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  1. There are few funnier sights in football than the ***s being utterly bitchslapped in their own backyard. Absolutely no surprise that their barely human supporters have disgraced themselves yet again. Equally unsurprising that Bennett is being a snidey wee arsehole over the entirely predictable behaviour of his fellow fans. Total fucking scum.
  2. I am unsure whether you are trying (and failing) to be funny, or are enormously stupid. A bit of both I feel.
  3. No, I simply think the world, and indeed the gene pool would improve significantly if you were no longer in it.
  4. [emoji38] Excellent. Another night of facepalm-inducing trolling from P&B's resident elderly piss artist.
  5. When you need a company's phone number or even postal address and their atrocity of a website only offers an email contact form, and gleaning any further contact information is akin to the fucking Labours of Hercules. c***s.
  6. Disappointed to see McSpreader hasn't ceased his pointless existence by following my advice tbh. Absolute loser.
  7. It was excellently run and very enjoyable. Even the big climb wasn't too horrific. There were a few folk grumbling about being picked up by the sweep vehicle but other than that, and a couple of crashes I'd recommend it as a starter for getting into sportive / Etape cycling. Looking to build my distances and endurance for the Deeside 100 mile route next.
  8. This game can get in the fucking sea. Awful.
  9. That was genuinely hilarious. Pretty much the P&B equivalent of one of those losers you see on Facebook agreeing with everything a full time mummy posts in the hope of getting noticed.
  10. I think it started life on the official Dundee site IIRC.
  11. Oaksoft an expert on suicide now [emoji38] f**k up.
  12. I can't remember that, but I do recall one of his breakdowns resulted in a hissy fit during which he informed us all that one of the Sunday papers was going to serialise his pie reviews. Tbf the pie reviews themselves were a good laugh and pretty popular but weren't even close to Dundeebarry's work.
  13. You realise you're trying to reason with someone who literally drank from a puddle?