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  1. I thought he was needing a knee op. Seems a bit reckless to play him. Not just in terms of his career but surely a big chance Brown hacks him down and we're forced to make a change after just 5mins
  2. Think you need to buy online. Can you buy individual editions? Eta yes you can buy individual editions
  3. You mean The Absolute Game which is sadly missed. Perhaps Nutmeg, although not strictly a fanzine, can partially fill that hole. As for current fanzines The Red Final is still going strong, still with lengthy essays from Merkie in tiny print and Gordon Reid's cartoons
  4. Kiriakov of gambling fame
  5. Typical Aberdeen fan, only happy when moaning like f**k
  6. Is that a youth cup tie. Games have to be played at Pittodrie do they not
  7. One man with a broken brush
  8. Still be surprised if this is much above 10k, especially if our spectacular run of 0-0s continues for much longer
  9. 2-0 to the loons
  10. Surely we've got to score at some point. A weeks worth of crossing and shooting practice please Del.
  11. Irvine West: SNP: 37.5% (+0.7) LAB: 33.1% (-7.1) CON: 20.6% (+8.6) SLP: 4.2% (+2.6) GRN: 3.0% (+3.0) LD: 1.5% (-3.2) Lab elected stage 6.
  12. Labour gained Irvine on the sixth set of transfers. SNP had more first preference
  13. Obama invented ISIS
  14. Guaranteed we get Thursday night, sevco get Tuesday then we play them Sunday
  15. League Cup Record Played 8 Win 5 Draw 3 Lose 0 For 19 Against 9 Sat 13-Aug-60 League Cup 1960-61 v Ayr United Home QS (14,000) W 4-3 Sat 27-Aug-60 League Cup 1960-61 v Ayr United Away QS (4,000) D 1-1 Sat 21-Aug-76 League Cup 1976-77 v Ayr United Home QS (9,695) W 1-0 Sat 28-Aug-76 League Cup 1976-77 v Ayr United Away QS (4,800) D 1-1 Wed 08-Nov-78 League Cup 1978-79 v Ayr United Away QF1 (6,300) D 3-3 Wed 15-Nov-78 League Cup 1978-79 v Ayr United Home QF2 (13,000) W 3-1 Wed 21-Aug-85 League Cup 1985-86 v Ayr United Home 2R (12,388) W 5-0 Wed 27-Aug-08 League Cup 2008-09 v Ayr United Away 2R (2,979) W 1-0