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  1. He's basically a racist homophobe who enjoys contrarian trolling. Absolute vermin imo.
  2. Dat audience A few of those fuckers swimming in pretty shallow gene pools imo. What was with that Daily Mail w****r taking his glasses off every 3 seconds? Mentalist. Blackford came across well I though, Gina Miller would get pumped, the Tory took an eternity to say anything and Labour guy had pretty fucking sinister hair.
  3. [emoji38]
  4. Inverness to Achnasheen Some glorious locations from there.
  5. I always thought Spaniels and the like were used as "retrieval" for shot game birds, with the alleged tail injuries coming from them charging about undergrowth, woods, fences etc etc. I didn't think they were used in "pack hunts" as such.
  6. The very definition of #scenes
  7. Glorious. I hope he suffers [emoji23]
  9. These are the words of a man who has worked for a local authority and had to contact their no doubt shambolic IT section at least once. That's a favourite in my workplace. Other surprisingly effective efforts include waiting till someone goes for a pish and prising off the "E" and "I" keys then swapping them round. Simple, but incredibly effective. Shite IT is a bit of a hot topic here just now. We've had months of our now ex-CE insisting that we will be fully digital by 2020. This has of course been a total fucking shambles so far as it is nigh on impossible to electronically submit travel claims, get copies of your payslips etc without some sort of major error which seemingly no one knows how to fix. This amusingly resulted in the quietest girl in the office suddenly going absolutely fucking spare because she was unable to access her p60 which she needed for some form or other.
  10. [emoji38] Glorious.
  11. Fucking hell. Is she standing in Wales?
  12. "Ritoricle"
  13. I bought a pair of Schwalbe Durano Plus 25s a couple of months back for about £26 each. I've done about 300 miles on them since (mostly on Forfar's network of rough and shitey B/C roads) with no issues (touch wood).
  14. I probably deserve to die for that tbqh.