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  1. Mostly Twitter. Stuff about him taking a step down to a lower level for more money, Tynecastle being a soulless identikit stadium compared to their characterful shithole, local journos tweeting about it being a "strange" move. The usual.
  2. The tears of English diddy club fans when their players opt to move to bigger clubs in a better league. Three year deal is concerning for a League Two player. From the clips it seems like he has good feet and a decent shot on him so he looks like a better bet than Ikpeazu in terms of diddy league signings.
  3. If you introduced a play-off between the bottom team in the Premiership and the top team in the Championship there would be plenty of instances where the Premiership team won. It'd still be a nonsense. There have been four play-offs so far; three of them have been decided by one goal and the other was decided on penalties. The Edinburgh City v East Stirlingshire was just as close as the other play-offs and yet Edinburgh City haven't finished bottom since coming up and East Stirlingshire haven't been near promotion. Edinburgh City are hardly the biggest in terms of historically non-league clubs either. Annan is another example. If Cove got promoted and gained access to the financial benefits of League Two, as well as greater publicity and almost certainly bigger crowds, then there's every chance that they'd be a good addition to the league. On the other side of that coin, can anyone say with confidence that Cowdenbeath would beat Kelty, East Kilbride, Spartans, East Stirlingshire etc. to the title as well as negotiating two play-offs to get back in? They wouldn't be odds on, put it that way.
  4. There have been three play-offs up til now. Edinburgh City won theirs, East Kilbride lost on penalties and Brora were on course to go up until the last 15 minutes of the 2nd leg. Not exactly conclusive proof of a massive chasm.
  5. Nah. The champion of a division has earned their promotion with their performance over the course of a season. The team who have proven they are comfortably worse than the rest of their division (two years in a row) doesn't deserve a reprieve for narrowly winning a one-off game. That's the way it works almost everywhere else.
  6. Hearts vs Hibs

    Head. Gone.
  7. Buckie and Brora are not the same club.
  8. Rangers vs Hearts

    Didn't even watch. We've never looked like anything other than anaemic shite away from home under Levein and never will. No-one at the club will think about trying to change that either.
  9. It's good of the club to disabuse us of any notion that we might be half-decent next season nice and early.
  10. Hearts v Aberdeen

    Cathro was only at Hearts for about 9 months. You'd probably have to go back to the 90s before you'd find an Aberdeen manager who won more than he lost against Hearts.
  11. Hearts v Aberdeen

    McInnes' Aberdeen record against non-Cathro Hearts teams (Locke, Neilson, Levein): Played: 12 Won: 2 Drawn: 4 Lost: 6 Goals for: 8 Goals against: 13
  12. Scotland name squad

    I've not seen much of Paterson for Cardiff but I'd be surprised if he's technical enough to play in midfield at international level. I know he's scored a lot of goals there but he did that at full back as well - he's a machine. I'd say his best position is probably wing-back. It makes best use of his attributes without giving him quite as much defensive responsibility. The idea of him on one side and Robertson on the other, with Tierney playing on the left of a back three, is an appealing one to me and is probably worth a try at some point in these games.
  13. Hibs vs Hearts

    We are just so fucking boring. Game was over at 1-0.
  14. Hibs vs Hearts

    Godinho and Moore out of the "youth players who'll be at Cowdenbeath in 5 years" tombola then.
  15. Motherwell deserved that. We only showed up for 45 minutes. Watching this team with nothing to play for for the test of the season. I wish for death.