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  1. I've also seen Vorlich as an anglicisation of Mhor Leac, or the big slabby rocks.
  2. This is exactly what you need to do. Start quickly, as we're generally guff the 1st 45 (SM game aside), and if you get a goal in front then a) the vitriol from the stands is going to be quite something to behold, and b) we'll pass it around in front of your defence with precisely 0 penetration. Can't wait for saturday tbh.
  3. The best bit about it is Martin Ritchie is a smooth operator and the sell on clause is actually 200%. £6.4M cheque incoming lads yaaaaaaassss
  4. Wee lad in red hoodie laughing. #behindenemylines
  5. He's been very iffy this season, distribution especially awful. Not been the same since his really bad injury.
  6. As I stated earlier, I had a minging hangover, so 0p FC got 0p from me. Actually laughed when I first checked the score about 3:15. The way we've been playing and the law of averages meant a result like today was completely non surprising though.
  7. Poet is a quite tremendous poster, in no way does he try his wee heart out too hard.
  8. The difference is the FFC staff are bilin' at our own players, not seething over some real or perceived injustice from the officials/opposition. By Christ though, Houstie looks haunted in that picture.
  9. Riddick on telly the other night. Absolute shan.
  10. Massive hangover today so stayed at home. Hoping it will last so I miss a few more games tbh.
  11. Started really well in league cup, then got injured in Legoland and has been playing (poorly) through injury. UNable to play today at all. Thanks for asking.
  12. Elbouzedi's and Oakley's facial hair is absolutely horrendous. #3musketeers #only2ofthem
  13. He certainly did - was ferrying punters around the mean streets of Perth until recently.
  14. I dunno, I'm a bit rattled by the introduction of big Babs. Quick, someone post a Cocteau Twin!