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  1. I would have said we were better when the subs came on. But then that's starting from a low Base as we'd fallen off the pace badly
  2. I suspect Storey is away regardless tbh
  3. I love McInnes but his signing policy is to buy folk he knows well. Nothing wrong with that but he seems to know good defenders and is scrabbling round look at shite journey men being punted by agents. Hopefully he's got someone identified and this is just an insurance policy but would be nice to see or hear something positive soon
  4. 2-0. Stewart Both set up by storey
  5. Wow that some special goalkeeping there
  6. Better cut that hair mind
  7. Don't think anyone saw that coming
  8. You mean stunningly beautiful music by a band at their very peak
  9. Seems madness not to have a game on a bank holiday and on Wed night in Dec instead. Who thought that up? AFC usually play Tue midweek anyway so fully expect our game to change to Boxing day anyway
  10. Is it just me or are there a hellish amount of midweek games? I count 6 before the split and presumably one after. Also games on the 27th Dec rather than boxing day, surely they will be moved?
  11. October looks fun Hibs (A) The Rangers* (A) Celtic (H) County (H) Real chance early in the season to get points on the board however.
  12. Almaty are due to be at home 1st leg of the 2nd round so shouldn't cause any changes to our 2nd round tie.
  13. Only played 30 games last 2 seasons, only 10 last year and 34 years of age. Would like someone a bit fitter and younger tbh
  14. "Fraser Fyvie is now in the market for a new club, despite accepting an offer to stay at his old one. Hibs put a new deal on the table a while ago but wanted a quick answer. By the time the midfielder said he wanted to stay, Hibs had apparently changed their mind. " lols
  15. Who? Where?