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  1. Keep telling yourself that [emoji38]
  2. Beginning to regret last nights spiced red lentil soup tbh
  3. My old man is literally boiling with rage at the SNP on a daily basis and willingly believes every negative story about them no matter how far fetched. Last referendum there was a joke meme featuring John Swinney beside a stack of money going about which he totally believed was the SNP printing a new currency before the indy ref result had taken place. He was going mental about it. He's a total uncle tam and takes a bizarre pleasure in Scotland losing at any sport. He even wanted to stand for Council as a UKIPper [emoji38]
  4. The worst thing about Diana dying was the radio stations playing days on end of funeral-esque music. I vaguely remember Nicky Campbell publicly naming and shaming someone who'd emailed in asking when normal service would be restored. w****r.
  5. At what point will Labour figure out the link between them slavishly following Tory lines of attack and ever-increasing utter shoeings by the electorate? Obviously I'm hoping the answer is either "never" or until they're finally and permanently binned.
  6. The thread probably consisted of a few Mussus Bunfield gags and was not doubt littered with pish by tiny tears bigots like yourself and RedRob. Search it out if you're that desperate to know what it contained, I highly doubt anyone else really gives a f**k
  7. Because we're not all rabid, permanently seething ***s imo.
  8. Utter drivel.
  9. It's a fair point tbh.
  10. This is what I meant in previous posts. Big hitters only, Hyslop is fucking shite.
  11. I assume she eventually accepted she fucked that up after her comical protestastions that it was dodgy? Fucking muppet [emoji38]
  12. Can't think of many likely candidates tbh, though can you imagine a clown like Kez trying to enforce party discipline [emoji38]
  13. Yeah I've done the maths on the "teeth" and need to replace both Cheers guys.
  14. Post Independence I'd expect the SNP to carry on as is until a Scottish General Election, following which I think we'd see the end of any one party having an outright majority. I suspect a series of centre/centre left coalitions will form the Scottish Government for the next few parliaments. I'd expect the current SNP to lose a few MSPs to the left, assuming SLab is reformed into a halfway sensible socialist-type party and a few to the right. The Greens will be a bigger deal as well. Tories will possibly grow in strength, thought not massively. If SLab are properly reformed, the best thing about it will be seeing arseholes like Dugdale and Jackie fucking Baillie getting emptied into political oblivion. Oh, and no one will give a f**k about the Lib Dems.
  15. Imagine if they fell behind the Lib Dems [emoji38]