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  1. Douglas Murray is a c**t
  2. Angus mcneil or Pete wishart [emoji85]
  3. What did the shirts say?
  4. Harvie came second in Glasgow Kelvin which apparently covers much the same area, with 24%
  5. Patrick Harvie standing in Glasgow North. SNP 9000 maj in 2015 from Labour.
  6. Not pretty reading down south so far. At least ukip have lost all their seats so far, sadly straight to the tories: England #LE2017 Seats CON 433 (+105) LD 101 (-9) LAB 67 (-45) IND 34 (-15) GRN 10 (+5) RA 1 (-2) UKIP 0 (-39) as of 5.18am
  7. Could he sneak back in? Only labour candidate in a four seat ward where no other unionist party got more than 6%? You'd hope the good people of Bridge of Don will boot him out unceremoniously but....
  8. YouGov/Times: CON 45 (-3) LAB 29 (+4) LD 10 (-2) UKIP 7 (+2) OTH 9 (+1)
  9. There is some nutjob called Blair Mcdougall standing in East Renfrewshire
  10. It seems clear that the tories have weaknesses all over the place, question is whether labour can take advantage of that or whether the press will be critical and questioning. I don't hold out much hope
  11. Given that she's going to spend weeks avoiding saying anything it might not be as entertaining as you think
  12. Chat on UK Polling Report that looks like the leave vote is coalescing around the Tories, to the extent labour and even plaid voters are lending their vote to tory to ensure brexit. Nice that they are content to ignore every other area of policy allowing the tories to run a one issue campaign then do what the f**k they like with public services, workers rights and taxation
  13. If these polls are anywhere near correct folk would be voting against having a vote by voting for the vilest most right wing government since the 80s. I don't get it. Is stopping a vote worth that? Also shows the utter stupidity of labour trying to out union the Conservative and unionist party. Utter ineptitude and will kill the party for decades
  14. Hardly a surprise, always is for games at hampden
  15. Labour 0 Lib dems 3 Northern Isles, Edinburgh West, East Dunbartonshire Tories 5 three border seats, East Renfrewshire and Aberdeenshire West. SNP 51