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  1. Sorry, guys, but obviously I've been failing in my duty by not keeping a tally on how many throw-ins we have won or lost and how many of those have been wrongly awarded. While I am at it, I confess I haven't been counting corners either. Tbh the brutal games I have watched recently have been tough enough without these niceties.
  2. Very worrying last four games. Apart from the 44 minutes against the bottom team today, we have been brutal. What on earth has the manager done with two of the division's better strikers? They don't play together despite having a good understanding, instead our best footballer is shoved out wide, or played upfront on his own and the ball hoofed long for him to head (!), or he is partnered with a cross between a giraffe and a donkey for a minimum of an hour a game. This season can't end soon enough for me; however, I am beginning to worry about the next one though, as our record since Skelton left is so bad and there are so many problems needing to be sorted.
  3. Second half today rated the same as the Dunfermline and Morton performances - bloody dire. I still think we need a couple of wins, but if we stay up, we are in deep sh!t for next season without some radical surgery. Given what happened to Fowler and Skelton, Nasmyth will have to start showing some talent soon....
  4. IMO Keeping Hilson, rates the same as any argument for keeping Tapping. There's nothing like the team not playing well to raise the profile of guys who never play, for whatever reason that is! I wouldn't think a mega -clearance is particularly wise, given we will have to find replacements for Thomas and Thomson for starters. Of the first team regulars: I am one of the people that Robinson is bugging at the moment but he is a good shot stopper. Maybe keep him but I would be less sorry to see him go than at any time previously. Back 4 - keep Brownlie, Dowie and Marshall Midfield - keep Rankin, Jacobs & - maybe Carmichael Forwards - keep Dobbie and Lyle Would like to see us get a couple more wins before manager chucks young boys on to see what they can do.
  5. He's not been great but tbf he is playing on the wrong wing because Marshall is out. Mind you Hamill had another poor game too.
  6. Well, yes. Perhaps playing our other scorer alongside him in a proven partnership, even away from home, might help. Playing for a draw until we are a goal behind is a brutal watch currently.
  7. Not surprised tbh. Robinson to Dykes' head for a flick on to Dobbs. Pretty dire tactically yet again. Will be interesting to see plan B with defensive midfielder off.
  8. Think Mercer and Dykes are at least one division above their true level.
  9. To say the defending was inept by Dobbie and Rankin is really unfair on inept defenders.
  10. Jesus (saves) in goal, please. I realise now that Dykes starts simply to try to stop Robinson hooking the ball into the stands. Truth is we have a more secure keeper on the bench.
  11. I would stick to airbrushing out Morton's relegation history rather than tampering with other people's posts. Greenock or Edinburgh? Still capital telly over sh!thole stand for me.
  12. Cappielow or telly? You, the people decide. AAAALAAABAAAA for me!
  13. Yep, I watched the ball bounce in front of Moffat so slowly that, if I hadn't been sitting so far back in the stand, I would have had a go at charging it down myself. Tbh in this second spell I can't believe Lee Robinson is going to be a goalkeeping coach. I thought that Pars move was one of the best of the game and Clark connected with the ball really well and was unlucky he didn't win the game with a terrific shot. They are talking p!sh.
  14. Hoof hoof hoofity hoof. Not a great watch. Neither side deserved 3 points for that, though Pars excellent move plus shot off the inside of the post was a quality above most of the rest of the game. Thomas played well again and Pars defenders doubled up on him every time but drawing an extra defender we rarely capitalised on, since we were playing with one forward. Hoofball to Dobbie is a pointless and depressing experience. The poor guy must be wondering where the beautiful game went. Having praised Thomas, I have to say he has got to improve his corner kicks. Two straight to their keeper and one straight into the side net. What a waste! Going forward we produced some decent play occasionally but the final ball was invariably poor.
  15. It's a free, if the ref hears it. Players are taught to "put a name on it", you can't shout " mine" or "leave it". Mind you I was at the side of the pitch and I didn't hear anything. If there was a call, I am not surprised the ref missed it. Like most of our players, he didn't have a great day.