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  1. Can't see sky bothering to travel all the way to Dingwall. Terrible draw for Aberdeen, our record up there is shocking. Also going to be tough getting to from down here.
  2. Away game somewhere I haven't seen the dons play. East Fife, Stirling/clyde
  3. Sandhill (Sunderland) result: LDEM: 45.0% (+41.5) LAB: 25.0% (-29.9) UKIP: 18.7% (-7.2) CON: 10.0% (-5.7) GRN: 1.3% (+1.3)
  4. Only a council election but wtf LAST TIME in Sunderland Sandhill it was LAB 55%, UKIP 26%, CON 16%, LD 5% TONIGHT: Liberal Democrat GAIN Sandhill (Sunderland) from Labour.
  5. Really just confirms what we all know about the wonderful deal cockwomble got us.
  6. Random Cardiff twitter
  7. Apparently Aberdeen have turned down the £500k offer
  8. The one thing you expect when going to tyncastle is a physical game and we usually get bullied out of it. Can't think of a game down there where we physically dominated hearts to that extent. Cathro may or may not be a decent manager but the team of cloggers that levein, sorry Nielsen, put together isn't capable of playing the way he wants. Massive two weeks for him as if he carries on like this after the break I can't see hearts fans giving him much time. We were excellent, in particular McLean who I thought was immense. Having been in a pretty dark place a few weeks ago we go into the break with new vigour and optimism. Keep it simple, don't fanny about with the starting eleven and we'll win more often than not.
  9. What's going on with the hearts pitch? It's not normally as bad as this is it? Injury potential second half, or more likely a sending off
  10. Hearts doing their best to let The Rangers back into this there
  11. I think you mean seat rather than points. Scottish parliament voting intention (const.): SNP: 48% (-4) CON: 25% (+4) LAB: 15% (-1) LDEM: 6% (+1) (YouGov / 24 - 29 Nov) Chgs. w/ Aug. Scottish parl' voting intention (regional): SNP: 39% (-6) CON: 24% (+4) LAB: 14% (-1) GRN: 11% (+2) LDEM: 6% (-) UKIP: 4% (+2) (via YouGov) Labour Party 10% behind the Tories in Scotland, fecking hell
  12. Attack Attack Attack!
  13. The Shed!! Can't wait.
  14. Official line is tickets are being sent out on Monday Our supporters club tickets arrived on Wed though.