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  1. It seems clear that the tories have weaknesses all over the place, question is whether labour can take advantage of that or whether the press will be critical and questioning. I don't hold out much hope
  2. Given that she's going to spend weeks avoiding saying anything it might not be as entertaining as you think
  3. Chat on UK Polling Report that looks like the leave vote is coalescing around the Tories, to the extent labour and even plaid voters are lending their vote to tory to ensure brexit. Nice that they are content to ignore every other area of policy allowing the tories to run a one issue campaign then do what the f**k they like with public services, workers rights and taxation
  4. If these polls are anywhere near correct folk would be voting against having a vote by voting for the vilest most right wing government since the 80s. I don't get it. Is stopping a vote worth that? Also shows the utter stupidity of labour trying to out union the Conservative and unionist party. Utter ineptitude and will kill the party for decades
  5. Hardly a surprise, always is for games at hampden
  6. Labour 0 Lib dems 3 Northern Isles, Edinburgh West, East Dunbartonshire Tories 5 three border seats, East Renfrewshire and Aberdeenshire West. SNP 51
  7. Pretty sure one of the 0-0s was the only time I'd seen both sets of fans furiously booing their own teams throughout and especially at the final whistle. Woeful game
  8. Several quotes on radio 4 news at six
  9. EU seem to be making noises that the election will make negotiations easier. Guess they are presuming big tory majority
  10. You wouldn't have expected Scottish Labour voters to switch to the Tories but they seem to have done so. Unionists are odd.
  11. Aberdeenshire West may have a maj of 7000 for the SNP but the current MP is very young and has a low profile. If the unionists rally behind either the Tories or LibDems easy to see that seat going. The equivalent Holyrood seats saw a big swing to the tories in 2016
  12. I've definitely read that the tories fear all the LibDem seats they won last time round will are already lost
  13. You'd think, taking the Holyrood elections into account that the Tories will be confident of taking all the Border seats, Aberdeenshire West, and an Edinburgh seat and maybe East Ren (although will need a total, and highly likely, collapse in the Lab vote). Lib Dems perhaps making gains in Edinburgh and Fife. Labour total wipeout? Of course that's if folk vote primarily on Scottish politics, if it's mainly about Brexit then Tories could struggle badly to the benefit of the LibDems. Worst case scenario for the SNP is still high 40s though surely. Finally what happens to McGarry and Thomson, they still don't have the whip so do they stand as independents and if they do will the SNP stand against them?
  14. Dons: C5 to B5 sold out B 4-1 plenty of tickets South Stand looks sold out (not available)
  15. I am not enjoying this optimism one bit Stop it ffs, you're Aberdeen Fans!