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  1. Brilliant game with both managers and teams going for it. Not often a 4th placed team wins through - well done City. Commiserations to Alloa.
  2. Good in the air and tackle. Usually shows a good reading of the game and judgement. Biggest weakness for me is his distribution. Positive signing. I would have given him another season at Palmerston. Hope he does well for you.
  3. We were fortunate in appointing Magic Johnston as manager whose attacking brand of football was light years ahead of anything Gus Macpherson attempted. Tbf Magic had a preseason to recruit and work on it. The main factor imo was staying full time. Rovers have to do that.
  4. Amazing finale to that play-off. Congrats to City and commiserations to Rovers. When we got relegated, we were the worst team in the league and it was a brutal slow motion car crash for a season. You guys at least made a play-off spot. Going down proved to be the best thing and the next season's success brought a lot of positivity to the club. Good luck.
  5. Archbishop Desmond to the rescue.
  6. Jeepers! 2-1 City.
  7. Whoever it was hasn't got a leg to stand on.
  8. I thought he had done it all when it came to gifts but Coco Santa excelled himself today. Hero to negative number now. i was behind the goals at the side Dobbie went down. Yes, if you know the player, he doesn't dive; but, if I had been reffing, I wouldn't have given it. It didn't look convincing. However, as ex-player pundits never tire of telling us, if a player feels contact, he is entitled to go down. Well I wish they would all stay on their feet - somebody should explain this to Robinson - and let the ref decide.. It'll never happen though. Having attended all the home games of a team with one of the worst home records in the league, I am looking forward to the next couple of months off. TTFN.
  9. Easy three points for the home team. We are on our holidays. Should you win your usual free kick 25yds out, just wait til Robinson stands behind the wall and belt it straight in the unguarded side. Youz have done it twice before after all. It will be shameful, if you can't beat a side with nothing to play for.
  10. Yes, I knew he was listed. Maybe getting him out of the treatment room and into the open air after the last frost is part of our 5 year plan. Your comment could have been written at any time BEFORE we signed the guy. He has had an appalling time with injury in recent years. I am not unsympathetic but in terms of putting a squad together for next season, I rate him as an untried player, given the number of 90 minute appearances he has made for us. Secondly, I think he is a very high risk. Shame for the player but I am not convinced he is worth the risk for another season.
  11. Aye, apparently when the DFS sale ends. At least that's what Daniel Prodan's doctor told me.
  12. Yep, for this Edinburgh season ticket holder, there was no way I was going to watch this dross v Hibs and I certainly will not be at Falkirk but - sigh - I will put myself through the Pars game at Palmerston. It's a form of mental illness really.
  13. Great opening 15 mins led to utter drivel for the rest of the game. Much as I admire St Mirren's ballsy fight since January, I am glad they lost today for I can see us gaining not a single point from now on. What an up and down season it's been. Good displays ( eg. V Arabs and Ayr) interspersed with utter shapeless, clueless garbage. I am definitely not going to Falkirk to watch Robinson again line up a wall ineptly, stand behind it, and let in a straight shot at the side he is meant to be defending. Is he after some personal record? There is one huge rebuilding job on this summer or we are going to be well up against it. Gary Naysmith - good luck with that. Ruthless chairman may give him until Christmas to show some play-off consistency. Dobbie apart, I am not convinced that we have any players capable of such a run at the moment. Good luck Dumbarton, unlike Queens in such a position, we would have sat in and defended our box for the second half. You guys continued to play and we created virtually nothing in the second 45 and your keeper could have taken an early bath.
  14. I think this could be a tough game for us. At this stage of the season hungrier teams tend to prevail. I am one of those fans who don't regard us as safe until it's mathematically impossible to go down. Hibs were hungrier than us last Saturday and we must have been the ideal opponents for them, not seemingly having anything to play for. I fear that if we don't show the drive and ambition to match Sons in this game, then we will trip up. I really hope we get stuck in as we did in the Arabs and Ayr games. I would take a point now.
  15. I am sorry but after the last pathetic display at Easter Road, I was in no mood to view this entirely predictable outing. £22 for one shot on target and 3 goals let in from set pieces. No thanks. Shame really as the last 25 mins of the league cup game was a season highlight. Arab and Ayr games recently were really enjoyable too but the bottles seem to fall off the wagon on the trip to the capital.