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  1. Irvine Meadow 17/18

    Cup final next Saturday [emoji51]
  2. get out more you absolute mess.
  3. Absolutely crazy that going into our last fixture next week, we could finish anywhere between 3rd and 7th. No matter what happens, McGinty has had a great reaction from the players since coming in and considering our poor first third of the season, I’m just glad to still be in contention.
  4. I’ve missed one game this season... and I cannae go next week [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]
  5. todays scores

    Kilsyth 1-3 Meadow FT Troon 0-4 Rutherglen FT
  6. todays scores

    Kilsyth 0-3 Meadow
  7. Tomorrows games 19/05/18

    Kilsyth 0-2 Meadow
  8. Tomorrows games 19/05/18

    Kilsyth 0-1 Meadow Troon 0-2 Rutherglen
  9. Tomorrows games 19/05/18

    Kilsyth v Meadow for me. Massive game for us. Will also have one eye on the Troon game
  10. Tonights Scores on the doors

    Meadow 0-2 Kilwinning
  11. Yet miles above you in the league.
  12. If we were to go up, we would deserve it.
  13. Imagine being happy with a defeat [emoji848]