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  1. It will be really disappointing if it is a good game and we have nothing to moan about on saturday other than moaning there is nothing to moan about.
  2. Can't drink between 9pm and 10am I think you mean
  3. Is there not a small fence separating those sections, easy enough to step over though I'm sure
  4. Full league cup record of Aberdeen v Morton here (nb only 11k at our only semi). What money on another 7-3?
  5. Any idea who the ref is?
  6. Won 2 Lost 7 (I think)
  7. If you ever saw him play for Aberdeen you'd understand why we hate him at least
  8. Morton are giving me the fear. That five nil yesterday was extraordinary. Top many recent nightmares at hampden for over confidence you would think but this is Aberdeen we're talking about.
  9. AFC and Morton both seem to have massively over estimated their supports for this one. Oh well.
  10. On one hand I saw Morton get absolutely bossed by Queen's Park at Hampden in the challenge cup. On the other hand it is Aberdeen at Hampden. Who knows?
  11. Big win for the LibDems. Could see a few more in the North/North East next year
  12. Actually the Labour Party and Tories seem to be diverging in a number of areas, however your average BritNat doesn't care about any actual policy as long as he has a Union Flag and a Queen.
  13. SNP 180 in front with 589 Tory votes to transfer
  14. Could well go LibDem if the Tories have chosen to transfer.
  15. Results last couple of times: Labour never been great, 3rd last two elections here so no surprise they've lost, perhaps only how low they've gone: May 2012 first preferences Ind 1224 SNP 941 Lab 479 LD 475 Grn 170 C 154 (elected Ind, LD, SNP, Lab (6th count) ) May 2007 first preferences Ind 1521 SNP 1335 Lab 816 LD 663 C 318 (elected Ind , SNP, Lab, LD (3rd count) )