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  1. What kind of player are we getting? Think he will do well in Championship? What's his best position? We have called him a young forward who can play out wide on our official site but notice you have down as a midfielder!
  2. Forward Ross Maclean joins Morton on a 1 year loan from Motherwell.
  3. Ryan Scully signs for Morton, 1 year deal.
  4. We have signed someone.. currently on pitch getting photos etc...
  5. Can a MOD pin this thread?
  6. You don't quite get the point of this thread do you??
  7. Strapp signs on for 1 year. Good backup to Iredale.
  8. Lee Kilday signs on for 1 year. https://gmfc.net/2018/06/18/lee-kilday-signs-one-year-contract-extension/
  9. Think it is pretty obvious, Their average attendance was 5243 whereas yours was 1457. That's 3786 more. Say an average of £15 quid a ticket would make it £56790 for one game. 18 home games, that's over 1million more that what Queens got from gate receipts last season.
  10. Gary Oliver signs on for another year. Happy with that. The way Ray wants to play will suit his game.
  11. Only rumours doing the rounds is Gary Miller and Lewis Vaughan. Peter Grant was mentioned a while back but appears to have been rubbish. Would happily take Cardle. Had a great start to the season and pretty much all Pars fans wanted him to stay. Was he not meant to be going to you guys as a player/coach? Loy- Meh. As Scosha says, he said he is happy with central midfield now- We have Millar, Tidser, Telfer and McAlister for there so doubt Flood is on the radar!
  12. Fixtures 2018/19

    Yeah unusual for us to have our first and last game at home, but will take it!
  13. Will be gutted to see him go but if his hearts not in it, might as well move on, we make a few quid and allows McKinnon to bring in his own striker(s). Will be interesting to see how his career develops. Hope for his sake he has a full season and kicks on, just not in our league!! What are we likely to make in compo, 40-50k?
  14. McKinnon doing all the right things so far, long may it continue. Great signing!