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  1. All good stuff and sensible, but the last sentence is one which might draw a hollow laugh from the direction of the banks of the Tay...
  2. Away and enjoy your win you walloper!
  3. Some of the shine's been taken off this thread for me by that appalling Craig Whyte Photoshop job tbh Actually it's just been reapplied as I just noticed Jabba on the right
  4. With bonus points taken into account, I'd be looking for 15 points from those matches.
  5. Soccerball Bill Miller. No to newco, remember? See also Bill Ng.
  6. It's a bit unclear, but I'm pretty sure that seat cover on the right hand side there is embroidered "The Gaffer". Can you actually cringe yourself inside-out? Asking for a friend.
  7. The Metalhead thread

    Missed it. Seething. Been a fan since March of the Fire Ants on a Relapse sampler centuries ago. Still never managed to catch them live!
  8. I might humbly propose Falkirk fisting them twice in the league at TFS the year they won the Championship. In game 1, a 2-1 win, they even had a phantom 93rd minute penalty awarded and saved (while the one we were given was for a brutal assault on Will Vaulks almost on the goal line... ahem). In game 2 we even gave them a quickfire 2 goal lead before our lads stubbed their fags out and routed them 3-2 with Bob McHugh in 92' sealing the deal. Sweet.
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Scored the 6th to round off a perfect 6-0 v Cowden on my birthday, smashed them in from 879 yards weekly, approved of my son's gymnastics skillz on Twitter, brilliant guy in person and (perhaps wee Russell aside) my favourite player since Crunchie chucked it. Big Will.
  10. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I believe he paid it personally. Hand delivered with a bouquet and handwritten apology on behalf of the club. #donpaul
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Same old Falkirk, always cheating
  12. McInnes should feel he made the correct decision now for sure, after the sour grapes par excellence from the Snake Mountain PR Dept. It's actually a real slap to his professional ability and ambition, casting aspersions on his personality like that. PLEASE DEEK: in tonight's pre match interview, PLEASE USE THE WORD CONCOMITANT.
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Greenied by TGIG