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  1. Zombies v League Leaders

    Since when did 7 points become "f****** miles"?? With the budget you have compared to ours, you should be further clear of us than that!
  2. Think Ross is the most obvious replacement if/when Derek moves on. McLeish was always going to be on there,but he is at the desperation stage looking for a job and not sure that would be a forward thinking move for Aberdeen. He and prob Robinson are the two managers in Scotland who are impressing at the minute. Hopkin is too, but surely Aberdeen job to big for him right now? If he does, who do you fancy as a replacement? Hopkin,? Would Lambert be tempted?? No doubt the usual names will be branded about- Hughes, Stubbs, Houston etc.
  3. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Think you will do well to beat both us and Queens away but if you do, that's a cracking 6 points. You have won 3 out of 7 away games to date which is decent but not exactly great away form. On Sat, confidence is growing down our way now that we have a few of our injured players back and we are scoring goals( 12 in 6 games which is more than anyone else) so you will be in for a hard game!
  4. Zombies v League Leaders

    Quite optimistic going into this one, which is a worry. Scored 12 goals in our last 6 games which is more than anyone else and only lost 1 in 7. We always seem to do well against the better teams, 4/6 points from skunks and Pars this season and did well against Hibs/DU/Falkirk last term. With Luca coming in, Tidser and Quitongo back in the squad, we have decent options now compared to a few weeks ago when the team pretty much picked itself and the bench was full of dev players. Now that Duffy is playing Tiffoney, we have a bit of natural width and pace which we lacked at the start of the season. He has a long way to go, but I've been impressed with him and goes some way to replacing what Nesbitt gave us last season. Line up could be anything. Stick to 442? Go 352? Bring back Tids and/or Jai? Don't even want to try and guess what we will do. 3-1 Morton and hopefully back into the playoff places!
  5. Zombies v League Leaders

    What group of fans do you find the sexiest then??
  6. Happily take a 1-0, 2-1...
  7. Make that 2 games!
  8. We have progressed the last 3 years on the trot, please try again. Regarding Livvy, doing a grand job on their budget and getting a lot of praise and rightly so. Interestingly we are only 5 points off them having a pretty average season to date. As for you boys progressing, well it couldn't really get much worse could it, you have been rancid for a couple of years now and throwing a few bob at it to get it right meant you simply had to progress.
  9. Had a quick look at the head to head and you do have a really good record at Cappielow. Since the turn of the Millennium, we have played 7 games in Greenock- 1 Morton win, 2 draws and 4 Brechin wins.
  10. If you look at Brechin's last 8 or 9 results, they all have been really tight apart from 1 game so would be surprised if we pumped them but the 3rd game in a week might have an effect in the later stages. We simply can't drop points here. No point in picking up points at Falkirk and Dunfermline and then failing to beat Brechin at home. A win and it sets us up nicely for DU at Cappielow the following week. Hopefully Jai will be back in the squad going by Duffy's comments on Sat and that would be a massive boast. Will give us 4 options up top again and allow us to have a couple of attacking options on the bench. Add in Luca being available again and Tidser back, our bench will certainly look stronger than it has done in recent weeks. 2-0. Thomson and McHugh.
  11. Didnt see that coming so massive credit to Duffy and the players. I thought we would do well to get a point so a 3 goal humping is brilliant. You just never know what to expect from us this season. Certainly doing better on the road this season which is strange considering our home form last season. Only 1 tight loss at DU Beat Brechin next week and it will suddenly be looking pretty decent for us after most of us feeling a bit disillusioned a couple of weeks ago. How did Tiff do? Been impressed with him since he has been involved and his pace and width has certainly helped us. Hopefully see Tidser involved next week.
  12. League Predictions

    Livvy have obviously been the surprise package. No one apart from some of their fans thought they would be top 4 material but they certainly have surprised everyone and have only lost 2 games all season. For Falkirk only to have 1 win is remarkable given their squad. You keep expecting them to improve but then fail to do so. No doubt we will hand them a win on Saturday though. For us, lack of investment towards the end of the window leaves us exactly where we should be. We could still push for 4th, but more likely will finish between 6th-8th unless we recruit some more players in Jan. I'll go with; DU. Pars, St Mirren QOTS. Livvy. ICT. Falkirk. Morton. Dumbarton. Brechin.
  13. I thought you boys generally quite liked Mckee?? Remember if it wasn't for him, you would still be without a win in the league. Bound to score against us on Sat!
  14. Prob line up; Gaston Doyle Lamie Oware Russell. Forbes Harkins Murdoch Tiffoney. Oliver McHugh. Would love Quitongo and Tidser to be back in but no idea if they are even close tbh. Can't see us winning but last night did give us some hope so i'll go for 1-1.
  15. We have an away game against the Pars first, but its a certainty we will hand you your second league win of the season. We have worst form than you over the last 6 games, only Brechin are worse than us. 0 points from 6 this week will make it 1 win in 8( and that was against Brechin) and the pressure will really start to build on Duffy and rightly so. The squad is so unbalanced, lacking pace, width, creativity and goals. Of course if we beat Dunfermline tomorrow night, I take it all back and we will scud you lot on Saturday!