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  1. Aberdeen v Ross County

    We don't play with two strikers so not sure why he insists on having to strikers on the park. Stick to the tried and tested 4231. Shinnie to LB, McLean and O'Connor (or Tansey) in the middle. Two wingers on the wings and a striker up top. Easy peasy
  2. Aberdeen v Celtic - 25/10/17

    About 1500 tickets left, hopefully can sell out over the next few days
  3. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    Classic McInnes substitution when we were still looking threatening going forward. He's made this exact tactical change several times and its cost us, not sure why he keeps doing it. With GMS, May and Christie going off we had no out ball and zero pace so inevitably sat deeper and deeper. Thankfully hibs were rotten up front so it didn't cost us any points but it will do in tyhe future. Apart from that it was a thoroughly satisfying performance.
  4. Hibs vs Dons 14.10.17

    Was lennon having an argument with his own fans in the main stand at the end. Seemed to be a bit of shouting and gesticulating on his part
  5. Project Brave rumbles on..

    Surely we should be looking at Iceland. Do they not have a ridiculous number of UEFA qualified coaches and indoor pitches. They didn't restrict access, they ensured all kids, at what ever ability level, had access to the best. Obviously in a country like Scotland, 15x bigger, the cost to implications are significant but surely the general principle is one we could follow?
  6. Watched the Dons for too long to ever think that. Few thought that on Thursday. Literally nobody is thinking that about tomorrow.
  7. He'll never drop McLean so not sure why folk keep suggesting it
  8. Anyone care to work out our best team and tell McInnes? Bit of fight and enthusiasm wouldn't go a miss either. Our so called senior players could talk a look a Christie for a start
  9. Hearts Rugby Club v The Famous Aberdeen

    Am I correct in saying the Dandies are in the stand to the left?
  10. Hearts Rugby Club v The Famous Aberdeen

    Bit worried we'll see Christie out wide or on the bench while McLean keeps his place.
  11. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    The only game I've been to where the entire stadium was united in booing the teams off. Both teams were terrible and served up surely one of the worst games ever.
  12. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    I left at five. Sixth went in while having a piss. Seven as I hailed a taxi on London Road. Eight and nine by the time I got to the pub where I waited for my mates while listening to gloating celtic fans who hadn't even bothered to go. Queen's Park game the fans were singing "you're not fit to wear the shirt" as we stepped up to hit the first pen
  13. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Dunno, Queen's Park in the cup and the semi v Queen of the South run it close
  14. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    How often does a North Super League side beat anyone from the top leagues down south? Stunning result for Banks surely