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  1. Pen. Defo. Bit too near the end for the ref.
  2. Total lump football - enough to make a Dutchman weep ( if he supported Queens).
  3. Morton v Queens

    Last week I walked past Red Bull Leipzig's stadium. I may be wrong but I think I could watch Bayern there for less!!
  4. Livingston v Queens

    "Some say that we wan and some say that they wan and some say that nane wan at a', man" imo a draw was fair. Thought our team selection and tactics were mince until the manager changed it with major surgery (3 subs at once). We had no width and the understanding between Dykes and Dobbie was minimal. Hoof ball to Dykes out wide was pitiful to watch. Tbf the manager put two wingers on and transformed the approach. Stirling became a handful and Mc Fadden had some good touches. Putting Dobbie and Lyle together ain't rocket science, they are simply the best front pairing we've had in ages. Thought the pen was a stonewaller. Young Leighfield did OK in goals and didn't have a chance with either conceded. Some of his long kicking was impressive, finding Stirling free on the touch line. Tapping had a good game, as did Kerr in defence. Eta two great finishes by Stirling and Del. The first was like the Dobbmeister's second v Falkirk. Great cut inside and 20yd shot into the top corner. Class!
  5. Falkirk v Queens

    Not a failure for us today. Terrific start to both halves. Tapping, for me, had his best game for us. Training ground corner caught Falkirk defenders cold in the first 30 seconds. back post header back across met by Kerr with a lunging header. Dobbie was certainly class today and his goal at the start of the second half was a goal of the season job. Players worked hard to win the ball back when Falkirk didn't just give it away. I thought their defence looked vulnerable all game. Second goal at the start of the second half just knocked the stuffing out of them. 4-0 down and 35 mins left. There was a laugh when our fans thought Dobbie was being subbed. He ran to the touch line and we all stood up and applauded as Dykes went off and The Dobbmeister got some water! Even Dykes deserved praise today. He too had a good game.
  6. QOS v Brechin City

    Thought Connor Murray played really well today. Derek Lyle put in a full shift and showed what heis about. The much criticised Dykes had his best game in ages, read into that what you will, and took his goal well. Marshall, Carmichael and Rankin linked up well on the left and Rooney on the right showed again that he can dribble well when he attacked and set up the second goal. Some reasons to be cheerful which I really didn't expect.
  7. Errr... I heard that he was paying Dobbie's wages. Now he is a reason to be cheerful at the moment.
  8. Wasn't at the game but my season ticket arrived! I listened to the manager's interview after the Accies game and he is obviously looking to strengthen the squad by getting players on loan from SPL clubs. I am yet to be convinced by him but I do think his loans after he arrived helped to halt that appalling run we were on last season. The first half of the game I was at (Stenny) was disappointing. Things improved second half but the players need time to gel. I do think that the league cup as it is now, is almost like competitive friendlies. So.... I am cutting the manager and players some slack at the moment. I think the first quarter is going to be crucial to the manager's future though. The chairman doesn't seem to hang about when the peg gets shoogly.
  9. I think getting rid of both Dowie and Higgins may prove to have been "a brave decision" ( in the Yes, Minister sense of the phrase). Rooney's barge apart, the defence was fine last Saturday. Obviously it will need to be weighed in the balance v Championship opponents though.
  10. Strikers need to score, n'est-ce pas? We were lucky on the injury front last season with Lyle and Dobbie. I think we all know that if either, esp The Dobbmeister, is out for an extended spell, we are going to struggle badly. Dykes has had plenty of starts already. I don't think we can afford to have him "learning his trade" as one of our starting XI. Maybe Saturday and Tuesday night are reasonable picks for him to start ahead of Lyle but when the real business starts, I would reverse their roles. Still think we need another person in the squad though.
  11. Group G

    My first look at the 17-18 version of Queens. First half was poor fare. Midfield failed to produce much in the way of support for Dykes or Dobbie. Decent crosses were non- existent when the ball did go wide. Defence looked decent enough but Stenny weren't really pushing on and testing it much. Big blunder by Rooney getting caught wrong side and giving the guy a blatant shove to gift the opener. Second half saw a better performance with Stirling doing well running at defenders. Dobbie got lucky with his shot for the equaliser but he delivered his first decent cross of the game to plonk the ball on Rooney's head for a bit of redemption. Stenny ran out of steam latterly and lost a third to the Dobbmeister. Overall, not a great performance. I think the defence looked OK but will face sterner tests, of course. Keeper Martin looked sound and commanded his box more than Lee would have imo. Centre backs Fordyce and Brownlie got pass marks. Rooney looked useful going forward. Not a flawless day defending though.
  12. Brilliant game with both managers and teams going for it. Not often a 4th placed team wins through - well done City. Commiserations to Alloa.
  13. Good in the air and tackle. Usually shows a good reading of the game and judgement. Biggest weakness for me is his distribution. Positive signing. I would have given him another season at Palmerston. Hope he does well for you.