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  1. Aberdeen v Hearts

    No, the gameplan was to sit in and hit Aberdeen on the break and it would have worked perfectly if it weren't for incompetent finishing/final passes. We had at least 4 or 5 very good openings, including two missed sitters. Aberdeen fans must be the biggest moaning-faced c***s around. Every time we play they've got some sort of fucking grievance.
  2. Aberdeen v Hearts

    Good to hear Richard Gordon ludicrously overreacting to an indiscretion against his team on the radio again.
  3. Imagine Celtic's unbeaten run was ended by a team featuring Prince Buaben at centre-back.
  4. If pictures of football stadiums arent your thing, ayrshire_nomad, then maybe "Hearts Stadium Redevelopment" isn't the thread for you.
  5. I'm hearing we can't afford to pay to clean or replace any damaged seats, hence the protective covers. Strap yourselves in, folks. Faded seats are here to stay.
  6. Can't believe we're paying £20m and the pitchside of the stand is just thousands of plastic seats on top of concrete.
  7. Right back position

    The point is you're comparing their relative abilities at the same age despite the fact Whittaker was not tested at international level at 21 like Paterson was. He didnt look particularly comfortable at 25 either IIRC. A dearth of competition? Robbie Neilson got picked ahead of Whittaker when he was 22. Robbie. Neilson.
  8. Right back position

    No. Paterson turns 23 today. Whittaker didn't get a cap until he was 25. He also used to fairly regularly get rings run round him by SPL wingers before then.
  9. Line up face Slovenia and Predication

    Am I missing something? Fletcher is in that team. If that's the line-up is expect Bannan to be on the left, allowing Robertson to get forward outside of him, Phillips on the right to give natural width there and Griffiths playing off Martin. Can't see Griffiths and Tierney both playing on the right.
  10. Dundee v Hearts

    Actually this kind of chat is far more cretinous than judging him on his time as Scotland manager. Very sneaky of him to make noticeable changes in approach to training and tactics from Neilson to Cathro to Daly to himself.
  11. Callachan, Randall, Grzelak. Possibly one of the most jobber-laden Hearts teams I've seen for years.
  12. The logical conclusion of this is that you think getting humped by Hamilton is more embarrassing than losing to Peterhead.
  13. To be fair, he was a passable defensive right-back when we played in the Championship. More natural at centre-back but doesn't have the physical attributes to play there.