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  1. Queens v Dumbarton

    I don’t think GN rates wingers much. This season I’ve watched many players out wide and don’t recall seeing wingers there. Attacking fullbacks, Dykes, Dobbie(!?) et al. Maybe Stirling should change his name to Al ( arf! arf!)
  2. Queens v Dumbarton

    Welcome to 2018. That performance would have embarrassed a League 2 Side. So we don’t start with Stirling and fortunately we do have Kerr still at the centre of defence. Occasionally Queens played some football but for the most part it was bloody dire hoofball to the front. We play midgets up there and have one tall guy who spends a lot of his time on the deck and wins 1 in 7 headers. Very little threat carried. Dumbarton were their usually awkward selves but the real disappointment from a blue perspective was the second half . Dumbarton did better playing much of it in Queens’ half and a superb save by Martin from a must score header kept us in the game. This game has almost cured me of football for good.
  3. Queens v Dundee United

    I will give the ref credit for acknowledging some players had concerns but I still believe he was wrong to abandon the match when he did. Has he ever reffed a game in the rain?
  4. Queens v Dundee United

    Not attempting to prove anything other than a significant number of QoS fans do not live locally. Conversation came occurred long before abandonment. What’s your problem, apart from supporting Stranraer?
  5. Queens v Dundee United

    Temperature at Palmerston at 4 was plus 2, according to thermometer in my car.
  6. Queens v Dundee United

    After today I think every home game is under threat until the end of February.
  7. Queens v Dundee United

    I think SD may be right in suggesting that the players who spoke to him were seeking clemency for sliding into challenges. I don’t believe that the pitch was a) any worse at HT than at the start b) any worse than many a game there played to a conclusion.
  8. Queens v Dundee United

    There are other websites for these heart-rending appeals. Don’t assume that people who discuss football matters on a football board don’t care / give to charities.
  9. Queens v Dundee United

    Standing next to a fellow QoS fan today. 300 miles the pair of us to travel to this farce.
  10. Queens v Dundee United

    Seriously pissed off, having spent £25 on petrol to go to the game and having handed in my season ticket voucher, I will no doubt be asked to cough up for the rematch ( on a cold Jan / Feb night? - ha ha!). Listened to Craig Thomson’s Explanation to BBC. He said that through the first half players of both sides had been talking to him about the pitch - “senior players”. Scott Macdonald and John Rankin both got a name check. He said that they felt the condition of the pitch had changed during the course of the half. He responded by going out and spending 5-10 mins with his officials assessing the pitch. They then decided that with falling temperatures it would not get better.( As I drove away the temperature was what it had been as I arrived in Dumfries. I didn’t think the pitch was any slipper than I had seen it before. Does raise the question how the blazes were players coping on muddy and grass pitches when it was raining all those years gone by.
  11. Dunfermline v Queens

    Best I’ve seen us play in ages. Pars didn’t really get going and in the first half played v us like we did v Livi a couple of weeks ago - disjointed and second to most things. Some very good passing and moving and the ball moved slickly saw Queens carve out some promising chances. Having said that Martin blocked well early on to stop Pars scoring. Stirling had a good game out wide and Kane scoring was unexpected. Two goal lead was well deserved at HT. Pars had there best spell for the 15 mins after the restart and scored quickly with a well worked move. Just when it looked Queens might start struggling, a mix up in the centre of the park about 25 yards out between defender and keeper presented Dobson with a shot at an unguarded goal. Dykes, who had a good game, drove into the box and was hauled down. Dobbie hit the net with this one. After that, it was plain sailing and Queens could have scored more than another two. Well done players and manager! An unexpectedly grand day out.
  12. The hoofball into the corners with little played on the deck is brutal to watch. Also playing with no wingers isn’t helping. Marshall, when /if he does get forward, is the nearest we get to having someone crossing the ball from near the touch line. Think we will be looking downwards for the next few months....
  13. Queens v Montrose

    Montrose are a well organised side but with no shots on target to have them equalise on HT is v. disappointing. ( following live updates). The game on Saturday desperately needed goals - at least that has been improved on.
  14. Montrose v Queens

    Aye. In fact the Montrose defender’s reaction would do as well
  15. Montrose v Queens

    We had two absolute gilt edged chances: one at the beginning of the game when Dobbie cut the ball across the box and Lyle of all people didn’t get anything on the ball. Unbelievable miss. The second was at the end when Ferguson ballooned the ball over from Iwelumo distance. Both teams defended well. Queens had more pressure but I don’t grudge Montrose a draw. They tried to win the game, were well organised and defended well.