a couple of hundred still looking at about 16+k at the moment I reckon.
  3. Looking from the outside I think it's been a success. Good few shocks and interesting permutations come the weekend.
  4. It's not a deterrent. The question is why do we have Nuclear WMD?
  5. Looks like Maribor are getting the proper away section for this
  6. What crowds were folk expecting? Seem about average for the league cup, if not better and a whole host of teams who usually only get one or two games in the tournament are getting at least four so more folk through the gates and more cash
  7. The #IRNBRUCUP R1 tie between @celticfc U20s & @AnnanAthleticFC will be live on @PremierSportsTV on Tuesday August 2, ko 7.45pm at Cappielow And the farce continues
  8. And now DC announce votes for rubio and kaisch and all go to trump Err whit
  9. Just watching the RNC on CNN Can anyone explain what happened with alaska there. Announced their state voted got cruz but gave all delegates to trump
  10. Presumably that means Scotland's coefficient takes a hammering too
  11. Agree i hope mcinnes brings through Rodgers but given he hasn't managed to get a single youth player into the team on a regular basis since he arrived I won't hold my breath
  12. Yaaasss my gamble has paid off and can make the away game for the third round. Love Slovenia so well up for maribor but best chance of going through is playing Sofia surely so happy either way really
  13. Was trying to explain that to folk around me. Surprised they weren't going nuts at only having one boy taking the restarts backwards too. Thought the fans were very quick to get on players' backs last night too, especially Jack. We, the team and fans, need to be patient early on in games like these, keep some possession and avoid aimless hoofs up the park. Too often when everyone started moaning and bitching at players they resorted to a big humpf up the park which resulted in losing possession. Thought we did really well last night and having taken a gamble with my annual leave am now absolutely buzzing for a wee Euro trip in 3 weeks time.
  14. What a load of nonsense putting Froome 's time gap down to doping. It was a bold attack with a bizarre cycling position but the gap was as much down to Movistar and BMC failing to immediately chase him down and instead fannying about watching him go. The Sky train is ridiculous this tour but Movistar and Tinkoff have done similar at various points this season too and at least Sky are throwing in a few attacks and counter punches to liven it up a bit more compared to previous years. Of course none of us know about doping but pro cycling must have the most rigorous anti doping system in the world, particularly when you compare it to the shambles at the IAF.
  15. Laura Kunsberg has just tweeted that some Labour MPs awe floating the idea of Peter Mandelson as next leader. Oh my...