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  1. Inconclusive, pointless pictures from that utter desperado BAWT or GTF.
  2. Fair comment Spratte, but see above.
  3. Hope you're right, but the SFA will feel stung by the Schalk thing so will be extra ruthless for a time I fear.
  4. Anyway, has he even been cited?
  5. There might be enough dubiety for them to reach a 'not proven' verdict, but I think after Schalk they will be coming down hard.
  6. Well the keeper won the ball so we agree it should not have been a pen. As I said above, I sympathise with the ref. But Hippo was at it.
  7. I will add that the first time I saw the footage from behind the goal I thought it was a certain pen. So I have some sympathy for the ref.
  8. I'm equally against all this contact=penalty rubbish. But it looks to me very like the keeper got to the ball first, palmed it out for a corner, and almost straight after, Hippo kicked the back of his hand and tumbled his wilkies for reasons unknown. Sorry, but the huge theatricality makes it look like a massive dive to me.
  9. Agree with SUPERSOUTH (unfortunately).
  10. Yeah that's why a neutral with a bit of knowledge on the subject pointed out your lot were breaking the rules. Because @Skyline_Drifter is seething about a Falkirk player diving.
  11. The only falkirk fan refereeing today was at tannadice. And he did us no favours by the sound of the first goal there.
  12. I'm gonna own up here and state that I thought it was a joke about the skunks' strip.
  13. The boy will be under armed house arrest all day.
  14. Astonishing. Can only presume the fact he did not go onto the park saved them.
  15. Well ask Houstie as that's what he said on FTV.