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  1. My sentiments exactly.
  2. RB Status: bowel movement (large) successfully completed.
  3. Hibs and United attempted slaggings in this thread. Hint: give it a few hours and if Utd win then have at it.
  4. Malpas at right centre back, and Hegarty spelt wrong? I unmask thee Sirrah! Surely a Dee in disguise thou art!
  5. Yes. Death Metal, bits of black and grindcore, along with punk and whatnot thrown in. Bit of a lifer really, been there since the embryonic golden days of DM back at the turn of the 90's.
  6. Well aye, sort of! We are in the competition. The World Cup Finals (to give them their proper name)... not so much.
  7. I don't really have a problem with that. They qualified for the competition. Saying that the Champions' League only starts at the Group Stages is being pedantic for the sake of it.
  8. Sounds entirely plausible.
  9. Did you or someone else, maybe @Dunning1874 mention something about a longest winless run this century @virginton ? Fucking OOFT. If you fail to win tonight, how long into Morton's past does that take us? Not having a go, just statto-ing.
  10. Yep. Also, having met him through work, he's a thoroughly nice fellow too.
  11. Surely the ideal result would be putting every single colt team to the sword by cricket scores, in front of an aggregate crowd of 0.
  12. Correct. (maybe it's just me, but when I quote someone quoting someone else, only the most recent part appears).
  13. "Jum Spence told the truth about my team".
  14. All this is correct.
  15. And what's the ploblem?