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  1. Fucking hell. I hadn't thought it possible but it looks like we've finally found a St Johnstone fan more boring than RandomGuy. What a time to be alive.
  2. 100% this.
  3. Thanks mate Hard to tell from that where you ended up, but the ascent of A'Mhairchonach from Geal Charn is a steep grassy slog depending on the line you take. As munros go, these are fairly straightforward as you get a decent starting height. The circuit of 4 is a bit tougher as it's around 13 miles, and the descent off the last one Sgairneach Mhor, is a boggy and heathery clusterfuck. Other straightforward routes would be the Glenshee munros (3 piss easy ones on the Ski Centre side and 4 slightly harder on the other), Driesh and Mayar are a nice walk, with the added bonus of the glorious Corrie Fee. Ben Lawers above Loch Tay is nice and easy to follow with an easy munro to accompany it in Beinn Ghlas. There are some excellent resources for routes etc, try www.walkhighlands.co.uk and also look up Steven Fallon's site. Some great info in these.
  4. Glad you enjoyed your first outing Those are decent hills, I've done them a few times now. Beinn Udlamain has a huge cairn at the summit with a load of old fenceposts in about it. There were loads of hares about the first time I did Udlamain, in fact I almost tripped over one that was sheltering at the cairn These ones are usually pretty busy at the weekend.
  5. 8mile
  6. Managed to to end up in the favourable 50% of MWIS "cloud free summits" forecast and had a glorious day on the two Ballachulish munros, Sgorr Dhearg and Sgorr Dhonuill. The initial 500m to gain the ridge is an absolute leg burner through very steep boggy grass and heather, but after that the ridgewalk is excellent with glorious views all over the place. The walk out is pretty long and tedious and an accident near Glencoe meant we had to divert back to Oban to get to Tyndrum resulting in a seethe-filled 4 hour journey home, much of which took place at 30mph thanks to a series of oblivious camper-van driving c***s.
  7. You missed out the words "hilariously fail to" HTH [emoji3]
  8. Hilarious that he simply can't function without P&B. A completely abject loser [emoji38]
  9. "Get a competent manager in" [emoji38] A frankly unlikely scenario.
  10. More worryingly, is that two more strikers crocked?
  11. I've never fancied the Shenavall approach, partly because the walk in seems less than appealing, and partly because I can't realistically use a bike on it I biked quite a way towards Lochan Fada last year while we were on holiday in Kinlochewe, just to have a look really. There's a large hydro scheme going in, and the track into Gleann na Muice is a bit of a quagmire after rain now. Pish. The other problem with that approach is having to loop right back over some crap looking terrain to get to the foot of Sgurr Ban, unless I want to have to climb MCMF on the way out to Sgurr Ban and back to Tarsuinn, so Loch a'Bhraoin it is. Can you remember if there are any decent water sources on the ridge?
  12. I think i've looked at about 10 different ways to do these I've sort of settled on biking in past Loch a'Bhraoin, ditching the bike at the bothy then following the track round to cross below Loch an Nid and up the Sgurr Ban slabs and walk the ridge from there. The worst part of it appears to be a big height loss after Beinn Tarsuinn across boggy ground then a grassy 400m slog up the eastern slopes of A'Mhaighdean, carry overnight gear. It'll be pretty hard going. The approach from Poolewe does look terrific though. I might leave Ruadh Stac Mor for that route as I'll be absolutely fucked after the other 4.
  13. The only thing that could possibly make that horrendous scenario worse would be the daft c**t failing to notice that about 33 of the coupons were out of date, then proceed to argue with the checkout operator, and then the fucking manager. c***s.