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  1. easy haha
  2. Boab isnae very bright haha
  3. How did Burntisland Shipyard get their name?
  4. Good luck to them. Its a crap league but they wont be there long.
  5. Cumbernauld Colts I have less of an issue with, at least they have a home ground and play in the area they represent. BSC and Edusport on the other hand are a farce and highlight one major flaw with the licencing scheme, you don't need a home ground anywhere near the area you're supposed to be from. That should be one of the cornerstones of club licencing.
  6. if the money man sticks aroon and disnae get bored withoot him their nae better than lochgelly or st andrews
  7. shippy might get a hame tie and pigs might fly
  8. st andrews staying up noo wi nitten?
  9. money mans pet project looking fur mair money fae the sfa, enjoy the border pub teams
  10. aye a guid idea but still stuck in this pishy league, kelty disnae change anything as they wulnae be here long. could have replaced them in the juniors.
  11. Humped by Stirling uni reserves pish game pish crowd just pish
  12. Said more than once that id love to see Shippy move tae the Juniors its much better than the pish league were in now so dinnae go shooting yersels in the foot. I watch a lot of junior fitba in Fife its good how it is.
  13. beemur lol
  14. trust me here son the lowland is nae better than the juniors and the east of scotland is worse
  15. Cooncil are needing a boot in the baws for way they treat Rosyth