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  1. He's a Morton fan bud. Apart from that, solid posting.
  2. You may as well add Falkirk to the upcoming "Servile Fuds" list as that's probably where our spineless board will put us.
  3. Just read back to last August. And the one before. And pretty much every one for yonks. We nearly always start poorly.
  4. It's absolutely true. I knew before a ball was kicked in 2009/10 that we would be relegated just by looking at the strip. Far too much white in it. This year's all navy Bairns number is a mean, down to business, no frills machine in football strip form. #notoverthinkingthis #probablyamactually
  5. That was his career finished.
  6. Andy Lawrie? Still get into a white-knuckled rage when that coont Potter's name comes up. Like it just did.
  7. Trying soooo hard, ye wee scamp ye.
  8. I had similar a couple of years ago - two lads built a summerhouse in our back garden in about 3 hours on a boiling hot day. Never took anything other than a couple of glasses of water to drink. The rate at which they raised a voluminous erection in my back garden was something to behold tbh.
  9. Where's my wallet? Ah there it is. Thank goodness for that. I need to get petrol on the way home.
  10. Probably wear your home kit away to Dundee m8. PS both MFC strips are lovely, as is the Hibs away.
  11. Baird up front and Robbo in the hot seat - ICT settling down for a long stay here it seems. Pleasing.
  12. Poor Lewis.
  13. That's exactly who we should be going for. Played in the top flight for Hamilton, took a dunt down the leagues and working his way back up.