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  1. Italian Football Thread

    Bologna's Palacio must be infuriating to play with. So often takes the wrong option then executes it badly.
  2. Even funnier that Hearts and Dunfermline both went into admin after the ***s died and survived, in no small part due to fundraising by their fans. A stark contrast to the ***s who, erm marched on Hampden and threatened loads of people, but ultimately just watched their club die without really making any serious effort to save it [emoji38]
  3. Riveting stuff, as ever, Bennett.
  4. Auto correct is a pain in the arse, isn't it? [emoji38]
  5. Indeed. Beyond the sound KB, the seemingly sensible Equalizer and Kincardine on the rare occasions he isn't pished, you're struggling. Tedi, Bennett and No8 have all had band for posting highly nefarious stuff about child abuse, and numerous others have been binned for sectarianism. Awful, awful people.
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Wasn't it a Cessna? I'm happy with whichever would hit the ground at greater velocity tbh
  7. Italian Football Thread

    Who the f**k is the commentator? He's going absolutely mental over literally nothing [emoji38]
  8. Even as a Dundee fan, this was one of the highlights of the Banter Years for me. The pre-existing bad blood between the clubs for the United Chairman's outspoken views on the attempts to admit Sevco into the top tier, actually having the cheek to demand payment for ticket money, the refusal to accept a shite offer for the rap David Goodwillie who subsequently went to Blackburn for the same money that Rangers had "offered", the ***s having to stump up for the re-arranged game at Tannadice that had been postponed pre-admin and even the DABs programme editor "accidentally" calling the The Rangers in his notes. When the clubs were drawn in the Scottish Cup, a few of the fans groups were determined to teach United a lesson and boycott to hurt them financially. Then this happened: United scored inside 13 seconds Kal Naismith was sent off for losing the plot Ian Black was then sent off for losing the plot Charles Green had accepted hospitality at the game despite telling Rangers fans for weeks to boycott One of their bigoted fuckwit supporters groups "leaders" was found to have sneaked into the United end 400 of their fans spent 90 minutes watching their club being utterly bitchslapped at a sold out Tannadice to renditions of "Zombie" by the Cranberries United made a pile of cash from the sold out game, it was also televised resulting in another £250K windfall The only downside was the DABs drawing us in the Q-F and winning at Dens. Still, it was an utterly hilarious episode in the Banter Years from start to finish, only surpassed by the utter scenes in the 2016 Cup Final.
  9. TBF Bennett's B&B probably still has fucking dial-up.
  10. Trivia

    League champions Aberdeen were strong favourites to win this game. Celtic started well with Provan causing Aberdeen trouble on the right flank but the entire course of the game changed in 38 minutes when Aitken was sent off for a foul on Mark McGhee. It was Aitken's first offence in the game and he was sensationally sent off but it was the antics of McGhee, exaggerating his injuries until the red card was produced, and also Strachan's badgering of referee Valentine to order Aitken off which left a bad taste.Celtic were already infuriated by Black's opening goal in which he looked suspiciously offside.Celtic refused to buckle and MacLeod who replaced Aitken as sweeper had a magnificent game. With five minutes remaining Paul McStay scored a dramatic equaliser for the 10 men Celts to take the game to extra time.However the villain of the peace, McGhee, scored the winner in extra time after Bonner had flapped at a cross ball from Strachan.Aberdeen saw it out to lift the double but most on lookers were of the opinion that the brave Celts were worthy of a replay.
  11. Trivia

    FFS remember it now. The final was pretty much ruined as any sort of contest from then on. Was that during Ebbe's "interesting" reign?
  12. Trivia

    Jim Leighton in about the 2nd minute of a final (against Rangers?) Robbie Winters took over in goal iirc, as Aberdeen didn't have a sub-keeper on the bench. They lost 4-0 Hibs had an utter clownshoe of a defender red card in the 5-1 final. Kuhabi or something.
  13. Pubs turning shite

    They had a somewhat lax policy regarding illegal substances. Basically "dae it upstairs". I have memories if a horrific whitie there around 1994 [emoji38]
  14. Pubs turning shite

    Is the Balcony Bar in Dundee still on the go?