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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    This is true, and entirely logical. Disappointingly however we are a national of servile shitebags. Whether it's political decisions, sport or indeed almost anything else, given the opportunity for meaningful change we will without question utterly shit the bed and vote for anything which brings us more misery. Frankly, we deserve everything we fucking get.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Glen Minter [emoji38]
  3. General Politics Thread

    Jesus wept Pandarilla. Give the contrarian/concern trolling a rest for a day. You've become the b*****d offspring of XBL and RandomGuy.
  4. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    This is a perfect summary of how hilariously shite the administration of our game is. Hopefully we'll at least get an amusing GIF out of it.
  5. Mhairi Black appreciation thread

    Fucking settle.
  6. Hillwalking Thread

    I was quite surprised I was only 5 hours on the Coigach walk. It felt like I'd spent half of it fannying around taking photos Cheers Gnash. There's very little on Coigach as an area, save for the single track road and a scattering of houses around Achiltibuie. Absolute hooked on the place now, and quite fancying a winter trip.
  7. Both absolute fucking brain donors anyway. A potential new low (who knew) for AWRA [emoji38]
  8. [emoji38] St Johnstone haven't looked like scoring all night ffs. ETA: Conceding two to Pena [emoji38]
  9. Ah, it appears to be racist perma-loser AWRA [emoji38]
  10. Hillwalking Thread

    Managed to get in three decent walks during a fortnight's holiday in Assynt and then Torridon. The weather the second week was absolutely atrocious, but I got a couple of excellent days on Quinag and the Ben More Coigach/Sgurr an Fhidhleir pair. The latter is a magnificent walk, only about 7 miles with less total ascent than most munros (both hills are Grahams), but the views throughout are just ridiculous, plus there's some fun scrambling to be had on the Coigach ridge. Quinag is a triple Corbett, and a great route in itself. If you can be arsed getting up to the far north, give it a go. Absolute scenes all over the place. Ben More Coigach & Sgurr an Fhidhleir Quinag Torridon was a bit shit in terms of weather, nearly six days of gales and rain Managed a single Graham though. Beinn a'Chearcaill
  11. Pretty much. One of Celtic's players got a sore one in a 2-1 win at Parkhead, the thread descended into a complete clusterfuck with both Daviebhigot and another Celtic fan copping bans. Drew Brees maybe? He's back, but Davie's was a permaban. He should have been emptied after posting photos of dead children on a match thread tbh. An absolute cretin and the embodiment of the stereotypical Celtic fan. He was a regular poster a few years back then re-appeared, clearly having been in jail.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    She's a complete fucking airhead. A trust fund Tory in her position purely due to her extremely rich landowning family.
  13. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    And we've guaranteed Northern Ireland a play off place [emoji38] Expect the usual array of clichés from Strachan, none of which will be his resignation.