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  1. Name a striker who doesn't miss chances...Dobbie missed a few on Sat but everyone would still agree he is a great finisher. Wouldn't say he had many clear chances the other night either. The one at the back post certainly but that was about it.
  2. Harsh on Oliver. Think his finishing is actually pretty decent. Quite composed when he gets in the right position, recent goals against Dunfermline and QOTS are good examples of that.
  3. How has he been for you boys? Odd that you would let him go to a playoff rival if he's been good....
  4. 3rd away game in 7 days and its the toughest of the 3.' ICT won 4 of their last 5 home games, drawing the other one so its a right hard place to go and pick up 3 points. Hopefully no fresh injuries after last night. Luca went off but uncertain how serious it was. Iredale missed out but hopefully he is back in contention. Good to see big Lamie put in a solid performance last night too. McHugh had a frustrating night, wouldn't mind seeing Tiff come back in for him. Anyone know the deal with Thomson? Been out 5-6 weeks now and very little info on his current situation. A draw would be a decent result as long as we follow it up with a win at home to Livvy on Tues. A min of 4 points from those 2 would be a good return. A big hats off to anyone who makes the trip up. A lot of away games at the moment so wouldn't be surprised if many regulars give this one a miss.
  5. Ton v sons

    Still a lot of football to play. If ICT beat us on Sat and win their game in hand, they are only 2 points behind us. Likewise if we get beat and either Queens/Pars win that encounter, its down to a point. We are in good form but a couple of defeats/draws and it will open right up again. The playoffs were pretty much decided with 9 games to go last season. i can see it going down to the last few games this time around.
  6. Ton v sons

    Thinking we will line up something like; Gats Doyle Oware Luca Russell. Tidser Murdoch Harkins Ross. Tiffoney Oliver. Subs- Lamie, Brennan, McHugh. Strapp and a few kids. Wouldn't mind seeing Lamie instead of Russell at left back but Duffy might prefer Russell as he is more attacking and we should have more of the ball in their half. Tidser needs to start for sure.
  7. Queens v Pars

    Sounds like a belter in store!
  8. Sons' sorrow

    That's a great travelling support, well done to every one of you who made the trip!
  9. Queens v Pars

    Draw please lads!
  10. Ton v sons

    Seen a pic of the Sons players having a beer on the bus celebrating their win, hoping that turned into an all night session and they are still out.....Great win for you lot Must win for us. We need to create that 4 point gap before heading to Inverness. Tidser needs to start. 0-2 Ross and Oliver.
  11. Queens v Morton

    Could he not have had some abuse from a section of the crowd which you weren't in?? Could only be a few shouts but enough to stick when he scores....
  12. Ross has confirmed in the Record that he was not offered it. Good effort though DZ Edit- the quote was; “It’s important to stress I hadn’t been offered the Barnsley job and nor was the decision based on me thinking I wouldn’t be offered it. It was based simply on my own feeling having weighed up all the information"
  13. Queens v Morton

    I'n not that concerned. Our bench has always had a few kids on it this season. I don't think we have had a full first team squad of 18 available all season. Bringing in Luca when we did and then Ross followed by Iredale and to a lesser extend Strapp coming back means it covers the injuries we have at the moment,. Kilday back training and hopefully big Thomson is not too far behind him. ( What is wrong with him btw) Jai being out is a blow no doubt but we are scoring and winning without him so hopefully that continues. Just a shame we wont have him at Parkhead, woudl love to him seen him run riot on a big park like that.
  14. Celtic v Morton

    Yeah no doubt you will control the game but for me he will play. He has been one of our best players for a good few weeks now and you play your best players in big games! He has started our last 15 games!