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  1. Scottish Labour quite literally begging for money [emoji38] Why the f**k would you want access to Kezia Dugdale? Her coupon when Labour are absolutely fucking hosed in these elections will be terrific entertainment. What are the useless fuckers polling at these days?
  2. GD is entirely correct. It's nothing to do with water rates. The CT increases from Bands E-H have from from the Scottish Government, with Council's having the option to impose up to an additional 3% across the board. Band H will go up by a total of something like 27.5% in Angus. The seethe this has generated has been fantastic, especially on the local Facebook pages. They're positively rammed full of idiots who over-reached themselves financially to get big houses they couldn't really afford and are now crying "discrimination" at folk in the lower Bands They're also demanding that Council staff take wage cuts, and that people living in the lower bands don't deserve the same level of Council services. Utterly brilliant stuff. I might post up a scan of my £3 monthly increase in March
  3. Ooft. Pretending you're fishing now This is quite tremendous seethe.
  4. Stakes of £10 and £10.22? Looks to me like you gambled the sensible approach of withdrawing the meagre contents of your account in favour of a hilariously poor couple of bets on a not-particularly great Hearts side away to a Hibs side absolutely dominating their own league. Nae luck you fucking peasant.
  5. This happened at Tannadice in a game against St Mirren. Me and a few mates went into the away end (when it was the Arklay Street terracing) amongst about 50 St Mirren fans. As Billy Thomson jogged towards the away end goal before kick off and did his jump up and tap the crossbar thing, one of said fans broke into this song (and he actually tried to sing "The hills are aliiiiiiiiive..." bit properly), before breaking into "BILLY THOMSON IS A b*****d" and frequently reminding him that he was a "Ballet dancing c**t". The game was a dreadful 0-0 with Kevin Gallacher missing a penalty. £3 well spent.
  6. I doubt anyone would disagree that Tatchell is an attention-seeking loonball. However you seem utterly consumed by this subject matter to the extent that you have clearly just fired "Tatchell" and "under aged sex" into a search engine, making you both a weirdo, and quite frankly more than a little creepy. Seek help ffs.
  7. I don't live in Glasgow and this seems to have a few ***s utterly furious, so i'm good with it.
  8. I don't know what's worse here. Your catastrophic mental breakdown, or the fact that you actually had to edit it. Fucking hell
  9. Motherfucker. Wiki (I know) states City paid £28million for Otamendi. TWENTY-EIGHT FUCKING MILLION. If the fee for Stones is to be believed, these clowns have shelled £73.5million on an absolutely catastrophic central defensive pairing. Fucking hell man.
  10. Atrocious pen from Falcao. The utter seethe from these commentators is wonderful though.
  11. I did those two late last year in almost snowless conditions, two days after wading through the stuff for 15 miles on the Monadhliaths [emoji38] Fantastic hills and an excellent ridgewalk between them. The path off Gleouraich is superb. One of the few descents I've actually enjoyed. Loch Quoich is glorious though. Thoroughly looking forward to a few return trips there.
  12. You forgot scrapping amongst themselves and singing about Tommy Burns. Complete and utter vermin.
  13. It quite possibly would have been had they not died. Which was a wee shame.
  14. He's a fucking ***. What do you think?