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  1. I've got the fear about this without Jack and Hayes. We really struggled at home against Thistle a few weeks ago until making a change to our formation and players and then got two good goals. Thistle will know what to expect this time, and with all our injuries we'll have far fewer options if we're struggling. Hopefully a decent home crowd as well as what sounds like an excellent Thistle crowd
  2. Well done to Hamilton, you certainly seem to know how to get a result against us down there. I thought we played really well last night, certainly a lot better than the game at the beginning of the season, with McLean and Jack being absolute standouts. Yet again, when faced with a stubborn defence throwing everything on the line we just couldn't get the break and lacked any guile to break through them. Lost count of how many terrible corners McGinn put in. Folk moan about our short corners but when McGinns corners are repeatedly terrible we have to try something else. Someone on the train back into town was saying we've scored more goals from set pieces than anyone else in the league which seems remarkable given how often our corners are utterly useless. Rooney is the other concern. I agree he's not on top form, despite the number of goals he has scored, and has missed a number of very good changes in recent weeks, looks even slower and lost his sharpness. If on form he'd easily be on 25+ goals already. Sadly, esp with Stockley out we have few options. We've been on a great run and it was inevitable we'd lose at some point, and if we had to lose I'd much rather it was last night than Sunday. Still 9pts clear with Hearts and The Rangers* in disarray and a home cup QF to look forward to, COYR
  3. It's always slightly odd that we seem to cope really well on the pitch at Killie and did well at Falkirk in the cup a few years ago but have never got to grips with the pitch at Hamilton. Anyone know if there are any significant differences between the surfaces?
  4. Wonder if the fact the game clashes with the Rugby will have an effect on the crowd? Seemed to v Thistle a few weeks ago
  5. Council approve that hideous empty carbuncle that was never needed and is unsurprisingly going to be empty and costing the council millions for years. Would be ridiculous if they oppose the new stadium. As for green belt land. They built a massive office complex directly across the road, in the shire, and are planning a redevelopment further back down the road to kingswells. Farce
  6. Presume the brass and granite will be open
  7. Bump. I thought my post hadn't worked so posted it twice [emoji85]
  8. V Morton in the league cup, 1996. Although we needed 120 mins then
  9. Did I just hear a chant of "we want 9"?
  10. SPFL highlights should be in the Match of the Day slot with either MotD following after or EPL highlights tagged onto the end of sportscene like they did when I was a kid
  11. Whatever could you mean
  12. One benefit of being on a train back to Glasgow post match
  13. Train confirmed DIN to INV 1721 on Sat