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  1. Scottish Junior Cup

    Agree with that. Pitch took a battering but both teams tried to play a bit. Couple of good saves by the Lochee keeper in the first half, if one of them went in you just never know. Decent crowd through from Dundee too. All the best in the next round.
  2. scores on the doors

    Meadow 0-1 Lochee Utd
  3. Today's Scores

    Extremely scrappy game on a sodden pitch but a good 3 points again.
  4. You are an utter moron, the ref gave us the penalty. What were we meant to do? Refuse to take it? [emoji23] PS no you wouldn’t.
  5. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Leg breaker of a challenge from the keeper at the end [emoji23]
  6. Arthurlie v Gartcairn

  7. Today’s scores 03/02/18

    He’s probably imploded with rage.
  8. Today’s scores 03/02/18

    Great to get 3 points away at Largs today. Always a tough place to go. Both teams didn’t really offer much and it looked like the game was going to fizzle out to a 0-0 draw until a moment of stupidity by the Largs keeper who kicked out at McTernon. Red card/ penalty with McLennan converting.
  9. Scottish Junior Cup

    He would be raging both teams got through. You can tell the sad c**t logs on every Saturday afternoon to see how Meadow or Kilsyth got on before even bothering about how Darvel got on.
  10. Scottish Junior Cup

  11. Scottish Junior Cup

    Why is darvel legend polluting yet another thread? This thread doesn’t even concern his team.
  12. Scottish Junior Cup

    Just like any other junior club struggling to get by after recent financial troubles. Have already knocked out higher league opposition in Broxburn this season. Also defeating Maryhill, Dyce and Dunbar on the way. Struggling for league form but have plenty of games in hand so should be fine in that respect. No doubt Lochee will come to Meadow Park as favourites but with home advantage, you just never know.
  13. ADL Season 17/18

    If clubs don’t want to travel a wee bit for away games then can I suggest that football isn’t the sport for them.
  14. Scottish Junior Cup

    Is there someone with a list of teams left? Would rather avoid the big teams in the next round but if we were to go out, would rather go out to someone that brings a good away crowd to Meadow Park.